What Does Prog Mean On A Coffee Maker

What Does Prog Mean On A coffee Maker 

Much like various household appliances that undergo technological advancements, the humble coffee maker has also been the subject of continuous innovation to align with the evolving demands of its users, which fluctuate as society evolves. In the past, making a cup of coffee was a manual process, until the advent of the coffee maker, a revolutionary invention that simplified brewing coffee, quickly becoming a favorite due to its convenience at the time. However, it was soon clear that these initial innovations weren’t sufficient. The earliest coffee makers lacked electricity and were time-consuming, prompting the development of electric coffee makers, which have been enhanced incrementally over time. Among these enhancements is the addition of a programmable button on coffee makers. If you’ve been puzzled by the function of the ‘prog’ button on a coffee maker, we’re here to clarify. Many coffee makers today come equipped with this programmable feature, and if you’ve been unaware of it or uncertain about its function, now’s the time to learn.

What does prog really mean

Prog feature on a coffee maker means that it is programmable. That is, it is automated and can be programmed to start self brewing when you will be needing a cup of coffee. This can even be when you are still in bed. If you intend to wake up from sleep by 6:45 am, and want a cup of coffee ready for you, with the prog feature, you can set your coffee maker to start brewing by 6:35 am or so, depending on how long it takes your coffee maker to brew. Properly calculate the time when you would want your coffee, and set your machine to start brewing some minutes before, and you would have a pot of coffee waiting for you by the time you’re awake. That’s what the prog button does.

How Do You Prog A Coffee Maker 

The process of programming a coffee maker is easy, and it is not time-consuming. You only need to get your coffee maker ready for work by putting everything it needs for a brew in place.That is the coffee grounds, the water, and every other thing you need to do before a brew cycle. Then you will go ahead and use the program button to set up the coffee maker to the time you would want it to start brewing. If you are not clear about how to prog your coffee maker, refer to the instruction manual, programming is a little bit different for every coffee maker brand, so you will have to find out how to prog your coffee maker. Note that you have to set the time on your coffee maker to the correct time, for the prog feature to work.

What Is The Difference Between The Prog And Bold Button

While the prog button is used to tell the coffee maker when to start brewing, the bold button does something quite different. It tells the coffee maker how to brew the coffee. That is the strength of the coffee. A lot of people have been confused about what both buttons do but the functions are quite separated. While the prog button tells the coffee maker WHEN to start brewing, the bold button tells it HOW to brew the coffee. The bold button regulates the amount of water that passes through the coffee ground and makes the water stay in the coffee grounds a little bit longer than it would. During this time, the filter is slowed down to allow the coffee to infuse more flavor into the water. The bold button makes the coffee maker produce a stronger coffee. Which is quite different from what a prog button does.

What To Do If The Prog Button Doesn’t work

There are some cases where users have complained that the prog button on their coffee maker is not working, or it is working sporadically. This can be very frustrating, especially if you love coffee very early in the morning and you don’t have the time to make it. If you’re having the same issue, there are a few options that might work.

  • Reset the coffee maker. You can do this by turning the coffee maker off, and unplugging it from the source, for about 20 minutes.
  • Make sure the current time on the coffee maker is correct, it might not work if the time is inaccurate.
  • Call the manufacturer. They will tell you what you can do to get it working again.

Common Programmable Coffee Makers

Maybe you don’t already have a programmable coffee maker and would love to get one because of the ease of usage, and flexibility. I will give you a few suggestions of good quality programmable coffee makers that you can select from.

  1. Bunn HB Heat N Brew Programmable coffee maker.
  2. Cuisinart 14 cup programmable coffee maker
  3. Ninja CE251 12 cup coffee brewer.
  4. Black + Decker QuickTouch programmable coffee maker.
  5. Cuisinart premium single-serve coffee maker.

These are a few of the most reliable programmable coffee makers around. If your coffee maker also needs to be replaced, any of these coffee makers will serve as a good replacement.


A programmable coffee maker is a nice appliance to own. If you have yours and haven’t been using the prog feature, I think you should start now. If you don’t know how to, go through your instructions manual or use any resource available to learn how to. Your coffee maker should function optimally, with none of the features left out. Since you might not always have enough time to watch your coffee maker prepare your pot of coffee, you can take advantage of the prog feature, and still get your coffee when you want to. There is a way to make it do its thing while you do yours. Explore with your coffee maker and have the best of it.