How to Clean Braun Coffee Maker with Vinegar?

Are you curious about the best method to clean your Braun Coffee Maker using vinegar? Vinegar serves as an excellent cleaning agent for your coffee maker. If you believe cleaning your coffee maker with vinegar would be difficult, think again. A simple mixture of water and vinegar is all it takes to thoroughly clean your coffee machine. Continue reading to learn the straightforward way to clean your Braun Coffee maker using vinegar.

The Braun Coffee maker is one of the most well-known coffee maker brands in the market. This brand is famous for various reasons. It is easy to use, eye-catching design and has quality performance. It is also pretty durable. If you want a long-term performance and make delicious coffee, you must clean the Braun coffee maker regularly. It’s important to clean the coffee maker to get the best out of it.

There are different ways to clean a coffee maker. But, if you want a perfectly clean, then you may follow this article. In this article, we will let you know how to clean the Braun coffee maker with vinegar.

Why Use Vinegar for Cleaning Coffee Machine?

Vinegar is one of the most important kitchen ingredients. There are different types of vinegar find in the market. It’s used for preparing pickles, also used in few other foods. Vinegar is also known as a natural cleaner. It’s used for versatile cleaning also can make your machine disinfectant. It can reduce mineral deposits from the machine which can significantly affect the performance.

When you use water to make your coffee, it can make build a deposit inside the coffee machine. This build-up affects the machine performance and also affects the coffee taste. That’s why you use vinegar as it can help you to remove the deposits from the coffee machine. You may know that vinegar is non-toxic, which means there will not be an issue even if you consume it. This is one of the best ingredients to clean your coffee maker. You won’t find anything else like this to clean your coffee maker.

How to Clean Braun Coffee Maker with Vinegar

If you want better taste and flavor of your coffee, you need to clean your machine regularly. It’s not that hard or time-consuming task to clean the coffee maker. The entire process is very easy. We will also discuss the steps you need to follow. Before you start, make sure that you have the required supplies close to your hand:

  1. Fresh Water
  2. White Vinegar

Step 1: Remove Grounds and Water from Coffee Maker

At first, before starting the cleaning process you should remove the water from the coffee maker water reservoir. Also, remove the coffee ground from the filter. You don’t need to disconnect the machine, because we will run several brews during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Make the Solution

Now, add one part of vinegar and two-part of clean water into the carafe. Mix well and pour it into the machine. W Remember that the coffee reservoir should be filled when you fill with water and vinegar. If you don’t clean your machine for a long time, you should add two-part of vinegar and one part of water to the water reservoir.

Step 3: Half Brew Cycle

After making the cleaning solutions, you can pour them into the water reservoir of the coffee maker. Now, turn on the device, then let the machine run for some time. After a few minutes, pause the brew by switching off the machine just before the solution is dispensed. This will make the cleaning more effective.

The hot solution will help to soften the stains and sticky builders from the deposits. Now, you need to turn off your machine for 1 hour and let the machine cool down.

Step 4: Full Brew Cycle

If you have waited enough time, turn on your machine again to run a full brew cycle. This cycle removes the soft build-up and residue from the coffee maker. Let the cycle complete. Collect the dump solution in the coffee maker carafe and dispose of it.

When you brew cycle is done, turn off your machine. After discarding the solution, clean the carafe.

Step 5: New Brew cycle

Once you have done the full Brew cleaning cycle; you just need to run a new Brew cycle with clean water. This cycle helps you to get rid of the vinegar flavor and if any solution is inside the machine. Vinegar flavor is not harmful to your body but it’s can affect the taste and flavor of the coffee.

If you used another vinegar instead of white vinegar, then you need around 4 or 5 cycles of clean water to remove the vinegar flavor.

Step 6: Clean the Other Parts

You have already done the deep cleaning of your coffee maker interior. Now, it’s time to clean other parts and the exterior part of this coffee maker. At first, wipe the exterior of your coffee maker using a damp towel. And, clean the removable parts such as filter, carafe, and water reservoir with clean water and dish soap. Also, Don’t forget to clean the “HOT” plate of your coffee maker that keeps your coffee hot.

After cleaning, dry everything and wipe with a dry towel to dry the exterior part. It’s necessary to clean your machine properly. This will help you to preserve the beautiful look of the device and give longer lifespan. If you have done all process, now you can enjoy your delicious cup of coffee anytime.


As you can see above, cleaning the Braun Coffee maker machine with vinegar is not a hard task. If you want to enjoy the taste and freshly brewed coffee from the device, you should clean and well maintain it in the right way. Besides, when you always keep clean your machine, it gives you a long time of service and delicious coffee every day. We hope now, you know how to clean a coffee maker with vinegar. Follow the exact way, it should offer you an effective result.