How to Clean My Mr Coffee Maker

Have You Ever Experienced a Bit Odd Taste in Your Coffee?

To get a strong cup of coffee at home is like a dream come true. For that dream, you need to work hard. If you wonder that why your morning coffee has a bit of odd taste, it is a sign that your mr coffee maker needs cleaning. To enjoy the great taste of coffee, it’s vital to keep mr coffee maker clean.

Mr. Coffee maker needs to be clean regularly. It doesn’t matter you have a single cup mr coffee maker or a large one; it’s absolutely necessary to keep it clean.

With the passage of time, water deposits accumulate in the coffee maker; to remove them, use a solution of vinegar and water or any cleaning solution along with the cleaning function of mr coffee maker. This deep cleaning should be done once a month or after ninety brew cycles.

While, carafe, filter basket, and lid should be clean daily.

Here is a guide on How can I clean my mr coffee maker

How Can I Clean My Mr. Coffee Maker Regularly?

It is said truly that the longer you leave the coffee in a coffee maker, the more time you need to spend scrubbing it after a while. So, if you like to clean the mr coffee maker after every use, it is effortless.

Follow these steps to clean mr coffee maker regularly:

1.Carafe Cleaning

Start with pouring out the old coffee from the carafe. Once all the old coffee is out then sprayed the interior of the carafe with regular tap water. Add liquid soap. Swish the water around the carafe. Once all the interior is clean, empty the carafe and wash it thoroughly with water.

Now it’s clean for the next brew!


  1. If you see any coffee stain left inside the carafe, use baking powder.
  2. Sprinkle the powder inside and scrub the interior with either a sponge or dishwashing brush.
  3. Rinse with tap water.

2. It’s Time to Clean the Filter Basket

Now there is a lid on top of the mr coffee maker. Please open it and pull out the filter basket. Empty all the contents of the basket into a compost.

Either wash the basket with tap water or use a spray nozzle; for stains, use some liquid soap. After that, rinse the basket again with tap water. Put the basket back in your mr coffee maker.

3.Lid Cleaning

It is essential to clean the lid of the coffee machine daily. You can use a sponge (nonabrasive) to clean the inside and outside of the lid.

There are spray heads inside the lid that pour water onto the coffee grounds. It is essential to clean these spray heads using a rag or sponge.

4.Clean the Spout

Have you ever wonder that from where coffee is poured into a carafe?

Well, that is called a spout. To clean the spout, remove the carafe and either use a rag or a clean sponge to wipe it off. To avoid any damage, use a soft or nonabrasive sponge.

Use mild dish soap or warm water to clean it. In last, don’t forget to rinse it off with a clean sponge and replace the carafe.

5.Polish the Exterior

Exterior cleaning of the machine is as vital as interior cleaning. The outer look should be shiny and clean so that mr coffee maker will look good on your counter.

To clean the outside, use a sponge. Remember to clean the base of mr coffee maker and the control panel.

Dry the entire coffee maker with a clean towel.

How Can I Deep Clean Mr Coffee Maker?

In the coffee maker, hard water deposits are gradually buildup. It is essential to deep clean mr coffee maker once a month to remove grime and decalcify minerals using vinger and water.

Follow the given steps to deep clean mr coffee maker

1.Unplug Mr Coffee Maker

Never start cleaning without unplugging the machine. Unplug mr coffee maker and allow it to cool down.

Get your cleaning materials like a sponge, dish soap, and water.

 2.Empty Filter and Carafe

The next step after cooling down the coffee maker is to empty the leftover coffee from the carafe and the contents of the filter.

Pour dish wash and water in the carafe and filter; use a sponge to clean them.

Don’t forget to replace the filter once done with the cleaning.

 3.Make a Solution of Vinegar and Water

Take equal parts of water and vinegar to make a cleaning solution, or you can use measuring cups as well.

The cleaning solution is important to get rid of hard water out of mr coffee maker.

 4.Use Cleaning Function of Mr Coffee Maker

Pour the solution of water and vinegar into the water reservoir. Put a new filter in the filter basket. Place carafe in the warming tray.

Once all things are in place; press the “select” button of mr coffee maker; it will light up the cleaning function.

Mr coffee maker cleaning function will start cleaning the machine. This process will take one hour.

 5.Rinse Mr Coffee Maker 

Remove the filter from the filter basket. Empty the water reservoir and carafe. Rinse the carafe

 6.Brew Again

Pour clean water into the water reservoir; brew as normal. To ensure that the machine is clean, repeat the step.

 All done! Your mr coffee maker is all set and clean for a fresh cup of coffee.


Bottom Line

To run mr coffee maker with full steam, it is important to pay attention to its cleaning. It’ is not difficult to keep your coffee maker in top-notch condition. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every day.