Which is the Hottest Coffee Maker?

Are you Looking for the Hottest Coffee Maker?

Coffee is loved in almost every household. It is also estimated that most adults drink three cups of coffee daily.

Everyone has different preferences. Some like to have a hot cup of coffee, while others prefer to let it cool down before drinking it. This article will target people who love to have a hot cup of coffee.

There are different styles and designs in coffee makers, but not all will be able to brew extra hot coffee. According to The Specialty Coffee Association of America, we should brew coffee at a temperature range between 90-96 C or 195 to 205F. If your coffee maker is brewing coffee in between this temperature range, then a great coffee is guaranteed.

One of the hottest coffee makers is Ninja Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker, with its unique and elegant design. Its temperature is exactly as prescribed by The Specialty Coffee Association of America. This coffee maker has five different brewing styles, which allow you to enjoy coffee as per your taste.

Why do we Have to Choose the Hottest Coffee Maker?

You must be wondering that why it is essential to choose the hottest coffee maker? Why does the temperature matter?

Also, you must be thinking that temperature doesn’t matter as long as you are coffee is not cold. For you may be the coffee is coffee unless it is not cold.

If you also think like that, then you are wrong here. It is essential to have the hottest coffee maker to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Here are the reasons

It Makes your Coffee Full of Flavors

For brewing and steeping, hot beverages have an optimal temperature. It means that at this optimal temperature, the water can extract the compounds properly from coffee beans. Hence, your coffee maker, when brewing, should maintain a temperature range from 195-205F.

The advantage of it is that you can enjoy a strong and rich flavor of the coffee. The coffee maker cannot extract the compounds from coffee beans at low temperatures, resulting in a flat taste and bland.

It Keeps the Coffee Hot

Brewing coffee at a low temperature means you need to drink it sooner. It also means that the coffee will cool down faster. When we brew coffee at a lower temperature, it can be tepid in just ten minutes, especially in the winter.

If you microwave it, the taste can be bitter. So, why should we have a cup of coffee that needs to be drunk within few minutes or else it will be cold?

 How Much Hot a Coffee Usually is?

According to the National Coffee Association of the USA, coffee should be served between 180-185°.

However, it is not the only opinion by The National Institutes of Health. It has also stated that “Hot beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, and coffee are served frequently at temperatures range between 160° and 185°”.

Also added that “the temperature which is preferred by consumers to have a cup of coffee is 140°” plus or minus 15°.

The brewing temperature and drinking temperature are two different things. Although in both cases, it is not good to use too high a temperature. The reason behind this is that it can damage the coffee beans and also hurt the flavor, making them too bitter and acidic.

Which is the Hottest Coffee Maker?

Ninja Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker/ Hot and Cold Brewed System


Material: plastic

Dimensions: 11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches

Weight: 17.25 pounds

It is well said that versatility and quality are not equal. But it is proven wrong by Ninja Coffee Maker.

This coffee maker lets you brew coffee, steep teas, and even boil water for cocoa and soups. The important point is that it brews the coffee at the perfect temperature, which is 200F. We get a rich taste and full-bodied coffee at this temperature.

Wait! That is not all. Another amazing point is that this Ninja Coffee Maker also brews teas and coffee over ice, which means that no need to wait overnight for cold brews, simply you can enjoy smooth, sweet, and icy brew drinks in 10-15 minutes.

Ninja coffee maker gives you five different brewing styles

  1. Classic
  2. Specialty
  3. Rich
  4. Over ice
  5. Cold brew

With this feature, you can easily make different types of drinks according to everyone’s taste.

Whatever you need in a coffee maker, Ninja coffee maker will give you. Neatly packaged, elegant design, and the hottest temperature.

From a frothy hot coffee to teas and iced drinks, everything can be made in it. This coffee maker is neither too expensive nor difficult to maintain.

It allows for brewing coffee at a temperature range between 195-205 degrees, which is best for a perfect cup of coffee.

You can also customize and get the kind of drink you like, in size and kind of beverage. When you add all these features together than you will get the answer to why this coffee maker is the hottest.

Bottom Line

A hot cup of coffee is all that you need after a tiring day. It is possible when you have the hottest coffee maker.

Ninja Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker can

make your dream come true. With it, you can enjoy five different styles of coffee. Also, it brews the coffee at 195-205 degrees which helps to keep coffee hot for a longer time and add all the compounds from coffee beans into your cup of coffee.