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Preliminary story of coffee

Typically, authors covering topics related to food and beverages tend to overlook chain restaurants and cafes.

That is a constant complaint of the great factories of wines, restaurants, and prepared products, who often complain that critics and columnists regularly belittle them. 

The complaint is that they prefer to dedicate more pages to small businesses and set trends than write about the mainstream, which is what we all consume in one way or another. Have you seen a McDonald’s qualified with forks or in any restaurant guide? (Click here to learn about the nitro cold brew coffee maker)

“Regularly a vegan cafeteria that offers a hand-made muffin by some minority and that charges three to four times more for that product than a chain is more interesting for the press. Although the chain has lower prices and sells and consumed by many more people, ”says an executive from a vineyard.

The economy of scale is less valued than crafts.

The fact is that this distinction does not always relieve the best, nor does it show the general scenario to consumers. Because, what doubt can fit that consumers mostly prefer a chain when the chain is getting bigger?

This is something difficult to change because excellent exponents of gastronomy flee from large factories and tend to belittle everything that done in chains, to the point that they even refuse to talk about them. Therefore, when we begin to ask, what does a professional barista take when he goes to a chain cafeteria? It was the least who wanted to answer, and the only one did it with his first and last name.

That despite everyone acknowledging that at least once they have sat down and drunk a coffee in a chain.

What taken in a chain cafeteria?

“In a chain, coffee is not always of poor quality,” says an expert barista.

The problem, he explains, is that “the barista generally does not know what he does when preparing coffee.”

It is that although experts agree that it is more likely to find a coffee of acceptable quality in a chain cafeteria than in a small one, manufacturing is where the devil takes the flavor.

“I know coffee shops that roast their coffee, which looks nice and provides a story, but the coffee badly roasted, burned, bitter, bad because they buy the machine and don’t know how to roast it,” says another expert, who explains that coffee, being a living being, can spoil very quickly if you don’t take proper care. In a small cafeteria, without a barista, coffee is more likely to have lost all properties than a well-served one.

Therefore, they agree, the most crucial thing when arriving at a cafeteria is to talk to the barista and ask him what coffee he has. “If he tells you about origins, varieties, and aromas, he surely knows what he does,” says a barista. Even so, for the Italian, going to a chain cafeteria is an excellent place to try other drinks beyond coffee, such as frappuccinos and milkshakes, that minimize the possibility of error when serving coffee.

But beyond that, what do baristas recommend when ordering coffee in a cafeteria?

  • To avoid the burnt flavor-aroma of chain coffee shops that prepare filter coffee, ask if your coffee made in a Clover Coffeemaker. These machines are “single-use,” that is, it allows you to make one cup at a time, which makes the coffee of a higher quality.
  • If you see that the barista is in trouble preparing or smells that the drinks they are preparing have a toasted flavor above average, the recommendation is to add something like milk. A barista says that, in that case, adding a little caramel or chocolate could improve the taste and aroma of the coffee, although his cup would become a drink, rather than a coffee.
  • If you need caffeine, ask for any cold filter coffee and add an espresso shot. If you want, you can add milk and sugar, but generally recommend it that way, alone.
  • Another recommendation is to bet on the simplest, such as choosing a pure 100% Arabic coffee. “Here it is difficult to have quality problems,” he says.

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