Choosing Between Commercial and Domestic Dishwashers: What’s the Difference?

Managing a food business, like a restaurant, requires quality tools for better operation. A high-end dishwasher is among the vital appliances you should invest in. It comes with different models that could meet your needs at home or for commercial uses. Choosing the right unit in the market is very crucial, so below explains the things to consider in buying one.

What are Commercial Dishwashers?

Commercial dishwashers are built to keep dishes and glasses clean quicker than household appliances. It has four common styles, including under-counter, conveyor, door type, and a glasswasher. Each type guarantees a large capacity for dishes and can fit in a variety of kitchen spaces.

Commercial dishwashers also use detergents to sanitize the dishes. Make sure not to use harsh cleaning agents that could destroy the tool. It features a drying function to thoroughly clean the dishes. With that, the unit can be too expensive than residential dishwashers.

This kitchen tool has to meet industrial needs and a lot bigger than domestic dishwashers. It can last for more years to come due to its tough construction.

What are Domestic Dishwashers?

Domestic dishwashers, on the other hand, are perfect for home use. It could wash dishes with a lighter load unlike the previous unit to complete a single wash cycle. It also has a shorter useful life of about 5 years, with proper maintenance.

Domestic dishwashers can finish washing the dishes in 90-minutes compared to four minutes when using commercial ones. It might disrupt the restaurant’s serving time however it works for the household.

If you are not running a restaurant business and just looking for a dishwasher, domestic units are worth buying.

Factors To Consider When Buying Dishwashers

Since we realized many major differences between the two dishwashing solutions, here is a buying guide to end up with the right unit:


Obviously, commercial dishwashers cost higher than domestic units with all their advanced features. The prior promotes an efficient purchase rather than buying a cheaper item that cannot last for a long time.

Another reason why commercial dishwashers are more expensive is it reduces the overall time of washing. That simply means the unit is about to consume lesser energy in the long run. It can remove grease on certain dishes with only a single wash.

Some buyers prefer buying a cheaper unit but only suffer through a lot of maintenance costs and operating fees.


Commercial dishwashers do a better job in promoting hygienic dishes. It heats the water that can kill pathogens by which domestic units cannot do. This is essential for restaurants serving customers every day.

Commercial dishwashers are a good option during rush hour services to meet every need. It can clean dishes as fast as possible with no hassle. Its speed is something the manufacturers boast against domestic dishwashers.

Keep in mind the unit’s maintenance needs to ensure its best performance. Clean the unit regularly, including the filters. Limit the temperature used to not more than 140-degrees to preserve the unit.

Load Capacity

Domestic dishwashers are evolving when it comes to capacity, however commercial units are doing the same and still take the lead. Although commercial dishwashers can hold a larger capacity, it comes in different sizes that won’t take up more space.


Many more factors can affect the price of a dishwasher. For instance, some models will require hiring experts for installation.  Another thing is dealing with repair costs that might occur within a year after installation. Also, there must be ongoing maintenance to ensure it is working efficiently.

Different Types of Commercial Dishwasher

Warewashing Solutions has to provide a set of commercial dishwashers suitable for your business. First, determine the quantity level of dishware you will be washing, and then pick from the following units which will suit your needs:

Under-counter Dishwasher

The first unit is perfect with small kitchen places like café, bars, and office kitchens. It can wash dishes at a moderate pace up to 40 racks per hour.

Conveyor Dishwasher

This is the opposite of an under-counter dishwasher with its higher capacity of 1,000 dishwashers in a day. It is designed for large restaurants and other food businesses. Conveyor dishwasher is the most powerful among the dishwasher types.

Pass-Through Dishwasher

It is also called a hood dishwasher because of the added exhaust canopy on its construction. This model is made for small to medium commercial uses. With a moderate speed, the tool can wash more than 30 racks of dishware per hour.

Compact Dishwashers

Lastly is a dishwasher with the smallest capacity that best suits to wash utensils, pot, and trays. It is easier to install in the corner because of its size. A low and high-temperature model is available to choose from.

Best Industrial Dishwasher Provider For Your Needs

Are you looking for a wide range of industrial dishwashers that will meet your needs?  Warewashing Solutions is selling high-performance commercial dishwashers of your choice. Each item can wash dirty dishware as quickly as possible to satisfy customer’s demands. The experts will assist buyers from choosing the right model to installation and detergent choice. Get in touch with the company to obtain the best dishwashing solution for your needs.


To sum it all, commercial dishwashers are much better than domestic dishwashers in so many ways. Compare the features of each dishwasher option before making a decision. Select the dishware that can guarantee a reliable performance at a reasonable cost.