How To Clean A Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker VPR Series

Is your coffee maker taking more time to brew than it normally does? Do you find yourself with only a half-filled cup when you were anticipating a full one? Have you observed a build-up of minerals in your coffee machine? If these symptoms sound familiar, it’s time to clean your Bunn Commercial coffee maker.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean A Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker

If Bunn Commercial coffee makers are not properly maintained, they do not last as long. Minerals from your water and oils from the coffee can build up in your Bunn Commercial coffee maker’s reservoir. Bacteria or mold can grow inside your coffee maker, preventing it from brewing properly. Hard water can cause your appliances to need descaled more often.

Cleaning After Every Use

1)The funnel and decanter need to be cleaned following each use by rinsing. On the top rack of the dishwasher, you can place the brew funnel and the decanter. Use a damp cloth to clean the funnel area when necessary. 

2) Pour some plain water into a mug after making a few cups of coffee, then run the coffee maker. So that leftover contaminants can be removed from the filter area before use, this will allow their next use to go as smoothly as possible.

3) Use filtered water rather than tap water if your water is hard or if your coffee maker needs to be cleaned more frequently than recommended.

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker – Descaling Process

The coffee maker should be descaled every three months to remove any deposits built up due to impurities in the water. Some people might be concerned about how to go about executing it effectively. This guide will show you how to clean and descale a Bunn Commercial coffee maker. The following steps will get you to a clean and efficient coffee maker in no time. Clean up quick with these tips:

Step 1. Make sure that the coffee maker is unplugged before descaling.

Step 2. Under the warmer switch, place an empty brew funnel, and on the warmer, place a jug.

Step 3. Fill the top of the coffee maker with one quart of vinegar.

Step 4. When all the liquid stops flowing in the jug, you should empty it.

Step 5. Let the coffee maker sit for two hours after plugging it in.

Step 6. Now, fill the coffee maker with three pitchers of clean, cold water. Keep emptying the jug between pitchers.

Step 7. You can check if there is still a vinegar flavor in the water coming from the coffee maker by tasting it. Fill the coffee maker with fresh, cold water as needed until the vinegar flavor goes away.

Step 8. Before you use your coffee maker, turn it on and wait about 15 minutes for the water to get hot.

What To Do To Maintain Water Quality

Unsoftened tap water will deliver a perfect cup of coffee when used in the Bunn Commercial coffee maker. In case you experience issues when using decaffeinated coffee or softened water, contact Bunn and ask about a special spray head and coarser coffee grinds. You should also install a water conditioner if your water is sedimentary, tastes bad, or is foul smelling.

Draining A Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker

You may need to remove the water reservoir from within your Bunn Commercial coffee maker before taking it on a trip, shipping it, or storing it in a location where it is likely to freeze. Here are the steps you need to be following in order to drain a coffee maker correctly.

Step 1. You must unplug the coffee maker.

Step 2. Fill an empty brew funnel with water and place it under the warmer switch on the coffee maker. Pour cold water into the coffee maker. Whenever the water stops pouring from the funnel, empty the decanter. Follow the same procedure with the second pitcher of water.

Step 3. To take off the spray head, turn it counter-clockwise with your fingertips then put it aside.

Step 4. Turn the coffee maker upside down over the sink, holding the back of the machine to turn it over. The water will flow mainly from the spray head opening, but there will also be some water flowing around the top of the tank. After the coffee maker has stopped flowing water, you should turn it back.

Step 5. Install the spray head once the coffee maker has been completely drained. Rotate the plug counter-clockwise until it’s firmly secured.


It is just as important to take care of your Bunn Commercial coffee maker as you do your hardwood floors. Keep your Bunn Commercial coffee maker in good shape so that it runs smoothly, which will make each cup of coffee more enjoyable for you. It’s what starts your day off right.