How Often Should You Clean Coffee Maker

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Do I Need to Clean the Coffee Maker Regularly?

This is the question every coffee machine owner may ask. The answer to this is “Yes.”

A coffee maker should be clean daily along with its removable parts. It is essential as a clean coffee maker will give you a fresh coffee cup.

Deep cleaning is recommended once a month. You can use any descaling solution or vinegar to descale the coffee machine.

Good-tasting coffee doesn’t depend on changing coffee is somehow associated with cleanliness

Why it is Important to Clean the Coffee Maker?

A clean coffee maker is a secret to the vibrant coffee cup. Following are several reasons why you should clean your coffee machine often.

1.Prevents Bacteria from Growing

Cleaning a coffee maker is vital as it prevents bacteria from growing in it. If you leave the coffee maker unclean after the brewing process, then the remaining coffee can turn into a disaster.

The possible result is yeast and mold, which later on can be a reason for having infections.

2. Coffee will Taste Better

A clean coffee maker can promise you a better taste in coffee. A dirty coffee pot will have oil from old coffee beans, which affects the taste of coffee. Once you develop a habit of cleaning coffee makers, it will be easier to brew fresh coffee every time.

How Often Should You Clean the Coffee Maker?

A clean coffee maker will give you a fresh coffee cup. So, it is necessary to keep it clean. Now you must be thinking how often you should clean the coffee maker?

It would be best if you cleaned your coffee maker regularly while descaling is recommended once a month. Descaling is crucial as it helps clean mineral residue in coffee makers, primarily when you use hard water to brew coffee.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning, which is also known as spot cleaning, should be done after every brewing process. It involves removing the ground, cleaning the brew basket, lid, and coffee pot.


Descaling should be done every 2-3 months. It is also called deeper cleaning. It requires a descaling solution, or you can use vinegar as well.

Some coffee makers come with an audible or visible cleaning signal. There may be a cleaning light on your coffee maker, which indicates that your coffee machine needs cleaning.

How to do Regular Cleaning of a Coffee Maker?

As soon as you use your coffee machine, you need to do regular cleaning. Coffee can easily stain the hot plate and carafe.

Here is how you can clean the coffee maker as quickly as possible.

Step 1-Unplug the coffee maker.

Step 2-Take out all removable parts. These removable parts include a carafe and coffee filter.

Step 3-Wash the removable part with liquid dish wash, or if they are dishwasher safe, you can wash them in it with other utensils. Read the instruction manual to know this.

Step 4-Dry these removable parts using a towel. Never put them back while they are wet.

Regular cleaning will take 5-10 minutes.

How to Deep Clean a Coffee Maker?


Preparation time-2 minutes

Active time-4 minutes

Cleaning cycle-1 hour

Total time-1 hour 6 minutes.

Equipment Needed

Coffee maker

Material Required

Filtered water.

White vinegar, or you can use a descaling solution as well.


Step 1-Prepare the Coffee Machine for Cleaning

Prepare your coffee maker for deep cleaning. If you use vinegar for descaling, fill the travel line mug to 16 ounces and add water until you reach the top line.

For descaling, the solution, pour the solution into the reservoir. Please read the instructions on the solution bottle and then dilute it accordingly.

Step 2-Place Carafe Under the Filter Basket

Now place the empty carafe under the filter basket and select the entire carafe brewing cycle.

Step 3-The Cleaning Cycle

Press the clean button for the cleaning cycle. The machine will automatically start the cleaning process, and the clock will start the count down. The whole process will take 60 minutes.

Remember DON’T unplug or turn off the machine during the cleaning cycle. The pure light will turn off when your machine has finished cleaning.

Step 4-Wash the Water Reservoir

When the cleaning cycle is completed, remove the water reservoir and wash it with water.

Don’t forget to wash the carafe and filter, as it is essential to remove the descaling solution altogether.

Step 5-The Last Cycle

Fill the water reservoir again with fresh water. Replace the carafe. Select the full carafe classic brew option and allow it to brew as usual.

Once done, throw the rinse water.

That’s it!

Your coffee machine is descaled, clean, and ready for the next cup of coffee.

What is a Tip for Deep Cleaning Coffee Maker?

Some people use hard water to brew coffee; using hard water has more chances that the cleaning light may come back quicker than usual.

To clean the coffee maker deeply, pause the process a couple of times. This will allow the descaling solution to combat wit hard water mineral deposits.

Bottom Line

Cleaning coffee maker is essential. A clean coffee maker will give you fresh coffee; else, you will get a bitter taste in it.

It is recommended to clean the coffee maker regularly, or it will be difficult to clean the coffee stains after some time.

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