Why Wont My Bunn Coffee Maker Work

I ordered a large number of coffee seeds from Passionfruit Seeds to start off my Spring Harvest. The whole supply did not come through, most likely the supplier didn’t prepare the seed properly and shipped them off with their disposable bags, which is bad.
So what did I do? I took all the seeds from my Bunn Bunn Bee Tea Maker and ground them down in my espresso grinder to make a strong, coffee-infused (but slightly sweet) coffee maker. I loved the taste. I loved the cleanup. And I decided to make another bunch of Bunn Coffee Maker coffee.
The first batch was very strong and I made a bunch of espresso shots to mix with freshly brewed coffee. My second coffee maker was the traditional Bunn Bunn Bee Coffee Maker and I made lots of fresh espresso shots to drink alongside the coffee maker. The flavors were similar to the Bunn Bunn Coffee Maker, but the strength was strong and I didn’t like that at all.
One of my friends let me borrow his coffee maker to make the coffee. I started by using the Bunn Bee Coffee Maker again to make the coffee. I let it brew for around 5 hours before adding the cold brewed espresso. While I did not add any of the filtered water that comes out of the Bunn Coffee Maker, I added an additional 1-1/2 teaspoons of coffee. I blended that mixture with a hand-cranked cheese grinder and used a long-billed knife to swirl the coffee around. Then I poured the whole mix into a jar. I added some ground nutmeg from Passionfruit Seeds and left it on the counter to cool down.

Bunn Coffee Maker Common Problems

With so many users, there are some issues that some users are facing. But here are some simple and effective fixes that can solve some common problems that may arise in your coffee machine.

  • Long Fill Time
  • Low-Temperature Issues
  • Water Overflowing from Filter
  • Machine Does Not Start
  • Carafe Overflow
  • Noise From The Brewer
  • Brewing Process Does Not Start

Why Didn’t My Coffee Maker Work?

When I put the cold espresso in the Bunn Coffee Maker, it made a mixture like the cold brew I made in the Bunn Bee Coffee Maker. It made a solid, small coffee bean-sized ice block with water inside. I tried to push it through with a measuring spoon, which did not make any progress.
So I had to grab a small cup and use that. It made a huge amount of coffee. The coffee maker worked, but the cold brew-style coffee maker did not work. The cup had about 2-1/2 cups of cold espresso-style coffee and that did not even fill up my 1-1/2-cup glass. The coffee maker obviously does not have the power to keep the coffee cold for a while.
So what’s my point? My Bunn Coffee Maker did not work with cold-brewed coffee. So you might as well not use it if you want to make cold brew coffee in the future.

Don’t Buy My Bunn Coffee Maker

I think that the Bunn Coffee Maker is a great product. I think it can make some really tasty coffee and I think it looks really cool. But I don’t think you should buy the Bunn Coffee Maker. I recommend using your coffee maker to brew coffee. If you want to make a strong, very cold espresso in a glass bottle, then use the Bunn Bunn Bee Coffee Maker.

My Bunn Coffee Maker Is Not Bad

I think this is a good product. I made some really good coffee, it was a lot stronger than what I got from my Bunn Bee Tea Maker. It’s not bad. It’s good. I made a lot of great coffee in the Bunn Bunn Coffee Maker. I just did not like how the cold brew coffee made.
Does this mean I think you should stop using your Bunn Coffee Maker? Of course not. I think it’s great and it works well. But if you want the coffee maker to work more as it works in the Bunn Bee Tea Maker and less like the cold brew coffee maker, I recommend using it to make coffee and adding cold espresso shots to the pot.

Troubleshooting Tips

If coffee is not coming out of your coffee maker or coffee is slowly dripping into your cup, you need to clean your coffee maker’s filter. Make sure the filter mesh has been cleaned, and no obstructions are left. This will make your coffee fall better into your cup.

If your machine is offering you cold coffee, make sure it’s plugged in, switch on and allow 15 minutes to heat the water.

If your coffee is weak or very bitter, you can control the taste by adjusting the proportion of coffee in water (such as using more coffee and less water for full flavor). You can try different brands of coffee, mixes, and types of coffee, as well as the size of the coffee grinder (until you find this perfect cup, grinding coffee will make the coffee quite bitter and very thick).


The Bunn Bunn Coffee Maker is definitely an interesting product and I think it’s a fun product. It’s definitely a fun product, but it does not work with cold brew coffee. I think it would work fine with cold-brewed coffee, but I do not recommend it for that.