How To Clean a Bonavita Coffee Maker

The dependable Bonavita coffee maker consistently produces delicious coffee batch after batch with little assistance from you. By regularly maintaining and cleaning your coffee maker, you not only prolong its lifespan but also enhance its flavor. Hence, it is recommended to descale and clean the various parts of the coffee maker at least several times annually.

How To Prepare Bonavita Coffee Maker For Use

For the first time, you use your Bonavita coffee maker, run a brew cycle without any coffee or coffee filters.

Step 1. Take off all packaging materials, labels, and stickers from the coffee maker.

Step 2. Using mild dishwashing liquid, wash the filter basket and glass carafe.

Step 3. To clean your brewer, fill it up with fresh, filtered, cold water to the MAX line.

Step 4. Start the brewer and let the water run through a brew cycle.

Step 5. Repeat the process at least two more times before you start to brew coffee. Let the brewer cool down for 5 minutes before heating it again.

How to Clean And Maintain Bonavita coffee makers

Maintaining a Bonavita coffee maker properly can extend its lifespan. The only maintenance required of the user is to keep the coffee maker clean and descale it when necessary. You should only trust trained professionals with servicing and repairs.

How To Clean the Carafe Lid

For cleaning, the lid should be disassembled and placed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Step 1. To remove the lid cap, turn it counter clockwise and lift it off.

Step 2. Next, clean the inside of the lid.

Step 3. Then press the lid back on the carafe, after adjusting the cap recesses.

Step 4. For a secure fit, rotate the cap clockwise.

How To Clean The Shower Head And Brewer Lid

To clean, you can remove both the lid and showerhead and place them in the dishwasher on a top shelf.

Step 1. Take off the brewer lid by pulling it upwards.

Step 2. You should clean the showerhead after removing it.

Step 3. For a better alignment of the showerhead, reinstall the showerhead separately from the brewer lid.

Step 4.You should now reinstall the brewer lid.

How To Clean It After Every Brew 

Always use a soft, damp cloth and a mild dishwashing liquid for cleaning the exterior. When brewing, use a clean cup or pitcher to fill the tank with water. Never use the coffee carafe to fill your water tank. You may add coffee residue to the water, which will then lead to coffee oil buildup in the tank

How To Perform Decalcification Bonavita Coffee Maker

Scaling from the limestone component in the water may build up in your brewer in hard water areas. In addition to potentially damaging your Bonavita coffee maker, scaling could also result in longer preparation to brew your coffee. When descaling is indicated, the ‘CLEAN’ button will become red. Here are the proper steps you need to take to completely descale your Bonvita coffee maker:

Step 1. The water tank must be filled according to the instructions of the descaler manufacturer. 

Step 2. Click the ‘CLEAN’ button. You will see that the red light is flashing. 

Step 3. It takes about 25 minutes to descale the system. 

Step 4. All the lights will turn off, including the red and green ones after the process has been completed.

Step 5. Run the de-scaling process at least twice more with fresh, clean water after you have completed the process. 

In the case of water with a high concentration of limestone, you may have to descale more often than when the ‘CLEAN’ light comes on. Also, you may need to descale your brewer if it makes unusually loud noises or takes longer to brew than usual.

How Often Should You Descale Your Bonavita Coffee Maker

Manufacturers of Bonavita coffee makers suggest descaling your coffee maker at least every 100 uses. Descaling is necessary if your coffee maker is steaming more than usual. It is recommended to descaling more frequently if you use hard water. Make sure that the descaler you use is biodegradable and phosphate-free. 

The cleaner should not be confused with Descaler. Each of them serves a different purpose. The purpose of a descaler is to dissolve any mineral build-up inside your coffee maker to use it regularly and make great coffee. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for using the descaler. 

The manufacturer of Bonavita coffee makers recommends you do not use vinegar to clean or descale your coffee maker. Your brewer will probably not be effectively descaled with vinegar, and you may find it difficult to rinse it thoroughly. In addition, vinegar can leave behind an odour that affects the flavour of your coffee. 


As you can see, cleaning your favorite coffee maker is a simple task. We hope you find this information on how to maintain your Bonavita coffee maker useful in keeping it in good working order. Simply following our cleaning guidelines will ensure that you enjoy fresh and delicious morning coffee every time.