How to Make Cuban Coffee Without an Espresso Maker

Here are the 4 ways to make Cuban coffee without an espresso maker

Cuban coffee was initiated from Cuba and it’s now world famous. Cubans have their coffee as the strong shot caffeine. It is organic because of its hygienic coffee beans which are raised in eastern part of Cuba in large mountains. It is not just any ordinary liquid but Cuban coffee can give you a boost to your brain and release your stress. Cuban Coffee is also famous by the name of cafecito. This Coffee is usually long lasting flavor which leaves tremendous scent of heavens.

There are many sorts of Cuban coffee that have different tastes and different recipe.

  • A “colada” which is 4 scrap Cuban espressos created with sugar foam putted in a Styrofoam cup along mini plastic cups for the purpose of sharing. This culture is usual in south Florida.
  • A “cortadito” is a recipe of unsweetened Cuban espresso mixed with the steamed milk.
  • A “café con leche” is also very famous around the globe. It is basically a n unsweetened Cuban espresso assisted with the steamed milk as a whole. People usually drink this amazing café con leche in the breakfast along with the buttered Cuban toast.

Cuban coffee is very rare coffee. It usually builds upon the dark roasted espresso that commonly can get prepared along with the sugar directly. Sugar particles can also get mixed with the coffee ground as it is poured. This easy to follow steps are so simple. Mixing the dark espresso with the sugar develops a better and sweeter taste as sugar gets dissolved in the process. It makes a unique and sweeter flavor which serves a delightful taste.

If you have little interest in making Cuban coffee or you are a Cuban coffee addict then you should know that most of the Cubans use a stovetop moka pot to make coffee at home. If you can’t afford an espresso maker, and still want a Cuban coffee with the taste worthy of more delightful. Than espresso maker coffee then here are the steps to follow to make Cuban coffee without an espresso maker.

To complete the process, you require the following:

  • Medium to dark roast ground coffee beans (1 shot per cup)
  • Sugar (1tbsp per cup)
  • Hot water
  • Moka pot
  • Espresso
  • Mixing cup

Filling Moka pot with Coffee grinds

Fill the moka pot with the coffee grinds in such a way that it is not tamped so level it off with your finger. Bottom reservoir must be occupied by hot water and place it on the low to medium heat. Remove it at the moment it is brewed.

Sugar mixture method

Sugar should be added in the mixing cup and then take the little bit of the prepared coffee in a cup to mix it in the sugar. After that beat it with force for 2-3 minutes so that it can be grinded properly to make the perfect taste. That way it can get tasty and foamy. By following these steps you can make a creamy Cuban coffee whose taste is so foamy and delightful that it can light up your mood. You can apply this method on any of the alternative of espresso maker like moka pot or aerospace and the results will be spectacular.

Meshed brown sugar Cuban coffee

You can use brown sugar to make the sweeter Cuban coffee. Method is the same as the normal sugar mixing technique however the brown sugar will provide you the output as the thicker sugar foam with sweetest taste form heavens. You have to closely follow the recipe otherwise the Cuban coffee can made distasteful and leave you in the awful taste. However, it usually doesn’t happens because brewing coffee with aerospace or moka pot is so easy and you can add sugar according to your own taste.

Use Aeropress as an Alternative of Espresso Maker

You can also use Aeropress as an alternative of espresso maker to make delightfully tasty Cuban coffee. It is the cheapest and affordable method to create Cuban coffee with the amazing taste. It is much cheaper than espresso coffee maker and anyone can afford it easily. Method of making the coffee is also pretty easy as compare to espresso coffee maker. Both the sugar mixture method and meshed brown sugar Cuban coffee method can be applied on aerospace too. Aerospace gives pleasantly amazing results of both sugar mixture and meshed brown sugar method.

You have to manually put a pressure by pushing a plunger, and you can have possibly multiple bars with an aeropress and that is very impressive. Another benefit of having the aeropress is that you can brew coffee at lower temperatures just like espresso coffee maker. The method which is known as over-extraction can be applied on eropress easily. It can give you delightful and spectacular cup of coffee. Aeropress is recommended over espresso coffee maker as it can provide all services which espresso maker provides and it’s also can be bought in a very cheap price.


Cuban Coffee can be made anywhere, all of it depends upon the brewing style and having an espresso maker is not a necessity. You have to be certain about the method you are using and having the dark-roasted Bustelo or Pilon coffee is recommended as they both are from Cuba. This coffee can be made with multiple methods using many other coffee brewing machines like moka pot and aeropress. Moka pot and aeropress provides highly pleasant taste in Cuban coffee same as like espresso maker.

You just have to follow the proper methods of brewing coffee with precision. Cuban coffee can brewed form both the aerospace and moka pot. Everybody has their own taste and choice but we will recommend brewing coffee with moka pot as it’s much easy to use and also very cheap in price. You can brew Cuban coffee with moka pot manually and taste will be much better than the espresso maker.