How Hot Does A Coffee Maker Hot Plate Get

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Find Out Now How Hot Does A Coffee Maker Hot Plate Get


For various reasons, people brew coffee and love to enjoy nicely brewed coffee. While some people love coffee for just the flavor, several people love the heat and would have their coffee served hot. Whether they have the coffee right after it’s brewed or some minutes after, they see it as amazing to keep it hot for as long as possible. That is why most coffee makers are built with a hot plate that keeps the coffee warm for a couple of hours after it has been brewed. The only reason why these hot plates can do this is that it remains hot even after brewing is complete. Now, how hot does a coffee maker hot plate get? You will find that out in this post and even more. 


What Is The Optimal Temperature For Brewing Coffee 

According to SCAA and National Coffee Association, to achieve a properly extracted coffee, the coffee maker should brew at an optimal brewing temperature within the range of 197°F to 205°F. Any temperature lower than that will not be completely extracted and might taste weak, and any temperature higher than that will get burnt and have a bitter taste and I believe everyone wants their coffee to be close to perfect if not perfect. So to achieve this, you should stick to the recommended brewing temperature. 


How Does A Coffee Maker Hot Plate work

How the Coffee Maker hot plate works is that it turns on after brewing is complete and keeps the brewed coffee warm for up to two hours after it has been brewed. Most hot plates will go off automatically after two hours if it’s not turned off before then. The heating element is coiled in the wire and placed in between the hot plate and the warming tube. They have sensors that pick up when the coil is getting too hot, and it automatically cuts off the current supply to the heating element. When it cools down to a certain level, the sensors also pick that up and allow current to flow back to the heating element. This helps the hot plates to maintain an even temperature all through the warming time. 


How Hot Does The Hot Plate Really Get

Here’s the deal, each coffee maker has its specific warming temperature and that’s about how hot the hot plates get. But, every coffee maker can be classified within a temperature range of how hot the hot plates get. And every coffee maker has been found to warm within the temperature range of 120°F and 140°F. Some coffee maker brands give users the option to set how hot the hot plate gets, which makes it all easier. In that case, it wouldn’t be a question of how hot does the coffee maker hot plate gets, but how hot you would want it to be, as long as it’s all within the range. Coffee maker hot plates are susceptible to rust, so whenever you’re using your coffee maker, you should also make sure that you properly maintain the hot plates to prevent them from rust, because that’s a condition that will not allow the hot plates to get as warm as they can. 


How Long Should I leave My Coffee On The Hot Plate 

Remember earlier in this post, we stated that there is an optimal temperature at which coffee is brewed, so the coffee does not need to be exposed to temperature extremes. It is perfectly okay to leave your coffee on the hot plates if you’re not ready to finish it yet, but what is not okay is if you leave your coffee on the hot plates for too long. When you’re leaving your coffee on the hot plate you should consume it within 30 minutes. Or at most an hour. That’s because if the coffee stays there longer, it begins to get burnt and loses flavor, and eventually tastes bitter. If you don’t want any of that, and you still need to keep your coffee warm for some time, then you should not leave it there for too long. 


How To Keep The Hot Plates From Rust

Just like any other thing that’s made up of metal, a coffee maker hot plate is susceptible to rust, especially if you don’t maintain it properly. A few tips will help you prevent your coffee maker’s hot plate from rust as much as possible. 

  • Always keep the hotplate dry. What will make it get rusty is when it’s left wet. 
  • In case there are coffee spills, clean it up immediately. That’s also a good way to avoid rusts 


How To Remove Remove Rust From The Hot Plate

You can solve the problem of rusty hot plates by soaking the hotplate in a rust dissolver for about 30 minutes after which you will wipe it clean. You can also do this with white vinegar. It is easily accessible and affordable. Make sure the coffee maker is unplugged and remove the coffee pot. Soak a clean cloth in the white vinegar and let the cloth sit on the hotplate. Give it time to work the rust away. After that, wipe the rust out with a dry cloth or paper towel. Another way to remove rust is to use aluminum foil. You can do that by getting it wet and using it to rub off the rust. If it gets dry in the process, discard the piece and get another wet piece. Either one of these ways will help to remove rust from the hot plate. 



How hot a coffee maker hot plate gets depends mostly on the brand of coffee maker and can vary from coffee maker to coffee maker. While some coffee makers will let you choose the temperature you would have the hot plate work at, some might not. The bottom line is, every coffee maker’s hot plate gets hot between 120°F to 140°F.  Whatever the temperature is, you shouldn’t leave your coffee for too long on the hotplate to preserve the taste and flavor.