Which Coffee Makers Use Cone Filters

List of 5 Best Coffee Makers that Use Cone Filters

If you are looking for a coffee maker that uses cone filters that will make you the best cup of coffee, you need to get refreshed. Here I have shared the 5 best coffee maker’s that use cone filters. If you are still having doubts about your choice of cone filters, let’s clear it now.


The Best Coffee Filter for You: Cone vs Basket filters


There are two types of coffee filters, Cone and Basket filters. The main difference between the two is the shape. The cone filters are conical in shape, while the basket filters are bucket-like. 


The cone filter brews smaller quantities of coffee (from 3 to 10 cups) than the basket filter (7 to 12 cups).


But, the most important thing about a cup of coffee is its taste, and that is where the cone coffee filter wins. The cone coffee filter leaves a better quality taste and flavour in the coffee. 


If you want a cup of coffee that brings you back on track, I am sure that the quantity doesn’t matter to you. But, what matters is the quality of your coffee. In that case, you should go with a coffee maker Which uses a cone filter. 


5 Best Coffee Makers That Use Cone Filters


#1. Moccamaster Cup One


Made in the Netherlands, this masterpiece is the best cone filter coffee machine available in the market. The Technivorn Moccamaster Cup One (69212) coffee maker can brew quality flavoured coffee with the use of a #1 cone paper filter.


This coffee maker has been the best cone filter coffee maker for a long time. The machines extraordinary performance has kept it on the top position of the best filter coffee maker.


It does not come with a permanent filter. The user needs to use a standard #1 cone paper filter to brew coffee. If you can appreciate nuances in flavour and quality, this coffee maker is for you.


The machine brews up to 10oz, brews the coffee at 200f degrees. The coffee maker has a strong and reliable design. Overall, it is a value for money product.


Moreover, It comes with an unparalleled 5-year warranty. The best thing about the Moccamaster is that it avoids potentially harmful materials.


#2. Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Brewer (12 Cup)


The continuous success of Hamilton Beach 49980A in the US market has made it a favourite choice for the American people. The coffee maker is powerful and brews a cup of delicious coffee. In fact, the features it provides at its low price, make it stand out in the competition.


The machine combines a single cup and a full carafe at a low price point. This coffee maker will give you a lot of flexibility.


The Hamilton Beach requires 2 different filter papers as it is a 2-way coffee maker. The single-serve side is compatible with a #1 cone paper filter and the drip coffee side is compatible with an 8-12 cup cupcake-style paper filter. 


The machine comes with interesting features that enable it to produce the quality taste and coffee flavour. The carafe side is programmable, will give you 24 hours in advance. Furthermore, the machine lets you select the desired strength on both sides,


If you are looking for a good budget-friendly coffee maker, you should go with this one.


#3. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is one of the best cone filter coffee maker on this list. Just like the Hamilton Beach 499804, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System can brew a cup of delicious coffee and a full carafe.


The coffee maker will come with a permanent filter. But, if you want to use a cone filter, you can easily swap those permanent filters with a #4 cone filter. Mainly there are two filter holders (orange for the coffee and green for the tea). The machine will automatically recognize them with the auto IQ technology and will adjust the brewing accordingly.


If you want to use a conical paper filter, you will have to remove the permanent filter. If used together, it will result in leakage.

The machine can brew in a wide range of beverage sizes ( from a small cup to a 10 cup carafe). You can use the machine settings to regulate bloom time and strength. 


The machine comes in two different models with a glass carafe (CP301) and with a thermal carafe (CP307). Overall, it can be a great selection if you are looking for the best filter coffee maker.


#4. Ninja’s CE251 12-cup programmable coffee maker 

The Ninja’s CE251 is one of the top filters coffee machines available at an affordable price. This coffee maker can only brew a carafe. This coffee maker is a drip coffee machine


You can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in a carafe glass. The machine supports a #4 cone paper filter, you can use it to brew delicious flavoured coffee. 


The Ninja’s CE251 has a phenomenal design. Thanks to its hotter coffee function and strength control, you get richer, deeper and more subtle coffee flavours. 


The machine is easy to use, which makes brewing easy and convenient. You can easily lock this one for you if you are looking for a phenomenal design and interesting features.


#5. Cuisinart DCC3200 14-cup programmable coffee maker with a glass carafe


The Cuisinart DCC3200 is one of the best programmable coffee maker on this list. It is a 14 cup programmable coffeemaker. You can use a gold-tone filter or simply a standard #4 cone paper filter for a tasty flavoured coffee. 


The machine is reliable, solid and has an extraordinary price to value ratio. You will find it in almost every US household. The product has been getting continuous positive feedback for a long time now. 


The coffee maker has amazing features, brews hot, flavoured coffee. All US buyers get a 3-year warranty. If you are looking for a reliable option, the Cuisinart DCC3200 is a good option.


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