Which Coffee Maker Lasts Longest?

Have You Wondered Which Coffee Maker Lasts Longest? 

The most common thing that is usually the first thing in the morning to give us a kick and start our day as well is no coffee with any doubt. Coffee making is an art and that most of the people don’t know that’s why they are helped by Coffee making machines: these can be automatic and manual as well; there are many famous brands that make fabulous coffee; like Nespreeso, Bella, Mixpresso, etc.

If you are a coffee addict but you are tired of changing your coffee machines and can’t find the perfect for your needs. Firstly just know there are two types of coffee machines:

  • Manual Coffee machine.
  • Automatic coffee machine.

Manual Coffee Maker

Now for knowledge manual coffee machine can make your coffee for life time. But the difficult part is that you have to so all things by your own. There are many examples of manual coffee machine; percolator, French presse, etc


These machines are able to do their work for life long time, but the problem is that the strainer that’s inside must be changed after every 6 months; the strainer is really an inexpensive component of the machine. You also have to make sure to clean it on a daily basis if you are a regular coffee drinker.

The most famous manual Coffee makers are:

  1. Cold brew coffee pot
  2. Aero press coffee and espresso maker.
  3. Bodum pour over coffee maker.
  4. Espro coffee travel press.

Automatic Coffee Maker

Automatic coffee machine are simplest, you just have to press the button to start your day with a kick. The main problem with automatic coffee maker is that its life span is very short and it can wear out very early, If you are a clumsy person like me.

The quality of the machine can vary from brand to brand, note that higher price don’t mean great quality and we can’t just buy the most effective and long lasting machine just by looking their prices. So I think you got the basic idea.


The most useful part to make sure that your coffee machine is in good health is to make sure to maintain it properly, you can also maintain it at home and if you are comfortable to do it and have a couple of extra bucks to spend you can send it to a local store that maintains electronic items.

If you are maintaining it at home you can just clean it by a washed piece of cloth and make sure that all the coffee grounds are cleaned and are out of the machine. The proper monthly maintenance will help you to increase your beloved coffee machine life expectancy. For a reference it increases the life span of your coffee machine form 5 years to 7-8 years.

Have you ever wondered what’s so special in these machines? These machines are set to the Sweet temperature. If you don’t know about the sweet temperature, let me tell you, it’s the most optimum temperature in which the oil and the natural elements are extracted with a great ease, so what’ the temperature required for the most flavorful coffee? It’s 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93.3 C).

Many coffees don’t require this temperature because you can’t add hot water inside an iced coffee.

So now which Coffee machine you should buy that works on the sweet temperature method and is having a good life expectancy:

BUNN HB Heat N Brew Coffee Maker

Bunn HB heat N Brew coffee maker is an expensive choice and it can be used to make 10 perfect cups in 10 minutes. It has a digital clock and it can be programmed so that you have a perfect cup of coffee when you wake up every day. The body of this coffee machine is made up of stainless steel.

Cuisinart CPO-850 Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Cuisinart CPO-850 pour over coffee brewer is comparatively expensive from the previous coffee maker, this coffee maker can be used to make 8 cups of coffee at once, the most interesting part about this machine is that it have a wide range of temperature controls. The body of this coffee maker is also made up of stainless steel.

Keurig K575 Programmable Coffee Maker

Keurig K575 programmable coffee maker is a relatively cheaper than the option above. This can be used to make 10+ cups of and this is a specialty of this machine as the cups are changeable. It also has a digital clock and it have a touch screen.

The body of this coffee maker is made up of plastic and it can wear off very easily because of its plastic body and the heating material inside can easily cause the body to de-shape, if there is no proper maintenance of the coffee maker.


The most friendly advice that you should buy a manual coffee maker, if you are a normal person and can take the pressure to make coffee every day, if you are ok with this you can purchase the manual coffee maker and the plus side of the manual coffee maker is that you have to invest on time in the machine. The biggest factor that is the biggest downside of this manual coffee maker is that it cannot be ideally on the sweet temperature and if you want a flavor full coffee you have to take a thermometer at the boiling water and make the desired coffee. Now, it’s time for the automatic coffee maker it is a monthly investment of time to make coffee and it can also make the desired coffee without you standing at the stove with thermometer. So, in short if you have extra bucks and don’t have time go for automatic and if you have time and less money go for the manual coffee maker. For more help in finding the best coffee maker that brew at sweet temperature, here is the link.