How to a Use Mr Coffee Espresso Machine

Mr. Coffee Espresso is s unique method of coffee brewing in which hot water is forces thorough finely ground coffee. An Espresso drink is described as rich, dark coffee. Popular in Europe, it is a far richer and More full-bodied brew than regular American coffee, because of its richness; Espresso is usually served in 1.5 to 2 oz. portions, in demitasse cups.

Espresso is used as a base for many other rich and delicious beverages such as Cappuccinos and Lattes. Cappuccino is made with about one third espressos, one third steamed milk, and one third frothed milk. Latte, on the other hand, is a combination of espresso and steamed milk with a hint of foam on top, no froth is necessary.

Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine makes bold espresso drinks. A thermal block heating system works to increase the rate of water heating. The 15-bar pump system brews rich, crème-topped espresso gives attractive results. There is another option to choose single or double shot porta-filter for serving. Now you’ve no need to wait until you are at a restaurant for a cup of espresso. You can make it by yourself at home with Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine. This machine allows us to make one to four cups of espresso, and give extra frothing for cappuccino. Mr. Coffee Espresso also gives us the way to make fancy beverages in just a time limit of three to five minutes maximum.

There are some basics and useful steps to make a coffee in Mr. Espresso Machine:

  1. Turn ON the machine.
  2. Fill the glass carafe with cold water. For single cup, fill the glass up to one-cup line. For two cups, fill the glass up to two-cup line.
  3. Remove the cap of water tank and pour water in it, and replace the cap tightly.
  4. To release the filter holder, turn the filter handle to the left side with carefully. Put the basket inside the holder.
  5. Fill the basket with ground coffee for your requirement. Clean the coffee grinds from the sides of basket.
  6. Put the filter holder under the brew head. Move the handle of the brew head to the right so that the filter holder is back in its original location.
  7. Place the drip grid on the drip tray.
  8. Place the open carafe on the drip tray. Here the coffee is going to drip.
  9. Move knob to the “Cup” symbol. The light will show that the machine is ready.
  10. When the coffee stops, turn it OFF and unplug the machine.

If you want a superb espresso then you need hot water through the fine ground coffee beans. The Mr. Coffee Espresso gives more like a MOKA POT but also gives you the ability to make steamed or frothed milk at the same time.

There are two major types of Mr. Coffee Espresso; steam espresso and pump espresso

The main difference between a steam and a pump one is that a pump espresso machine will move the water through the grounds faster with a great force. When the hot water is forced with enough pressure it enhances the coffee beans flavor and produces more cream for which espresso is known for. On the other hand the Mr. Coffee Steam machine will brew the espresso in about four and five minutes for four cups of espresso. In Mr. Coffee Steam, stopping the brew process gives the coffee cups without any bitter taste.


  1. DO NOT attempt to unscrew Water Reservoir Cap OR remove Filter Holder without releasing pressure first. Slowly turn the control knob to the position and release the steam. When the Frothing Aid stops releasing steam, turn the Control Knob to the “OFF” position and slowly remove the Water Reservoir Cap. DO NOT apply pressure to the Filter Retainer Clip when turning Filter into the Lock position. This may cause the Filter Retainer Clip to break.
  2. Never attempt to push the Filter Holder past the Lock position.
  3. DO NOT remove the Filter Holder at any time during the brewing process or until pressure is relieved.
  4. DO NOT overfill the Filter with ground coffee, as this will cause an improper lock of the Filter Holder, which could result in leaking and damage the seal.
  5. Excess grounds on the edge will cause improper lock which could result in leaking and damage to the seal.
  6. DO NOT immerse appliance in water.
  7. DO NOT touch metal parts of Filter Holder until unit has cooled. Metal parts may still be hot immediately after brewing.
  8. DO NOT leave water in the Water Reservoir between uses.
  9. DO NOT store the Filter Holder in the brew head. This can cause improper lock which could result in leaking and damage to the seal.
  10. DO NOT fill water to the top of the Water Reservoir.

How to Clean Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine

Dissolve a small amount of espresso machine cleaner in water as directed to make a cleaning solution. Use a small nylon brush or a specialized group brush to scrub the basket, port filter and group basket with the cleaning solution. Scrub the removable items and rinse with warm water.


The Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine does a good enough job at making espresso. You can enjoy a quick cup to four cups of espresso from the machine. Making espresso is as easy as grinding your coffee beans and filling the stainless steel porta filter to the appropriate level and installing it on the machine.