How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker with White Vinegar

To clean the Ninja coffee machine, there are a couple of strategies. One involves utilizing a costly descaling solution, while the other employs affordable white vinegar. Wondering how to clean your Ninja coffee maker with white vinegar or the quantity of vinegar needed for the descaling process? In the article that follows, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using vinegar to descale your Ninja coffee machine.

Ninja coffee maker comes with a clean light indicator. The light flashes when the build-up is hampering the rich flavor of the coffee. When it occurs, white vinegar is a good option. Vinegar has an acidity level of 9. It helps with the descaling of mineral build-up in the Ninja coffee maker.  As vinegar is easily found at home, it has been widely used. 

The article will deliver the information you are searching for to descale the Ninja coffee maker with vinegar. Furthermore, we will deliver information regarding other necessary information. So. follow through it with us.

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker with White Vinegar

From here on, we will be discussing the proceedings of cleaning the Ninja coffee maker with vinegar in detail. But before starting the cleaning, he/she needs to make sure that the small-batch indicator button is not on. Next, place the unoccupied carafe underneath the brew basket. When all these are in order, follow the mentioned steps to clean the Ninja coffee maker properly. 

Step 1

The first step is to put the white vinegar in the water reservoir. How much white vinegar is enough? In the manual, the company has indicated to use 16 oz of white vinegar. A lot of people might not have a measuring cup. So what is 16 oz of water? 2 cups of water is equivalent to 16 oz. After putting in the vinegar, fill the rest of the reservoir with water. But make sure it does not exceed the 12-cup line. 

Step 2 

Once the water reservoir is filled up with the vinegar mixture, press the clean button. So how long does a cleaning cycle last? It lasts about 25-35 minutes. If there are any disturbances or reasons to cancel the cycle, he/she can do it. All that needs to be done is to press the clean button again. And the operation will be canceled.  This can also be canceled by pressing the on/off button. 

Step 3

The Ninja coffee maker will start beeping after finishing the cleaning cycle. Once the cycle is done, refill the reservoir with water. Remember to follow the same rule by not exceeding the 12-cup line. Next, set the cure underneath the brew basket. To remove the remaining cleaning solution, run a full classic brew cycle with only water. This process is important. As remaining substances can affect the flavor and taste of the coffee. 

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker Every Day

The paper filters need to be discarded when one cycle of coffee brew is completed. But first, see if the coffee grounds have cooled down. Then take the removable filter out and rinse it with soapy water. If the permanent filter is being used, follow the same way to rinse it. If the coffee grounds are spilled into the filter holder, rinse it too. Remove the filter holder, if the coffee grounds are spilled in it. The carafe should be cleaned in warm soapy water.  

The malfunctioning partsnegativelyAfter every use, unplug the Ninja coffee maker. Also, wait for the warming of the plate to cool down. Then wipe it with a clean damp cloth. Beware of immersing the base in the water. It then can become a fire hazard. This is a minuscule work but holds gravity. To avoid accidents, the appliance should be plugged out of the electrical outlet.


Why is the Ninja Coffee Maker Clean Cycle Not Working?

Sometimes the Ninja coffee maker malfunctions. When it happens, the coffee maker might flash the clean indicator falsely. If it is recently cleaned and there is no build-up, try unplugging the appliance. After unplugging, wait for five minutes. This will reset the Ninja coffee maker.  And clean light will stop flashing. 

How Many Times Should I Clean the Ninja Coffee Maker?

It is advised to clean the Ninja coffee maker after every brew.  But to thoroughly clean it, the clean button will be notified by a flashing light. How will it be notified? Ninja coffee maker has an indicator set to notice the scaling of the remnants. So when there is a build-up, the clean button will flashlight.

What Will Happen if the Clean Light Flash is Ignored?

The clean button will only start flashing if there is a buildup. If cleaning is not done when indicated, the rich flavor of the coffee will be diluted. It is impossible to extract the full taste of coffee without an adequate temperature. So it is best to not ignore the indicator. 

Water is the Life Expectancy of the Ninja Coffee Maker?

The Ninja coffee maker lasts about  12 months. Life expectancy can be increased by maintaining it. Maintenance includes cleaning it thoroughly when needed and replacing the malfunctioning parts. Initially, the problem surfaces in the brewing cycle and water reservoir. 

What is the Warranty Period of the Ninja Coffee Maker?

Unfortunately, the brand only gives out a year of warranty. So, this has been seen negatively. Many think it is a letdown as the Ninja coffee maker is expensive. Wearable parts like the carafe lid, the reservoir are not included in the warranty.  Along with it, defects while shipping is not under it. 


Using white vinegar to clean the Ninja coffee maker can be a great way to descale the mineral build-ups. The natural substance does not include any chemicals but effectively cleans a lot of things. Vinegar helps to get rid of the build-up just like the cleaning solution. It also disinfects the water reservoir.  So it’s perfectly alright to use it when needed.