How to Dispose of Old Coffee Maker

Have you been using an old coffee maker for quite some time and are now contemplating an upgrade? Wondering what to do with the old one? You might think to just throw it in the garbage. However, a problem arises because not all waste management services accept electronic waste. Whatsmore, if your coffee maker is still functioning, the idea of discarding it may not sit well with you. Fortunately, there are better alternatives. Let’s explore the right way to dispose of your old coffee maker.

In the USA, it is hard to think of a day without coffee. So, the coffee maker plays an important role in our life. As a result, you might be wondering what will be the best way to dispose of the old coffee maker that served you for years. Our today’s guide will introduce you to some interesting ideas that you may find useful to recycle old electronics.

7 Ways on How to Dispose of Old Coffee Maker

If your coffee maker is dead, then you can either fix it or throw it away. We will recommend you try fixing it before investing in a new device. If it is unfixable, you can consider the other ideas. Let’s see what you can do with an old coffee maker.

Try Fixing the Problem

Love the coffee maker but decided not to use it anymore because of the issues? Well, coffee makers can be fixed sometimes. Try troubleshooting and finding the reason behind the issue. If you want to try DIY fixing, you might find some helpful resources on youtube. Besides, you can go through the manual of the device to find the recommended troubleshooting techniques.

A lot of coffee makers come with warranty coverage. If your device stops working before the warranty ends, you should make use of it instead of disposing of it. The good news is you can get a replacement or repair free of charge if it has a warranty. Even if it is not under warranty, you can get it fixed by the manufacture for a small charge. You can easily connect with the manufacturer’s customer service through call or email.

Donate the Coffee Maker

If the coffee maker is alright and you want to dispose of it for upgrading, then it would be best if you donate the old coffee maker. You can donate it to a friend, family, or in the charity programs in your area. It’s one of the eco-friendly ways to dispose of any electronic appliances without increasing the e-waste. Moreover, you are also helping a person who doesn’t afford a coffee maker.

Sell the Coffee Maker

In case you want to make some pennies out of the coffee maker, you can always sell it. Especially, if the device is working, selling it should be an easy job. There are a lot of online portals which purchase old electronics. Some of the places where you can sell it include the local Facebook buy sell groups, garage sale, eBay, Gumtree, Zilch, etc.

This option is also eco-friendly as you are not increasing the e-waste. If you are selling it to the online portals, most probably they will refurbish the device and sell it at a lower price. Some of them also sell directly without refurbishing.

Recycle It

If the coffee maker is completely dead and unfixable, recycling will be a good option for you. However, like most of the electric appliances out there, the coffee maker has a complex framework inside which can be hard to recycle. You can contact the e-waste companies in your area and provide it to them for recycling. If you don’t know the companies, a simple google search will help to find their contact information.

Return to the Seller

If you bought the coffee maker from a local store, then you can put it back to the seller. They may want to take it back for recycling. Some states even make this mandatory to return the old electronics back. So, you can consider checking the state rules concerning the issue. Note that this option is not going to be useful if you have bought it from online stores like Amazon.

Some of the manufacturers also take back their old electronics through recycling programs. They typically collect the products through local representatives. What you can do is to talk with the customer service of the manufacture regarding the issue. Sometimes, you may require mailing the old device to their address if there is no representative.

Use Exchange Offers

There are several manufacturers out there who take back the old electronics in return for the new one. Well, there might be conditions and sometimes you might add some cash with the old electronic to get the offer. Typically, they take working or repairable devices. Try to look for such exchange offers in your area.

As we said, they are not going to simply offer you a brand-new device in exchange for the old one. Instead, they may provide you some discounts while purchasing a new appliance. The discount amount might not be that big but it is still decent.

Goodwill Stores

The Goodwill stores take old things for recycling. If you don’t find other e-waste recycle companies, you can consider the Goodwill stores. However, most of these stores typically take things like used clothes, shoes, and other wearables. Some of them may take the old electronics. You might want to add other things like wearables and other electronics. By doing this, you can help poor families with the assistance of Goodwill stores.

Is Old Coffee Maker an E-Waste?

Electronic appliances that can be plugged in or include a circuit board or a chip inside the device are considered e-waste. That means the coffee maker is e-waste. This also includes microwaves, ovens, toasters, hot plates, and others. It is prohibited to dispose of these things in the trash can. The best way to dispose of them is by recycling through a related company.


If you are worried about disposing of your old coffee maker, you shouldn’t anymore. As you see, there are several methods to dispose of this electronic. What you can do is to select the suitable method for you and make use of it to get rid of the old thing.