🥇☕DELONGHI EMK6 for Authentic Italian Espresso Review in 2024

The goods and bads of Delonghi EMK6 Italian Espresso

– Advantage

The hourly schedule allows you to wake up with instant coffee, ideal if you are always in the morning running.

– Disadvantage

The upper carafe is made of plastic and not glass, so after years of intense use, it damaged due to mechanical and thermal stress.

– Verdict 9.6/10

The extreme versatility and the wealth of functions make it a must to keep in the kitchen, especially if more people in the family love coffee.

Description of the main features

It does it all by itself

Thanks to this electric Moka coffee maker, you no longer have to worry about checking the coffee spill or forgetting it on. It automatically switches off after 30 minutes from when the coffee is ready. This means that in the meantime, it keeps it at the right temperature, so you don’t even have to worry about drinking it if you wake up a few minutes late.

The ignition is programmable within 24 hours: load it with water and coffee powder the night before, to wake up in the morning with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Even if the programming is in memory, it is possible to make coffee at any time thanks to the manual control that starts the machine instantly.

The Moka has four cups but allows you to make even two thanks to the effective reducer included in the package. The only trick is to be careful not to lose it since it is a rather small accessory.

Respect your tastes

One of the most appreciated features of this Moka is the so-called Aroma function, which allows you to set the intensity of the coffee to light, medium, or strong according to your tastes.

This is a rough indication, so we advise you to do some tests with all three levels to understand which one meets your preference.

In this way, every member of the family can get a coffee with a perfect taste, and surely also the guests will appreciate the possibility to personalize their own.

Versatility also includes the function of the best stovetop espresso maker that allows you to make barley instead of coffee, for all those who cannot take caffeine or do not like the national drink. 

It is sufficient to make the selection on display and apply the special anti-impurity filter to obtain barley free of that annoying residue of dust that some Moka pots leave on the bottom of the cup. 

Pleasant and functional aesthetics

Even the eye wants its part, especially when it comes to a product destined to remain in plain sight on the kitchen counter.

The rounded shapes of this coffee maker meet the taste of many buyers, and even the sober colors as well.

The carafe is transparent, a detail that lightens the overall aesthetics but also has a practical function of being able to control the coffee spillage and check for any leftovers.

The electrical base remains cold at any stage of operation, to protect your workbench from damage from overheating. The coupling with the coffee maker is 360 degrees, so in practice, you can rest it on the base in any position, without going crazy to find the right joint as it happens with other models. Click here to read more about our best nitro coffee maker.

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