🥇☕Best Coffee Maker Cleaner in 2024

A research indicates that more than half of the households have mold and yeast thriving in their coffee machines. For the majority, brewing coffee is the initial task upon waking up. In order to savor high-quality coffee, it’s crucial that it’s brewed in a clean coffee maker. Hence, to achieve this, it’s vital to clean the coffee maker with the top coffee maker cleaner available.

Without the required care, brew residue and mineral build-up can eventually render your coffee machine unusable or slow. If you notice that your coffee machine no longer works as efficiently as it used to, it is probably because a good clean is overdue. A coffee maker that is not cleaned regularly will lower the coffee brew quality and eventually cause the machine to malfunction.

It is recommended that a coffee machine should be descaled once every three to six months while the removable parts should be cleaned regularly. You can find a more precise time frame on your coffee machine manual.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Coffee Maker? 

Every time you brew a cup or kettle, the water used leaves mineral deposits on the machine’s inner surfaces. With time, these deposits slow down the brewing and heating procedure of your coffee maker. Also, coffee has a residue that is left in the machine. Over time, this build-up clogs some parts of the machine, thus rendering it slow or completely unusable.

A dirty coffee maker will make your coffee less tasty and will affect how strong your brew is. The best way to avoid this is to clean your machine regularly.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Coffee Machine Cleaner

Coffee maker cleaners are manufactured by different companies and thus formulated differently. This makes choosing the right cleaner an uphill task. Here is what to look for in the best coffee machine cleaner.

Bottle capacity 

Coffee machine cleaners come in different quantities and bottles. If you are buying a new brand for the first time, it is essential to go for a small bottle. This way, you will not be stuck with a cleaner you dislike. Also, smaller quantities are more affordable, which makes them ideal if you are on a budge.


Even though most coffeemaker cleaners can be used on most machine brands and makes, it is always a good idea to double-check for compatibility. This is the best way to ensure you do not waste money on a cleaner you can’t use, and that you get the most from the cleaner.

The composition 

The best coffee maker cleaner should not contain toxic ingredients. You will need to use the coffee maker to brew your daily fix, and chemical residues from a cleaner can be detrimental to your health.

The type

You can get coffee cleaners in tablet form, liquid, or powder form. The tablets are the easiest to use since there is no measuring involved. However, liquid and powder forms are also very easy to use.

Expiry date

Since you only clean your coffee maker once a month or every few months, you will need a coffeemaker cleaner that will last. Always check the expiry date on the box before purchase. This way, you will not waste money on a product to only use it once before it goes bad.

3 Best Cleaners For Coffee Machines 

Our Recommendation – Urnex Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Cleaner 

This is a powder-based coffeemaker cleaner that guarantees to leave your coffee machine as good as new. Urnex cleaner is a dual-action formula that dissolved all impurities, including minerals, coffee residues, stains, and burnt coffee. It also helps to get rid of odor, plus it is also odorless. This is a non-toxic cleaner that will give you the confidence you need to serve deliciously brewed coffee. It is available in a 3-in-1 pack that can last up to three months.

Our Recommendation – Brew Rite Coffee Maker Cleaner 

The brew rite coffee maker cleaner is the perfect cleaning agent for hardened stains inside your coffee machine or espresso maker. This cleaner will remove all the tough stains, including excess oils, coffee deposits, stains, and mineral residues. As a non-toxic and non-acidic cleaner, this cleaner will not compromise on the quality of your machine. The best part about this cleaner is that it can also be used to clean automatic drip machines. Brew Rite Coffee Maker Cleaner is sure to improve your brewing time.

Our Recommendation – Durgol Swiss Decalcifier 

If you are in the market for a product that will deliver quality coffee maker cleaning, the Durgol Swill decalcifier is the best product. This is a strong cleaner that guarantees to get even the most stubborn stains off your machine. Use it to get rid of limescale build-up if you want to improve your brewing time. This cleaner can be used on semi-automatic and fully automatic espresso machines, manual machines, capsule machines, tea kettles, and filter machines. It works ten times faster than most decalcifications agents. Since it is chemical-based, ensure you rinse your coffee maker machine severally to ensure there are no traces left. Even so, it is environmentally friendly, and the bottles are 100% recyclable.

Tips on Keeping Your Coffee Machine Clean

The machine manual has information on how to clean the coffee machine, including the exterior parts. On top of this:

  • Always wash the coffee pot and other removable and washable parts using a dishwasher or warm soap and water.
  • When not using the coffee maker, leave the lids off on the coffee pot and the water reservoir. This will allow the interiors to completely dry after a wash. It also helps to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning agents on your coffee maker. These can damage the machine and may leave behind residue, which is harmful to you. Ensure you use a safe cleaner like the ones recommended in this article.
  • If possible, use distilled water when cleaning your coffee machine as it does not leave behind mineral residue.


Regularly cleaning a coffee maker is the best way to ensure you enjoy years of service from the machine, and that the coffee you make is of the best quality possible. With the best coffee maker cleaner from the recommendations in this article, you can be sure that the inside parts of your coffee machine are always clean. Click here to read more about our royal brew nitro cold brew coffee maker