Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker How to Program

Have you ever used a Hamilton Coffee Maker?

Coffee machines have turned into a necessity these days. Their convenience, ease of use, and simplicity stand out. Moreover, they cut down the time spent going to a coffee shop.

One of the leading brands in a coffee maker is Hamilton. Hamilton coffee makers are user-friendly. These coffee makers have elegant designs and features to fit the coffee brewer’s needs.

If you think it is challenging to program a Hamilton coffee maker, then it is not correct. Hamilton coffee makers are simple to program. Just follow some steps for it.

Hamilton Coffee Makers

Hamilton coffee makers are designed to make your life easy. They use consumer insight, in-depth research to deliver the best coffee makers.

These coffee makers are affordable and low maintenance. They can brew a basic or premium-roast coffee in a fraction of time.

Different models are now available in this brand which offers various features.

How to Make Coffee in the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Here is how to program the Hamilton Beach, coffee maker

Step 1-Plug into the outlet.

Step 2-Press the carafe button.

Step 3-Now lift the lid and remove the carafe brew basket.

Step 4-put a paper coffee filter in the carafe brew basket. Use one level tablespoon of coffee grounds for each cup of coffee.

Step 5-Put the carafe brew basket back into the carafe brew basket holder.

Step 6-Fill carafe with 12 cups of cold water and pour it into the carafe water reservoir.

Step 7-Close the lid.

Step 8-Put the carafe with its lid on a warming plate.

Step 9-to change strength to bold, press the BREW STRENGTH button.

Step 10-Start brewing by pressing the NOW I/ button.T0 brew indicator light will turn on that shows the coffee maker is on.

Step 11-When the brewing cycle is complete, press the NOW I/ button again to turn it off.

Step 12-Unplug the coffee maker.

Step 13- Carafe brew basket holder and carafe should be rinsed after every use.

How to Program Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Step 1-Set time before the coffee maker can be program. Press and pulse the SET TIME button to correct our in AM OR PM and wait three seconds. Pulse or hold to set minutes.

Step 2-There is a PROG button press and hold it to program. Start time will be visible on display, and 19:99 flashes as default.

Step 3-While you are holding the PROG button, pulse SET TIME to set your desired brewing hour in AM or PM and wait for three minutes to flash.

Release the PROG button. Again press and release the PROG button to activate automatic brew.PROG light will illuminate.

Bonus Tip

If you want to check the start time, then press and hold the PROG button. The time you set will be displayed. It can be changed by repeating the steps mentioned above. . Press the PROG button to reactivate the automatic brew, and the light will illuminate.

How to Set the Clock on the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Follow these steps to set the clock of the Hamilton coffee maker

Step 1-Plug in the coffee maker. Numbers on the clock will flash until you set the time of day or one minute elapses.

Step 2-For setting the time of day, press the H button to set the current hour in AM or PM.

Step 3-Keep pressing the M button until you reach the current time.

How to Program the Automatic Brew System of the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Step 1-Make sure that the clock is set before starting the program.

Step 2-Press the PROG button, and digits will flash.

Step 3-Press H and M buttons to set the desired brewing time.

Step 4-Press the PROG button to confirm the setting. Digits will stop flashing and return to the set time of the day.

Step 5-Press AUTO/ON/OFF button once, and PRO will be shown on display. The ON/OFF light will flash, indicating that the brew cycle will start on time.

Note-If the AUTO/ON/OFF button is pushed twice, the ON/OFF light will glow, and the brewing will begin immediately. Simply press the ON/OFF button once to turn it off and once more to set programming mode.

Tips for Using Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Always use cold water in the water reservoir. Never use hot water.

Never use a coffee maker for reheating coffee maker.

It is not recommended to use creamer or non-dairy creamer in the water reservoir.

To avoid the clogging of piercing needles, brew a water-only cycle without a single-serve pack after brewing hot cocoa.

Remember coffee maker brews all the water that is added to it.

For stopping the brewing cycle midway, press the BREW NOW I/button again.

If your brew indicator light flashes three times, then the lid is not closed correctly. For that, lower the lid until it clicks to lock.

Never brew coffee without a removable needle holder locked into place.

Bottom Line

Hamilton is a known name in the coffee maker industry. Their coffee makers are affordable and easy to use. It is also straightforward to program them—just a few steps to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.