What is The Bold Setting on Coffee Maker?

Modern coffee machines come equipped with more advanced options than before. Does your coffee machine have a bold feature? Continue to read the article to learn about the bold setting on coffee makers.

You will find a lot of functions on the modern coffee maker apart from the simple brewing. Some of them include built-in grind while some other equips auto-brew features to schedule the brew. Besides, some coffee machine also arrives with a brew-strength control setting. This allows you to adjust the coffee strength as you want.

Below, we will let you know what the bold setting in your coffee maker does. We will also let you know how to use the bold function on your coffee maker. Keep following the article to understand this feature.

About The Brew Strength Selection Feature

Your coffee maker might include a bold option. Some of the coffee makers may equip some buttons titled as brew strength selectors. Under the panel, you will find options like regular, strong, bold, robust, etc. As the name recommends, the strength selector is a function in the coffee maker that allows you to control the strength of the coffee. To be more specific, it enables you to make a cup of coffee light, regular, or strong in flavor.

When it comes to coffee, different people prefer it in different ways. Some want their coffee to be strong or bold which means the flavor will be more intense. On the other side, some individuals prefer a cup of light or weak coffee. Coffee maker manufacturers include the button on their machine to allow you to make the perfect cup of coffee as you want.

What is The Bold Setting on Coffee Maker?

The usual process of making the coffee is pretty simple. All you need to do is to add water and ground, press a button and that’s it. Your coffee becomes ready within a while. Typically, you need to press the Brew button to begin the coffee making. However, some machines might include options like bold. When you press this button, the machine is instructed to adopt a brewing process for making the coffee more flavorful and stronger.

Typically, the machine allows the water to drip through the coffee ground at a slower speed than usual. This enables the water to extract more flavor from the coffee and making the taste more intense. However, it will take time to get the perfect bold coffee from the machine. Sometimes, you will end up with a burnt flavor due to over-brew. As a result, it is important to keep an eye frequently during the process.

You will require to do some experiments to get the perfect boldness. As some user says, using cooler water improve the boldness. Besides, you can modify the ground and water ratio to find a suitable taste. Utilizing excessively hot water can burn the ground and impact the taste.

Strong and 1-4 Settings

Apart from the bold function, some coffee makers may equip the strong and 1-4 settings.  You might find another option titled robust. All of them are actually for enhancing the flavor of the coffee. If the strong or robust option comes after the bold option in your coffee maker, you can use it for bolder coffee. However, make sure that you are aware during the brew as the coffee can become excessively bitter.

In some machines, you will find the 1-4 button. Although it is connected to the brew strength, the button is designed for other purpose. You will typically find it one of the machines that arrive with a bigger capability to brew more coffees. As these machines are designed for making large amounts of coffee, you will get weak coffee while preparing in smaller batches. That happens because the machine drips the water faster and hence, the flavor is not extracted properly.

What the 1-4 button does is dripping the water on the coffee ground in a smaller amount or slowly to extract more flavor. You should use the button to make your coffee more flavorful. Use it only when you are preparing one to four cups of coffee.

What are the Other Ways to Get Bold Coffee?

If your machine doesn’t arrive with a bold button, don’t worry. There are other ways to make your coffee bold. We will discuss some of them below:

Different Type of Bean

There are different varieties of beans in the market. What you need to do is to pick a bean that arrives with additional caffeine to enjoy stronger coffees. Such as, you can pick the robusta beans as they are filled with caffeine and offer you a bold taste.

Use Lighter Roast

The roasting process of the coffee also makes the coffee stronger or weak. As you want to get better strength, you should consider picking a coffee bean that arrives with a lighter roast. That is because a lighter roast induces more caffeine. Give a look at the package of the coffee maker and go for it if it is marked as a lighter roast.

Alternative Brewing Methods

Changing the brewing method can also help you to enjoy more flavorful coffee. Such as you can use a percolator to brew the coffee. This manual device brews the re-brew the coffee several times, which makes it very intense in flavor and aroma. You can also consider using the French press and cold brew to make the coffee bold.

Using Additional Grounds

One of the easiest ways to make the coffee bold is by increasing the amount of ground in the coffee. Typically, you need to add one tablespoon of coffee for 6 to 8 grounds. What you can do is add one and a half tablespoons or two tablespoons of coffee to make it bold. Note that the water amount needs to be the same.


If you love strong coffee, but not using the bold function of the coffee maker, then you are missing out. Make use of the button to get aromatic and flavorful coffee every time. We hope this article will help you understand the bold function of the coffee maker.