What Does 1-4 Mean on Coffee Maker

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The coffee maker market is currently very huge with thousands of models and hundreds of manufacturers. The brands are also investing millions in upgrading the features to provide the user with a more influential performance. Some of the coffee makers currently arrive with the 1-4 button. What does 1-4 mean on coffee maker?

The 1-4 button in the coffee maker is very widespread currently. Several machines arrive with the button. What happens when you push the button? Keep reading the article to know everything you need to learn about the feature.

So, What Does 1-4 Mean on Coffee Maker?

Most of the brew coffee makers out there are designed for preparing around 10 cups of coffee. The coffee maker definitely requires more time to prepare the coffee than other smaller quantities. Such as, if you want to prepare two cups of coffee, then the machine will brew it very fast. And, that is where the problem happens. When there is low water in the machine, the coffee maker can run the hot water through the coffee very quickly.

As the water runs through very quickly, they cannot extract the full flavor of the coffee. This result a weak coffee which is not preferred for most of us. The 1-4 button in the coffee maker is designed to drip the hot water from the machine at a slower speed while making a smaller amount of the coffee. As it drips the water slowly, the coffee gets more time for extraction which results in a better and influencing taste.

Some of the coffee machines even pause the water when you push a specific button. This allows the brewing process to extend further and reheating before completing the cycle. As a result, the machine can slower the brew while also assuring the right temperature of the water to dig out the best taste. Such operations are very widespread in the k-cup coffee machines while preparing the single serves.

The 1-4 function is a bit like the feature in the French press and the pour-over coffee makers. In these devices, the grind is wetted first and then slowly brewed fully following the pour-over technique. The water is poured very slowly to make sure that the coffee is not brewed first. This assures the perfect extraction of the flavor and property.

How Does The 1-4 Button Works?

Operating a coffee maker is very easy. All you require doing is to add the ground, water, and click few buttons. Your coffee should be ready within 5 to 10 minutes depending on the machine you are using. Although the operation of the coffee maker is pretty simple, there are much more things that happen inside the machine. There are heating elements inside the machine that heats up the water. There are valves at move the water without pumps.

The 1-4 button is available in a good number of models. But the function may vary depending on the machine model and manufacturer. However, the goal of the function is the same which is to prepare the coffee slowly to extract the best flavors. In the Cuisinart coffee maker instructions, they have mentioned that the function doubles the heat on the water. They didn’t mention anything else regarding the feature.

What it really does is slowing down the transfer of water to the coffee ground than usual. As the water output is reduced to half, the coffee machine can extract more of the flavor of the coffee for a perfect cup. As per some sources, the water heat remains the same, unlike the manufacturer claims.

In some machines, apart from slowing down the water intake, the water dripping is paused for further extraction of the flavor. You will find the button mostly in the coffee makers that arrive with a bigger brewing capacity. As the coffee makers are designed to prepare a large amount of coffee at once, you get a weak brew while making a smaller amount of coffee. This button helps to keep the coffee taste upright by making the brewing process slower.

Should You Use the 1-4 Button?

As we said above, the machines with 1-4 buttons are designed to brew large quantities of the water, around 10 to 12 at once. As a result, when you want to brew a small amount of coffee, two to three cups, for example, you don’t get the best outcome in the usual process. The coffee becomes weak as the machines are designed to brew a full cycle with a filled water reservoir. Just because you want a smaller amount, the machine will not work differently.

So, if you want the best taste of the coffee while preparing a smaller serve than the machine’s capability, you should definitely use the 1-4 button. This will assure that you will not have a weak coffee with the right amount of coffee ground. If you are not using the button in your coffee maker, then you are missing out on the flavorful coffee. However, you don’t need to use the button while preparing a full carafe of coffee.

How to Use the 1-4 Button on your Coffee Maker?

Never used the 1-4 button earlier? Well, don’t worry. We can help you. Here are the steps you need to follow to utilize the function:

  1. Turn on your coffee maker and fill the reservoir with the preferred quantity of water.
  2. Now you need to press the 1-4 button. For some machines, you might require pressing it later.
  3. Add the filter on the basket or use the gold-tone reusable filter. Now measure the right amount of coffee and add on the filter.
  4. If you are using an automatic grind and brew coffee maker, add the beans to the hopper.
  5. Now you can turn on the brew and complete the cycle. It will take a bit more time than usual. Now pour the coffee and enjoy.


The 1-4 button is an excellent addition to your coffee maker. You should utilize it to get the best aromatic flavor and taste of the coffee. We hope this article will help you to understand the feature and use it effectively.

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