Will Keurig Replace My Coffee Maker?

Keurig coffee makers rank among the most sophisticated brewing devices available today. Renowned for their user-friendly operation and ability to create a variety of beverages, they simplify the process to inserting a pod and pressing a button. In just minutes, your coffee is prepared. However, the question remains: Will Keurig become my new go-to coffee machine? Continue reading to find out.

For the first few years, Keurig coffee makers are taking over the market. Although they are a bit expensive, more and more people are now using the devices. But are they something you can use instead of the usual coffee maker? In this article, we will try to give you a detailed discussion on this topic.

Can Keurig Replace My Coffee Maker?

When the Keurig machines were first deployed in the market, they were designed for the offices. They manufacture try to make things easier for the people who are busy with their work. However, the manufacture begins producing machines that are also suitable for home uses. But are they suitable to replace the usual drip coffee maker that most of use? The answer is yes.

A Keurig machine is more like to make your coffee-making experience quicker and easier. However, that comes with a cost. The Keurig machine is costly compared to the usual coffee maker. Moreover, preparing coffee using the k-cup every time is also increases the expenses. So, if the cost is not an issue a Keurig coffee maker can be an excellent alternative to the usual coffee maker.

The Difference Between Usual Coffee Maker and Keurig

Both Keurig and the coffee maker can offer you the coffee. But there will be some differences that you need to be aware of. Below, you will find some differences between the Keurig and the usual drip coffee maker.

Coffee Quality

The Keurig coffee maker systems can offer you café style coffees every time. Because of the widespread popularity of the Keurig machines, more and more coffee brands are now producing pods compatible with Keurig machines. These include Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Gloria Jeans, Dunkin Donuts, and others. Using the Coffee Maker, you can even customize the strength or flavor of the coffee.

On the other hand, the usual drip coffee maker provides you with the pure taste of coffee based on the beans you are using. So, if you prepare a standard cup of coffee, a usual coffee maker is just enough. Note that you can also use the ground coffee in the Keurig with replaceable pods but the taste will be a bit different.

Brewing Time

One of the main selling points of the Keurig machines is they can make your ready coffee within less than a minute. They are often referred to as instant coffees due to such capability. The Keurig K-pod coffees can be brewed at such a low time as they come pre-brewed. On the other hand, the traditional coffee makers require a good amount of time. For most cases, the coffee makers require around 5 minutes of time.

However, the brewing duration can significantly vary while producing the drink in the traditional drip coffee makers. Some of these also allow you to set the brewing time. The takeout here is if you are a very busy person, a Keurig coffee maker can be a great option for you. You can produce coffee within less than one minute using the device.


The Keurig coffee maker requires desalting once within every 3 to 6 months. It is required to remove the calcium deposits inside the machine from the water. It helps to keep the machine in a good shape and assures the perfect taste of the coffee while also assuring a long lifespan of the device. The usual drip coffee makers also require descaling but it is more frequent. For most of the cases, you need to descale at least once within a month.

Apart from descaling, there is not much cleaning work with the Keurig machine. You can simply throw away the pods in the trash can. However, there are some issues here. Keurig machine inner tank is almost impossible to reach. As a result, it will be very hard to give a deep clean to the machine whenever you want.


The Keurig machines are typically small and portable in size. The compact devices require less space on the countertop. Moving them also shouldn’t be an issue. Besides, the traditional drip coffee machines size varies on a large scale depending on the water tank size. And, they can take huge space on your countertop.

Another thing about the Keurig coffee machine is you can turn it on. As there is no heating coil inside the machine, there are very low chances of issues. Overall, the Keurig machines provide you with more convenience compared to the traditional deep coffee makers.

How to Brew Ground Coffee in the Keurig Coffee Machine?

The good news is you can also use the ground coffee in the Keurig coffee machine. Yes, it is possible by using replaceable filters or k cups. Moreover, you can experiment with various grinds, roasts, etc. Here is how to use the reusable coffee filters to prepare classic coffee in the machine:

  1. Begin with fill the reusable coffee filter with the preferred coffee. Add up to one of the two fill lines. Picking finer grounds will provide you with a better result.
  2. Now open the lid and place the reusable filter inside the Keurig machine just like the usual k-cups. Then close the lid.
  3. That’s it, you can now begin the brew. Your coffee will be brewed in the mug or cup below.


The Keurig coffee maker is a revolutionary invention that allows you to enjoy the preferred variation of the drink anytime from the home. So, you are on the right track, if you’re planning to purchase a Keurig machine to replace your usual coffee maker. You can easily prepare any variation of the coffee with the k-cups while also being able to make the classic coffees.