How to Clean the Needle on a Keurig Coffee Maker?

How to Clean the Needle on a Keurig Coffee Maker?


Keurig stands as one of the world’s most adaptable coffee brewing machines. For those who adore coffee, hitting the “Brew” button first thing in the morning to get a delicious cup of coffee is likely a daily ritual. The Keurig coffee machine has evolved significantly, positioning it as a highly desired coffee maker because it offers users the ability to select their brew size, adjust the temperature, and has much greater control overall. Furthermore, it affords individuals the opportunity to customize their preferred coffee in various ways.

What is Keurig’s Needle?

Keurig needle is appliances that pierce the top of the K-cups when you close the pod. However, the needle is inside the Keurig coffee machine, which is essential for taste and cleanliness and is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use coffee makers.

Reason for Cleaning a Keurig Needle:

There are two most important reasons for cleaning a Keurig needle

●      Safety

Like cleaning the rest of your machine, you should be able to protect the needles. Since the needles will contact moisture and coffee grounds, it’s easy for dirt and debris to get stuck on the needle. In addition, the more the needle is used, coffee grinds will stick onto the needle, making the needle decay, rust, and mold. And if this happens, it will contaminate the needle and your cup of coffee, which is not only health-hazardous but will affect the immune system of your body.

●      Taste

If the Keurig needle is not properly taken care of after it has been attracted to debris and dirt, it will surely affect the taste of the coffee brew. Perhaps the coffee will be tasteless, and it will lose its value.

How to Clean the Needle on a Keurig Coffee Maker?

Since we all know that Keurig is one of the most popular and demanded coffee maker machines globally, approximately 30 million people own and use Keurig inside their homes and offices; like all coffee machines, proper cleaning and maintenance should be proper one of its priorities, making it long-lasting. Perhaps, Keurig needle can be clogged with dirt and many more, which makes the Keurig coffee maker brew only half–cups of coffee or start to leak coffee. Cleaning your Keurig needles should not take more than 5 minutes because it’s an easy and fast process. After cleaning and unclogging your needles, your Keurig coffee maker is ready to run like a new one again if you follow the steps provided here.

Things you need when Cleaning your Keurig Needle:

  1. Dry towel
  2. Toothpick and a clean metal paperclip
  3. Big size cup or mug
  4. Running tap water or a dishwasher

How to Clean the Needle?

  1. Turn off and unplug your Keurig coffee machine from the socket outlets, so it has to protect you from electric shocks and burns.
  2. Make sure you remove the pod holder out of the Keurig. To do this, lift the handle on your Keurig coffee machine and grab the top of the pod holder using your other hand to push or pull the pod holder up from underneath.
  3. Please take out the funnel from the pod holder and place it on a smooth, dry surface.
  4. You have to use a paperclip or toothpick to clean the exit needle. After that, flip the pod holder upside down and insert it into the tube. Move the paperclip or toothpick around for 10-30 seconds to get out any dirt and loosen any clogs or particles from the pod holder, though you won’t be able to poke through this tube, so don’t press too hard on it when you meet with resistance.
  5. Rinse the funnel and pod holder under running tap water or inside a dishwasher, and make sure the exit needle is thoroughly clean.
  6. Put both the funnel and pod holder on a dry surface or a clean towel to dry them off.
  7. After cleaning the exit needle, you locate and clean the entrance needle, which can be found under the brewer’s head. (If you lift the Keurig coffee brewer machine, you will see the entrance needle).
  8. Remove any dirt or particles from the entrance needle using a paper clip, move it around to help loosen up and knock away any dirt on the grime.
  9. Assemble and put your pod holder back together to its normal stand
  10. Reinsert the pod holder into your Keurig and align the tabs on the pod holder on the coffee maker machine.
  11. Close your Keurig coffee machine, place a big cup size under it and fill it with water to loosen up and flush out any grime that remains. After that, your Keurig coffee machine is ready for use.


Perhaps when you feel like trying to change a Keurig needle, you have to be aware that the needles are very sharp, smooth, and are capable of piercing through one skin if not extra, very careful, although the needle job is to pierce through the pods. So, therefore, when cleaning or making adjustments on the Keurig needles, just make sure you are very careful because they can hurt you if not careful with the needles. Moreover, be very sure that the machine is unplugged from all means of power supply/sources because you will be protected from being electrocuted. Lastly, keep your wards or children away when cleaning the needles.

Bottom Line:

Now that you have in-depth knowledge on how to clean your needle on the Keurig coffee maker. It’s time to be able to clean that masterpiece without a doubt. We hope this article can guide you on how to clean out your needle on a coffee maker, and feel free to hit me up with your inquiry and comments.