Can I Clean Coffee Maker with Apple Cider Vinegar?

Is it possible to use apple cider vinegar to clean the coffee maker? Absolutely, the answer is affirmative. Apple cider vinegar proves to be an efficient solution for eliminating the accumulation within the coffee maker.

Coffee makers require cleaning on a regular basis. That is because the inside of the machine can get affected by the mineral buildup from water. The buildups consist of calcium, magnesium, and some other minerals which can significantly impact the performance of the machine. Your machine will produce less flavorful coffee when it got the mineral deposits.

There are commercially available cleaning solutions to clean the coffee maker. However, we will recommend you to use something natural. You can consider apple cider vinegar for this. Keep reading the article to find out how to clean a coffee maker with apple cider vinegar.

 Cleaning Coffee Maker with Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is a widely used kitchen ingredient. You will find it in almost all the kitchens. Typically, it is used for cooking and preparing pickles and some other foods. But you may not know that vinegar can perform as a strong natural cleaner. The versatile cleaning agent can clean and disinfectant your machine. Moreover, it can descale the mineral deposits from the machine that can significantly affect the performance.

What is more interesting is vinegar is non-toxic and there will not be an issue if you consume it. You will not find anything else like this for cleaning your coffee maker. There is a different variation of vinegar. You can consider using apple cider vinegar.  It is inexpensive and available almost everywhere. You can save some pennies by using vinegar instead of commercial cleaners.

How to Clean Coffee Maker with Apple Cider Vinegar

It is very easy to clean the coffee maker with apple cider vinegar. You will require following the same exact steps you follow while cleaning with the other solutions. Let’s see what steps you need to follow for the cleaning. Before you begin, make sure that you have the required supplies:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Sponge
  3. Clean Water


Step 1: Remove Water and Grounds from Coffee Maker

Before you begin the cleaning, you will require completely empty the coffee maker carafe, water reservoir, and filter. Remove the water from the carafe as well as the reservoir. Also, remove the coffee ground from the filter. You don’t require disconnecting the coffee maker as we will run several brews.

Step 2: Make the Solution

Now you will make the cleaning solution using vinegar and water. Add one part of apple cider vinegar and one part of the water. Note that the coffee carafe should be filled fully when you fill the water-vinegar solution. You can simply add the make the solution in the coffee maker’s carafe. The solution doesn’t need to be precisely equal.

If you want a more thorough cleaning, you can consider adding one part of water for two-part of vinegar. This should offer you a good outcome. Typically, you don’t require adding two parts of vinegar unless the machine is not cleaned for a long time.

Step 3: Run a Half Brew Cycle

Once you have made the cleaning solution, now pour it into the water reservoir of the coffee maker. Then turn on the device and run half brew cycle. Simply, pause the brew by switching off the coffee maker just before the solution is dispensed. The goal here is to make the solution hot. This will help to soften the stains and sticky buildups from the deposits. You can keep the machine turned off for around 1 hour.

Step 4: Run a Full Brew

Once you have waited enough time, turn on the coffee maker again. Then run a full brew cycle just like you brew the coffee. This should take out the softened residue of buildup from the coffee maker. Let the cycle complete until the water reservoir is fully emptied and the cleaning solution filled the carafe. You should collect the solution in the carafe as it helps to clean the carafe too.

Once the brew cycle is completed, turn off the coffee maker. And then discard the cleaning solution in the sink. Now clean the carafe and fill it with clean water from the tap.

Step 5: Run New Cycles

Once you are done cleaning, you will need to run a new brew cycle. This will help to get rid of the trace of vinegar and water solution inside the machine. Moreover, it will also flush out any remaining residue from the inside. It is important to run the cycle with fresh water to get rid of the vinegar flavor and smell. They are not harmful but they can affect the taste of the coffee.

Simply pour the freshwater into the reservoir and then run a full brew cycle. Then collect the water in the carafe and discard them. After that, again run few more cycles following the same way. Usually, it requires around 4 to 5 cycles of clean water to remove the trace of apple cider vinegar. 1 to 2 cycles are enough for the white vinegar.

Step 6: Clean the Other Parts (Optional)

It is always a good practice to clean the exterior of the coffee maker while cleaning the inside. This will help you to preserve the beautiful appearance of the device for a long time. You can wash the filter and the carafe of the machine with hot soapy water and then rinse in clean cold water. Then use a clean and cloth damp towel to clean the exterior of the machine. Then use a dry cloth to get rid of the wetness. Also, don’t forget to clean the hot plate that keeps your coffee hot.


Keeping your coffee maker clean is a very important task to keep the coffee taste upright. It also assists in increasing the lifespan of the device. Make sure that you are cleaning the device in the right way. Instead of the other ways, use the above-mentioned cleaning method. It should offer you an effective result.