What Kind of Coffee To Use for Espresso Maker

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Tips On What Kind Of Coffee to Use For Espresso Maker


How well your espresso tastes is directly influenced by the kind of coffee you use in making them. In previous times, we all had to go out to get an espresso, but things are quite different now, as many homes and offices now have their machines, so then, the need to learn how to make an espresso perfectly. Whatever your turn-on is in espresso, either it’s in the taste, or the caffeine, or the flavor, a good shot is a good shot. And I think you’re entitled to get a perfectly brewed cup every time you have an espresso. Use these tips on what kind of coffee to use for espresso maker


How Should I go About My Espresso 


Though some coffee gives the best results, really, there is no particular kind of coffee that you must use to make your espresso. While there is a wide variety of good coffee that you could use out there, what kind of coffee to use for your espresso maker still totally depends on you, however you want it to be. In coffee selection, you would have to determine how you want your espresso, then you can pick a kind of coffee that works best for you. Most people love dark roasts because it tastes good, and it is the traditional roast for making an espresso. It tastes bitter, and it gives the real espresso taste and consistency most people want. Especially if you want them with milk. The best results can be achieved with dark roasts, which include French roasts. But if you want something with the characteristics of a dark roast without the bitterness, it would be best if you choose a lighter roast, a medium roast to be precise. 


Kinds of Coffee You Should Consider For Your Espresso 


As earlier stated, some kinds of coffee give good results, and to achieve this, you would like to consider coffee of Ethiopian, Indonesian, or Colombian origin. They have a track record of excellence.

  • Ethiopian coffee: Generally, coffee of Ethiopian origin is well known for the quality and taste they deliver. It is a popular choice for most people, and yes it’s popular because it’s good. Most of the coffees from Ethiopia are naturally processed, which means that they are dried with the cherry fruit still attached to the coffee bean. This method of processing gives the coffee a winey feel and also keeps the taste in check. If you also like a lot of crema on your espresso, Ethiopian coffee is your best bet. Depending on what you want, you can decide to get a dark or medium roast. Popular brands that sell Ethiopian Coffee include Volcanica, Cooper’s Cask Single Origin, and Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, among many others. 
  • Indonesian coffee: This is another type of coffee you should consider for your espresso. It has a strong, intense flavor that makes it stand out, with some earthy undertones. If you don’t like bitter as well, this is definitely a good choice for you, because it offers a good taste without bitterness. You should also keep in mind that if you’re going for Indonesian coffee, you would have to give up the crema. It doesn’t have crema. Popular brands that sell Indonesian coffee include Sumatra Gayo coffee, Bali Blue moon coffee, and Java Taman Dadar Coffee, among many others. 
  • Colombian Coffee: now, this is another type of coffee that you must consider in your selection of coffee. Colombian Coffee is quite different from other coffees. It is well known for its mild but rich flavor. Which is something that many people love. This is mostly because Colombia has the best climate for growing coffee. It has a sharp sweet taste and a little bit of crema. Another thing worthy of note is that it is not bitter as well. Popular brands that sell Colombian Coffee include, Don Pablo Colombian Supremo, Volcanica Colombian Peaberry, and Juan Valdez, among many others. 

The listed kinds of coffee are great kinds of coffee that you can select from, depending on how you like your espresso. Don’t shy away from trying out new coffee, so you can discover what works best for you, and optimize your experience. 


What If You Want a Little Bit of This And That


If you want a little bit of this and that, your guess is as good as mine. Blends, that’s your answer. To get the taste you truly desire, if there is no particular coffee that has it all, you can try out blends as well, it works perfectly for an espresso. You can even decide to create your blends. It’s completely okay. You only need to have coffee beans that have the characteristics you want and create your blends out of them. They taste really good. You can also go for espresso Italiano. It uses coffee from Chiapas, Indonesia, and Central America. Regular coffee grounds will also do for your espresso, just make sure you store them properly and use them fresh. Coffee is best stored in a cool, dry, and dark place, and not necessarily in the refrigerator. Also, make sure you measure out the amount of coffee you want to use. It will help you strike a balance every time you make espresso. 




A nice espresso does not have a manual as to how it should be prepared or the type of coffee that must be used. I believe taste is personalized. You might enjoy an espresso, and someone else might not. This might not necessarily have anything to do with the taste or quality of it, but everything to do with what kind of espresso you enjoy. You should know what you like, as this will be the baseline in your coffee selection. So don’t shy away from trying a variety of options, just so you can achieve the best results. You deserve to enjoy your espresso, you deserve to have a personalized experience every time you take your espresso. So go for what you like.