🥇☕Best Coffee Grinders Under $50 in 2024

As a true lover of ground coffee, you know that the making a perfect coffee cup starts from the coffee grinding stage. Grinding coffee beans just before brewing is the only way to enjoy tasty, full-bodied, strong coffee. While most coffee machines come with inbuilt coffee grinders, it is still possible to grind coffee from home without an inbuilt coffee grinder coffee maker. You only need to invest in a high-quality coffee grinder for your home. The best part is, you do not need to break the bank to afford a home grinder as you can get a good quality coffee grinder for under $50.

Why should you grind our coffee? 

The main reason for grinding coffee right before brewing is to preserve the coffee’s taste and quality. Pre-ground coffee loses its flavor wit time, which makes it a low-quality coffee option. When you grind coffee right before brewing, you ensure that the oils in the coffee are extracted during the brew for richness in flavor and body.

If you have already invested in the best coffee maker and coffee beans, you cannot overlook the importance of having a good grinder. The best grinder makes coffee grinders a breeze. It also allows you to determine the consistency of your grind, depending on your personal coffee preference. Whether you prefer to use a drip machine, a French press, or an automatic coffee machine, you can only enjoy the best coffee brews if you have the best coffee grinder.

Features of the best coffee grinders under $50 

Grand size selection 

The grind size of coffee is essential to your coffee brewing process. This is simply the thickness or thinness of your grounds. Finer grounds make it harder for water to pass through during filtration. This builds pressure, which results in better extraction. Very fine coffee is best for making espressos and brewing using Moka pots. Thick coffee grounds allow water to pass through faster, making them suitable for drip coffee brewing, French presses, and pour-overs.


The best coffee grinders should offer consistency in their performance and function even when it costs less than 50$. The grinder should be able to grind different sizes on demand, be it extra fine, medium, or coarse. This is because different brewing methods require different ground sizes, which influences the end product.

In terms of performance, the best grinder should be able to produce one size. If you set it to fine ground coffee, it should ensure all particles are the same size, thus maintaining the high quality of your coffee. Uneven grounds can result in a poor brewing experience. The only way to preserve your coffee’s flavor is by having a grinder that performs perfectly to deliver the preferred ground size.

Blade grinders vs. Burr grinders

Before choosing a specific grinder, you first need to determine whether to get a blade grinder or a burr grinder. Blades work by chopping the coffee beans into smaller quantities until the required consistency is reached. On the other hand, burr grinders work with two rotation plates that come together to crush the coffee beans to the desired consistency.

Burr grinders are the best choice for anyone using an espresso machine. This is because burr grinders deliver uniform size grounds, which matters in espresso brewing.

Manual or automatic coffee grinders 

Whether you prefer to control every step of the coffee brewing process or prefer it when you have your coffee ready without raising a finger, there is a coffee grinder that suits your needs.

Generally, you can choose between manual or automatic coffee machines. An automatic grinder does all the work for you after you fill it with coffee beans. They are available as burr or blade grinders, and there is one for every budget. For manual grinders, you have to control the grinding process from start to finish. However, hand-ground coffee may end up tasting better and richer.

The best coffee grinders under $50

SHARDOR Coffee Grinder Electric

This burr grinder comes in a sleek and compact design, ensuring it can fit in any kitchen cabinet. It grinds coffee beans using the metallic burr system and comes with an 18-setting grind choice button to suit different brewing methods. You can grind enough coffee to brew up to 14 cups with this grinder. In terms of performance, you can expect the best from this grinder. It grinds your preferred ground size in the shortest time. Other features include the easy to clean burr chamber that allows you to extract the ground coffee easily. You can clean the grinding chamber using a soft cleaning brush. This automatic grinder will come to a stop once the required coffee consistency is reached.

QUELLANCE Electric Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder features stainless steel blades that can grind coffee and spices. It has a transparent lid that acts as a switch for the machine. All you have to do is press the lid down for the machine to grind. Once you are satisfied with the ground’s quality, you release the lid for the grinding process to stop. This powerful 200-watt coffee grinder is efficient. It can grind whole coffee beans to very fine coffee powder in just 20 seconds. It also has a removable 2.5-ounce coffee chamber for easy cleaning and refilling. The splash-proof design ensures the machine is mess-free, while the rubber feet ensure the machine grips onto your workstation.

SHARDOR Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Mill 2.0

The burr grinding system used in this coffee grinding machine ensures there is no overheating or oxidation of the coffee beans. This ensures the aroma, taste, and quality of the coffee beans is preserved after the grinding process. You can choose to grind coarse to fine coffee using the 16-setting feature. This makes this grinder perfect for different brewing styles. The 2 to 12 cup quantity control feature is very easy to use. Once the desired grind quantity is reached, the machine automatically shuts off. It is easy to clean with a removable upper burr and chamber. The compact design ensures it can fit in any home, regardless of the kitchen size.


The three machined highlighted in this article can deliver the best grounds at all times. The best part is that they all fall under the $50 price mark, even with their amazing features. With any of the machines above, you will be able to get the same performance as you would from a more expensive coffee grinder.