How To Clean Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker

Find Out How To Clean Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker

Mr Coffee is a household name when it comes to appliances that deliver as promised. Many might recognize their offerings, such as coffee machines, yet not everyone may be as acquainted with their Iced tea makers. However, if you’re going through this article, it’s likely you’re familiar with the brand, maybe even own one of their products, or else you wouldn’t be interested in learning how to maintain a Mr Coffee iced tea maker. Indeed, you’re in the know. A notable feature of the Mr Coffee Iced tea maker is its versatility, accommodating both tea bags and coffee grounds, capable of brewing both iced tea and coffee efficiently. Yet, akin to any coffee machine, it requires regular and thorough cleaning to ensure optimal performance, given its constant interaction with water, which can lead to scale formation from minerals in the water over time. This guide will show you how to effectively clean your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker, an essential read if you’re new to the device or seeking tips for better maintenance. Keep reading to the end for full insights.


How Does It Work 

A Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker does not only make just tea but can also make a great cup of Iced coffee too. It works like a drip coffee maker, just that the process is less complicated and it has just a button. It has a water reservoir, where the water for brewing is kept, and the reservoir has a boiler at the bottom for heating water. This is the plugin part of the Iced tea maker. It is connected to a pitcher and a steeping basket that holds the tea bags or coffee grounds. Once the desired amount of water is poured into the reservoir, it gets heated and pushed through the steeping basket into the pitcher. During every use, you have to put Iced cubes at the bottom of the pitcher. There is a place marked “ICE” and that’s the level where the ice should reach. Your tea will be ready in about 10 minutes and that’s basically how a Mr coffee Iced tea maker works. 


How Often Should I Clean

It is recommended by the manufacturer that a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker should be cleaned after 80 uses if you have soft water and after 40 uses if you have hard water. How often you clean does not just depend on the type of water you use, but also on how frequently you use the Iced Tea maker. More work means more cleaning. It can also be more often if you notice a slow down in your tea maker function or a change in the taste of the tea. In that case, then you need to clean your Iced tea maker as soon as you can. 


Materials You Will Need To Clean A Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker 

What you will need to clean your Iced tea maker is easily accessible and affordable. 

You will need undiluted white vinegar and some ice cubes which you will keep at the bottom of the pitcher to help balance the temperature. You will also need clean water for the process. 


How To Go About Cleaning Your Iced Tea Maker

Cleaning your Iced tea maker will be the easiest chore on your to-do list when you decide to. It is easy to do, doesn’t require energy, and does not take much time. The following steps will show you exactly how to go about it:

  1. First, you have to get the needed materials ready. That’s the undiluted white vinegar and the ice cubes. The ice cubes are very necessary because they will help to balance the temperature of the vinegar and protect the plastic pitcher. 
  2. Wash the detachable unit of the Iced tea maker with warm soapy water. That’s the pitcher, the lid, the steeping basket, and the lid as well. 
  3. Get the undiluted white vinegar and measure out one quartz which is about four cups. Pour into the pitcher then transfer into the water reservoir. 
  4. Put the steeping basket in its place within the pitcher. 
  5. Place Iced cubes at the bottom of the pitcher. In case you don’t have any at the moment, you can improvise with cold water. 
  6. Plug in the Iced tea maker and turn it on. Let it brew the white vinegar only. 
  7. Pour out the collected vinegar.  
  8. Wash the pitcher and the steeping basket as well and put it back in its place. 
  9. Vinegar will usually leave a strong odor on the Iced tea maker so it has to be rinsed out. You can do this by running two rinse cycles with clean water, or as many times as you can until you feel comfortable that it’s clean. 
  10. Your Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker is all cleaned up and ready to work again. 



A Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker works well, and one of the reasons why I would classify it as a great Iced tea maker is that it’s not just easy to use, it is also easy to wash too. Doesn’t require energy and doesn’t require much time as well. To keep enjoying great Iced tea from your Iced tea maker, see that you clean it up as often as you can. How often you clean depends on how often you use it and how hard your water is. It would help if you go through the user manual for other instructions that would help you use and clean it properly. This will help prevent early damage, keeping your Iced tea maker working for as long as possible. It will also guarantee that your Iced tea maker produces the best results every time it’s used.