How Much Coffee To Use In Bunn Coffee Maker

Do you often find yourself stumbling into the kitchen in the early hours, barely awake and unable to utter a word until your Bunn coffee maker is brewing and you’ve had your first taste of that energizing coffee? If you’re a Bunn coffee maker user thinking about upgrading to a newer version and are curious about the right amount of coffee to use, you’re in the perfect spot! We’re here to guide you on how to operate your Bunn coffee maker.

The Strength Of Coffee To Use In Bunn Coffee Maker

The ratio of coffee to water in a cup of coffee is what coffee drinkers notice first. When a person sips coffee, they can usually tell quickly from the very first sip which category it belongs to. 

When coffee is weak, it is too watery and flat, and too few coffee grounds are used. Unlike weak coffee, strong coffee is brewed with relatively little water, and its flavor is muddied and ashy. Balanced coffee provides the best flavor when water and coffee are combined just right.

How To Set Brew Ratio

Brew ratio is the ratio of coffee to water in a cup of coffee. The brew ratio can change the taste of coffee, even if you’re using the same coffee and grind size. 

You can control the quality of your coffee brew in only a few ways. Using the scoop method, the amount of ground coffee is estimated by the number of scoops. Scales provide the most accurate way to measure coffee and water since they eliminate all guesswork.

Golden Brewing Ratio

The Golden ratio of 16:1 should always be the goal when measuring water and coffee. In other words, there should be 16 parts of water for every one part of coffee. All you need is some basic math skills to brew the perfect blend in your Bunn coffee maker

The Scale Method For Measuring Coffee

A perfect brewing ratio can be made using the scale method. For this example, let’s make six cups of coffee from a Bunn coffee maker. The amount of liquid in six cups of coffee is 36 ounces. Calculate 36 ounces of liquid coffee in millilitres. In ml, 36 liquid ounces are approximately 1020 ml, which is more than one liter of coffee.

Now, calculate how much grounds coffee to use for brewing based on the total amount of water. This can be achieved by using the 16:1 Golden ratio of water to coffee. In ml, divide the total water’s weight by 16. Divide 1020 ml of water by 16 to get 64 g. Using this amount of ground coffee per 6 cup brew is appropriate.

The Scoop Method for Measuring Coffee

The scoop of coffee is not a standard unit of measurement. The scoop of ground coffee is approximately 10 grams, depending on the grind size. It is different based on whether the coffee has been ground finely or coarsely: the finer the ground coffee, the more it will weigh in a scoop. A scoop can hold more ground that is finer because the particles will pack more tightly. There are also differences in the weight of every scoop.

The math for ground coffee is really pretty easy if we assume that each scoop is equivalent to 10 grams. Use one scoop of coffee for every cup you want to brew. As an example, you will need 3 scoops of coffee if you want to make 3 cups of coffee.

Emptying a Bunn Coffee Maker

You can prevent having to prepare coffee with stale water by draining a coffee maker of excess water. In this way, there will be no moisture or fungus to grow in the moist environment, and the coffee will always taste great.

Step 1: Place an empty coffee carafe on your Bunn coffee maker’s warming plate after unplugging it.

Step 2: Fill the reservoir with cold water to cool the heating element. It should rest about 15 minutes before you proceed.

Step 3: Pull the filter basket from the brewer and remove the carafe from the warming plate. Rinse the filter basket and carafe under running water after emptying them.

Step 4: To remove the funnel, turn it counter clockwise until it pops out known as the spray head. It gives off hot water evenly onto the coffee grounds.

Step 5: Turn the Bunn coffee maker upside down over a sink and pour out the liquid from the tank while holding it tightly. Keep holding it until no water is gushing out.

Step 6: Attach the spray head to the brewer again by screwing it on. Put the filter basket and carafe back in their positions.


The simplest cup of coffee can brighten even the darkest days. For people on the go, a decent coffee maker, like Bunn’s coffee makers, will prepare a hot cup of coffee as fast as possible. You may already own a Bunn coffee maker in your kitchen, so we hope you have been tempted to pull it out, set it up, and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee.