What Coffee Makers Are Made In The USA

Electronics is one of the top items that people have a hard time finding in the USA. If you are looking for American Made Coffee makers, we have a list for you below so you can find the one you need. Here are some of the coffee makers made in the US and you can give your opinion about it! We also want to hear about your favorite coffee brands that are Made in America. Comment below and let us know what you like enough!

If there is a coffee maker you really want and you can’t find the coffee maker that is made in America. This is the best option to buy used. A local group on Craigslist, Facebook Market, or Facebook is a great way to get coffee without the help of China outsourcing our economy. So if you want a percolator or a cup style maker, keep this option in mind. When we reuse things that we would otherwise throw away, it helps the environment.

“Made in” VS “Manufactured in”

First things first, let’s get some technicalities out of the way. We noticed that plenty of these “Made in the USA” lists include products that are manufactured in the United States rather than made in the United States. Although they may sound alike, they are two very different things

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in order to qualify for the “Made in” label, “all or practically all” of parts and labor must be manufactured and performed in the United States.

Companies have designated some products as “built-in,” “assembled”, or “manufactured” to note that their U.S.-based facilities assemble product components, a separate facility (the U.S. Not on the ground) built them. As such, the product is not really “American Made” because the material comes from a different country.

Unfortunately, there are really few American-made coffee makers left in the market today. When it comes to coffee makers, it’s hard to find one that is made even in the United States. So are coffee makers and/or brewers in the United States?

Best Coffee Makers Made in the USA

These are the products that keep their materials and labor domestic. Not only are the vast majority of these coffee makers’ components made in America, but their manufacturing and assembly also take place within the US. Thus they get the FTC-approved label of “Made in the USA.”

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Aerobie Aeropress is hands down our favorite USA-made coffee maker. All of their materials are made in the USA, and the product is manufactured in Palo Alto, California, USA. If you go around our site a bit, you will find some mention of airplanes. Because of the talent and ease of the many members of our team, these little things are coming.

An air press can make 1-3 American-style coffee in about a minute. In addition, it provides a fine middle ground between the coffee cracking (thanks to the paper filters) and the French press coffee filling (thanks to the high speed). In addition, Europress can produce more uniformized candies, so that an espresso machine can be made. So it is very well rounded in its abilities, which makes it a unique place to drink.

Red Rooster Pour Mason

Next up, we have the Pour Mason, handmade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. The whole ethos of Red Rooster Trading Co. centers on the importance of having American-made products, so if you are looking for craftsmanship and credibility behind your brewer, they’re the ones for you.

This handy little pour-over is the epitome of “keep it simple, stupid,” as you can just pop this no-nonsense brew tool on top of your mason jar, throw in a filter and some grounds, and brew away.  It does not have any devoting or texturing inside like many other pour-over tools.

However, what it lacks in flair, it certainly makes up for in durability and practicality. You can’t exactly pack up your go-to ceramic pour-over for a camping trip. Overall this is a sleek, top-notch tool.

Filtron Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Nothing says “Made in the USA” quite like a loud and proud label printed right on the front of the box. Filtron‘s Cold Brew coffee maker is made using mostly domestic parts with just a few foreign ones and is assembled in Westminster, California.

The Filtron Cold Brew System has been around for quite some time now, and a number of users have noted having their around for 40+ years. So you know this is the type of brewing tool people are thinking of when waxing poetic about high-quality, true-blue American-made products.

Aside from its longstanding reputation, the Filtron is a great choice for those looking for a straightforward cold brewing system that won’t require much maintenance. The package comes with everything you need to get started: a coffee bowl with handle, water bowl, wool felt pad with a plastic storage container, rubber stopper, grounds guard, 1.5-liter decanter, and 2 sample paper liners.

Toddy Cold Brew System

The next stop on our American coffee machines tour is Loveland, Colorado. Toddy is another popular cold brewing device that has been around since 1964. The Toddy coffee brewer can handle coffee beverages as well as tea. It doesn’t require a plug-in and is designed to maximize the acid reduction of the cold brewing technique. The set includes a brewing container with a handle, a glass decanter with a lid, 2 reusable filters, 1 rubber stopper, set of instructions, and recipe guide. So you can experiment until you find the perfect American cold brew.

Takeya Cold Brew Maker

While you may have heard of the previous three products, chances are Takeya isn’t ringing any bells. That’s because this American brand primarily produces water bottles. However, due to the nature of cold brewing, the brand has been able to produce a delightfully simple cold brewing tool for people on the go.

This cleverly designed Takeya brewer is a durable BPA-Free Tritan pitcher with an airtight lid & non-slip silicone handle and can produce 4 servings of cold brew. Inside the pitcher is a fine-mesh coffee filter to hold your grounds, so all you have to do is fill, shake, steep, and enjoy. It can also handle hot brewing!

The Takeya Cold brewer is a great option for people on the go looking to reap the benefits of switching to cold-brewed coffee. And of course, all of Takeya’s products are made in the USA.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! If you’re looking for an American-made cup of coffee, the list above is almost complete. Although you may see some more accessories floating in the market, chances are you won’t have to go to any other coffee makers in the United States.

However, although this list is surprisingly short, there are some seriously advanced coffee makers. So you can easily relax knowing that there is a brewery for you that can make delicious cups of coffee and it is not labeled “Made in China”. If you come across a coffee maker who manages to escape from us, feel free to let us know! till then.