How to Use a Bunn Pour-Omatic Coffee Maker

Do you Need a Coffee Maker with a Capacity of 12-Cups?

When you’re part of a large household, it’s essential to have a coffee maker that can keep up with the high demand, especially when it comes to a family with many coffee enthusiasts.

Almost everyone loves coffee, and getting up a having a coffee cup is like a dream come true. And indeed, we all want this dream to come true.

Bunn coffee makers come with various models, but there is no difference in how they brew coffee. A Bunn Pour-Omatic coffee maker is made to brew a carafe of about 12 cups with a unique brewing mechanism.

So don’t worry if you need a coffee maker with a large capacity; Bunn Pour-Omatic is all that you need.

Bunn Pour-Omatic Coffee Maker

Bunn coffee makers are known in homes and restaurants throughout the world as the finest ones. The Bunn Pour-Omatic coffee maker is designed to enhance your enjoyment of each coffee cup, and the capacity of this model is 12-cups in one brew cycle. It has a commercial coffee brewer with upper and lower warmers in Black, as this color is a vital part of any office coffee service program.

It is a portable model; the brewer can be used anywhere as there is a plug. You need to pour cold water in the top, and coffee will brew immediately up to 3.8 gallons per hour directly into the 12-cup decanter.

How to Use Bunn Pour-Omatic Coffee Maker for the First Time

Step 1-Rise the hinged-flip lid.

Step 2-Slide and empty the brew funnel into the brewer under the warmer switch. Put an empty decanter on the warmer.

Step 3-Pour two pitches of water or fill the 48 oz—line into the screened area on top of the brewer.

Step 4-Wait for two minutes between pitchers to allow the water to fill in the tank. When it is complete, some water may flow through the funnel into the decanter.

Step 5-Close the lid.

Step 6-Plug in the brewer.

Step 7-Press the bottom of the vacation switch, located on the lower side of the brewer, to turn it on. The vacation switch controls the power of the tank heater.

You have to wait for approximately fifteen minutes for the water to reach the brew temperature for the first time.

Empty the water collected in the decanter. Your Bunn Pour-Omatic is all set to brew coffee.

How to Brew Coffee in Bunn Pour-Omatic Coffee Maker

Step 1-Insert a Bunn coffee filter into the brew funnel. Use Bunn coffee filters for good results.

Step 2-Add coffee beans into the filter. For one cup, take one scoop of coffee equals two tablespoons. Gently shake it to the level of the bed of grounds.

Step 3-Make sure that the spray head is tight. Slide the brew funnel into the brewer under the warmer switch.

Step 4-Snap the decanter cover on the empty decanter and place it on the warmer beneath the brew funnel.

Step 5-Turn on the lighted warmer switch.

Step 6-Raise the hinged flip-lid and pour water into the top of the brewer.

Step 7-Your Bunn Pour-Omatic will begin the brewing cycle immediately.

Step 8-When the brewing cycle stops, remove the brew funnel and discard the filters and grounds.

Do not touch hot coffee grounds. Enjoy your perfectly brewed coffee.

Important tips for using Bunn Pour-Omatic coffee maker

Carefully read all instructions in the manual.

Unplug the coffee machine when it is not in use or before cleaning it.

Allow the coffee machine to cool before taking off detachable parts.

Do not place the brewer on or near any hot gas or electric burner or in a heated oven.

The water tank should not pour any other liquid except water, and you can pour vinegar while descaling the coffee maker.

All detachable parts should not be cleaned with cleansers, steel wool pads, or any other abrasive material.

Decanter should not be used on a range top or in a microwave.

Do not put a hot decanter in a cold place.

Brewer should only be used to brew coffee, and don’t use it for any other purposes.

While brewing, do not replace the funnel or decanter.

If you use any accessory which is not evaluated to use with this brewer can result in injuries.

Ensure that the cord is not hanging over the edge of the table or counter or touching any other hot surfaces.

The model is for household use, and please do not use it outdoors.

Never operate the brewer if the machine has a damaged cord or plug.

Do not touch hot surfaces. Always use handles.

Never place the cord, plugs, or brewer in water or any other liquid.

Bottom Line

Coffee makers have made our life easy and comfortable, and they are now designed keeping in view our comfort and taste. Nowadays, many coffee makers are in the industry, among which one is the Bunn Pour-Omatic, coffee maker.

It has a capacity of 12 cups which is enough to brew coffee for an entire family in one cycle. That means there is no need for anyone to wait for another brew cycle. Also, it is simple and user-friendly.