🥇☕Best Coffee To Make You Poop in 2024

Which is the best coffee to make you poop? This is one of the most commonly asked questions about coffee. One of the most common effects of coffee is giving one the urge to go for a long call. While some people enjoy being able to poop after taking coffee, it is not always a welcome reaction. To be able to answer the question, you will first need to understand why coffee makes you poop.

Over 80% of adult Americans rely on coffee every morning to start their day. A small percentage of coffee drinkers claim that coffee increases their urge to go for long calls. If you are one of the unlucky few who have this problem that prevents them from enjoying their morning fix of joe, here is everything you need to know about why coffee makes you poop, and how you can prevent it.

Why coffee makes you poop

According to studies, there are a few factors that can cause you to poop after consuming coffee.

Gas stimulation

The first reason believed to cause you to poop when to take coffee can be colon contraction. According to a study, caffeine causes up to 60% more colon movements than water, which is equal to the effect of eating a full-calorie meal. It is also believed that taking coffee after a meal can aid in faster digestion. As the stomach is emptied, food is moved to the rectum, which causes a bowel movement. This is why you feel the urge to poop.

Indigestion of lactose

At least 65% of humans are born with the inability to digest lactose. If you prefer to take your coffee with milk cream, chances are you are lactose intolerant, and this is causing you to poop.

Irritable bowel syndrome

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, coffee is one of the most common triggers. Taking coffee or caffeinated drinks can trigger the condition and lead to diarrhea. This is why most people with IBS are advised against taking coffee. According to studies, coffee has a 60% chance of triggering IBS in people.

Cholecystokinin release

This is a type of hormone believed to cause the urge to poop after taking coffee. According to studies, drinking coffee stimulates the release of the Cholecystokinin. The release of this hormone also triggers bowel movement, which is why you poop right after taking coffee. Even so, the overall concept behind the release of this hormone remains unclear.

What to do to stop pooping after taking coffee

If you would like to stop pooping each time you take coffee, there are a few things you can do to reduce the effect of coffee.

Take less acidic coffee.

The market is flooded with low acidic types of coffee that can help people who poop each time they take coffee. The acidity of coffee can be reduced by following unique roasting techniques. The best coffee ranges for low acidity include coffee from Peru, Brazil. Sumatra and Mexico.

Change your brewing method.

Quick brewing methods produce high acid content coffees. If you want to reduce the acid level in your coffee, you should consider opting for slow-steeped brewing techniques. Also, iced coffee has less acidity than hot coffee. You can brew with the same amount of grounds and still reduce the acidity by changing your brewing style.

If you must take your coffee steaming hot, you can lower the acid level in your coffee by avoiding the use of fine grounds. Go for coarse options as they are less acidic. You can brew using a French press machine as opposed to automated machines. French press coffee makers can give you high-quality coffees using coarse coffee grain.

If you have no issues digesting dairy products, consider adding some milk to your coffee to lower acidity. In Sweden, eggshells are added to coffee to lower acid levels. This is why Swedish egg coffee is famous.


If you feel the urge to poop because of caffeine, you can consider switching to decaf. While it is still a caffeine product, it comes with a lower caffeine ratio, which can reduce the effect of caffeine on your digestive system.

Dark roasted coffee has lower caffeine when compared to light roasts. Half-caff is also another way of reducing the amount of caffeine in your drink. These are the best options if you do not want to stop taking caffeinated beverages completely.

It is believed that the body developed resistance to caffeine as it gets used to it. Therefore, it is possible to eventually stop feeling the urge to poop when you take coffee if you consume it regularly.

Cut off milk and milk products.

Sometimes the issue is not the caffeine but rather other ingredients in your coffee. If you suddenly start to poop whenever you have coffee with milk, consider cutting out the milk and see if the issue subsides. If you must have your coffee white, there are alternatives to dairy, such as almond and coconut milk. If you must use cream in your coffee, consider using syrup as opposed to full cream milk.

Is coffee a laxative?

Based on the information above, some people can use coffee as a laxative. If you are suffering from constipation, you can try taking coffee to see if it helps to ease the condition. Coffee stimulates the colon and loosens your stool, making bowel movement easier.


Which is the best coffee to make you poop? Any type of coffee can cause you to get the urge to poop. This is because all kinds of coffee have the same effects on the digestive tract and stool consistency. With this guide, you can work on reducing the effect of coffee on your digestive system.

If the effects of coffee do not stop even after trying all the remedies in this article, it is wise to see your doctor. They are best placed to assess your situation to see whether underlying issues are causing the reaction to coffee.

By following this guide, you will be able to enjoy your cup of joe without evert having to worry about having a running tummy.