Mars Drinks Coffee Maker How To Use

Mars Drinks coffee machines boast elegant aesthetics and improved display features. Whether you’re making single-serve drinks or enjoying your preferred café-style options, the Mars Drinks coffee machine caters to all your drink needs.

Workplace drinks are Mars Drinks’ specialty. Mars Drinks coffee makers evolve with the office environment, but their standout machines – Flavia CreationTM and Flavia Barista – are designed for hassle-free use, setting them apart as industry leaders in reliability.

Mars Drinks’ beverage solutions offer an assortment of options to fit every taste and enable people to share their perfect cup or a great idea.

Mars Drinks has a proven track record for delivering only the best vending machine solutions for hot drinks with an innovative brewing process, a low carbon footprint, and an enormous amount of beverage and machine flexibility.

Mars Drinks: How To Brew Coffee & Tea 

It is not possible to use an Espresso pack with a Mars Drinks coffee maker. Packs of espresso tend to have trademark ‘Red’ winged nozzles and will also state “For use with Flavia Barista”. Use only Standard Filter packs with the white nozzles on the Mars Drinks. You could damage your Mars Drinks coffee maker if you force incorrect packs into it.

Step 1. Choose your Freshpack from the merchandiser.

Step 2. Under the coffee maker, place your cup on the stand. If the cup is larger than the drip tray, remove the drip tray from the brewer.

Step 3. On the screen, select your drink category by clicking the corresponding button.

Step 4. Choose your drink size. After that, the door of the coffee maker will automatically open. Place the Freshpack with the nozzle facing up. To begin brewing, close the door.

Step 5. When the drink is ready, the LCD screen will notify you. The drink will be hot! Be careful!

Step 6. To recycle your used Freshpacks, pull out the packed bin from the coffee maker and place the containers in a designated recycling bin.

Mars Drinks: How to Brew Specialty Drinks

You can make frosty cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas using the Mars Drinks coffee maker, which can make filter coffee, tea, and chocolate drinks. The coffee maker will prompt users for a pack and open the door when the beverage is selected.

Step 1. Choose two Freshpacks from the merchandiser. 

Step 2. Make sure your cup is positioned underneath the coffee maker.

Step 3. Pull the drip tray out of the coffee maker when using a larger cup or mug, and place it underneath.

Step 4. On the screen, select the Specialties option.

Step 5. Select from the Cappuccino, Latte, or Mocha buttons. The door will open automatically. Pour a Real Milk Froth Powder Freshpack into a brewer drawer with the nozzle pointed up. Start the process by closing the door of Mars Drinks.

Step 6. You will automatically see the door open again. Place a fresh pack of coffee or tea in the door and close it to complete brewing. For Mochas, replace the Real Milk Froth with a DOVE Hot Chocolate Freshpack.

Step 7. When your drink is ready, an LCD screen will indicate that. Drink carefully your beverage is hot!

How To Drain Your Mars Drinks Coffee Maker

It is important to ensure that the Mars Drinks coffee maker is turned off. You will want to drain the coffee maker before you move or store it.

Step 1. Remove the filter pack bin and drip tray from the coffee maker

Step 2. Next, take off the cover that covers the drain tube.

Step 3. Pull out the drain tube and place it over the receptacle.

Step 4. Disconnect the bung. Carefully handle it, there is a possibility that the water may be hot.

Step 5. Wait until all the water drains away from Mars Drinks.

Step 6. Re-install the bung completely.

Step 7. Push the drain tube back into its original position.

Step 8. Reinstall the drain tube access cover.

Step 9. Reinstall the filter pack bin and drip tray.

Selecting Size Of A Cup

If you choose the right cup stand, your coffee maker will stay cleaner for longer. If the rim of the cup is near the bottom of the filter pack, your coffee maker will be cleaner. There are two cup stands. The cup stand should be positioned as follows:

Level Low: suitable for cups 92mm – 104mm

High Level: suitable for cups up to 92mm tall

  • It’s best to use Mars Drinks paper cups. If you’re using something else, make sure it weighs a minimum of 5g and has similar proportions.
  • Mugs can be used as long as they’re similar in size and shape
  • If you use cups that don’t meet the recommended criteria, you might get spills or messes.
  • For large drinks, the minimum cup size is 200ml (7fl. oz) to prevent spills.
  • If you want any more advice about cups or mugs that work with your coffee maker, contact Mars Drinks customer service.


With a Mars Drinks coffee maker, you can make any kind of beverage anytime. We hope you have learned some new things about Mars Drinks coffee makers after reading this guide.