How to Store a Bunn Coffee Maker

Why do You Need to Empty a Bunn Coffee Maker?

In this piece, we will discuss the proper methods for storing a Bunn coffee maker.

But before moving towards the topic, you must be thinking about why there is a need to store the coffee maker?

Sometimes we have to travel from home to anyplace else, and all you want is to have a coffee machine there. So instead of buying a new one why not we carry the old coffee machine. It will be helpful as you already have this coffee machine and you also know how to use it.

But how can we carry it?

If you carry a machine with water in it, it can definitely cause a series of issues or damage the machine. Therefore you need to drain the coffee machine before carrying it. And in this way, you cannot get into trouble or any serious issues.

In addition, if you want to ship this coffee machine to any other place via FedEx or any other shipping service. You have to empty water from your Bunn and pack it in the box. And you’re ready to go because you have to already drain water from your Bunn coffee maker.

What is a Bunn Coffee Maker?

Bunn coffee makers are automatic drip coffee machines. They use the pour-over method to brew coffee for you.

These coffee makers come in various models; however, the main difference between them is the brewing capacity.

You can buy a single-serve Bunn brewer if you are living alone as well as a 10-cup coffee maker while living with a family.

These coffee makers are pretty easy to use, and they can brew a cup of coffee in just a few minutes!

How do Bunn Coffee Makers Work?

Bunn coffee makers have a pretty simple process. Once you pour the filtered water into the brewer and close the lid, the brewer will send the water to the bottom of the tank with a special pipe.

As the water is hot already inside the water tank, the cold water will push it upwards.

During the brewing process, the showerhead of a Bunn sprays the coffee with hot water, and it is a bit like the manual pour-over method.

How to Drain Bunn Coffee Maker for Storage?

Step 1-Unplug the Electricity Wire

Before starting the draining process, turn off the light that is coming from the electric wire. You can do this easily by simply unplugging the wire of the coffee machine that makes a connection with the electricity.

This step will help you and your coffee maker protect you from the serious damage from electricity as safety is the topmost priority.

Step 2-Cool Down the Hot Water

Allow the water to cool down so it can move out easily. To let the water cool down insert the cold water into the lid. Open the lid, take cold water, and pour it into the water tank with craft help.

Step 3-Flash Out the Hot Water

Now you have inserted cold water into the brewer; it is time to flush out hot water from the coffee machine. To do this, first place craft into the warming plate and close the lid of the coffee machine. Now you can see that cold water will start pushing hot water into the craft.

You have to repeat the process two or three times until all the hot water comes out from the water tank. After that, move towards the next step, which is to drain out cold water.

Step 4-Drain Out Cold Water

After the hot water flushes out from the water reservoir, it is time to drain out the cold water. Remove the brew funnel and spray head by rotating it in the anticlockwise direction. Put them aside on the table.

Now take the coffee machine to the sink or anywhere else, where you can drain cold water. Move the machine so that water must start flowing from the spray head tube and the top lid.

Make sure you keep your brewer at this stage until all the cold water comes out from the spray head tube and top lid of the brewer. Now you completed your process to drain water from the Bunn coffee maker.

Step 5-Assemble all Parts

When all the water drains out from the brewer, it is time to assemble all parts that we put aside on the table. First, replace the spray head by rotating it in the clockwise direction and then insert the brew funnel at its old stage.

At this stage, you will have an empty water Bunn that you can move or carry anywhere you want.

Bottom Line

Bunn coffee makers are reliable. It is not a difficult job to store it. First, you need to make sure that it is completely drained out, as you can’t store a machine with water in it.