How Do You Empty The Water Out Of a Bunn Coffee Maker

Should you intend to transport your Bunn coffee maker, ship it, or place it in a cold area where freezing is possible, it’s necessary to remove all the water. In just a few minutes, draining your Bunn coffee maker can be done safely. This article guides you through the process of evacuating water from your Bunn coffee maker, keeping it in prime condition, and naturally, avoiding any issues with the device.

How To Drain Your Bunn Coffee Maker

You must keep your Bunn coffee maker clean to ensure good flavor when you brew coffee. You may need to drain the reservoir for a routine cleaning or to determine if there is an issue with the brewing cycle. For maintaining your Bunn coffee maker, drain the reservoir and replace it with new, clean water. Here are the steps you always take while emptying a coffee maker.

Step 1. Unplug the coffee maker first before you begin doing anything.

Step 2. Under the warmer switch on the coffee maker, place an empty brew funnel. Place an empty jug on the warmer so that the water can cool. 

Step 3. Pour cold water into the coffee maker. Empty the jug into the sink after the water has stopped coming out of the funnel. The procedure should be repeated with another pitcher of water.

Step 4. You should remove the spray head by turning it with your fingertips in a counterclockwise direction. Then, set it aside.

Step 5. You should hold the back of the coffee maker securely and turn it upside down over a sink. Some water may flow around the top of the tank but most of it will come from the spray head opening. Turn the coffee maker until water no longer flows.

Step 6. Install the spray head screw by turning it in a clockwise direction after the coffee maker has been completely drained.

Step 7. Put the filter basket and the glass decanter back into place, and refill the reservoir with fresh water.

Step 8. When you have emptied and refilled your Bunn coffee maker, wait at least five minutes before turning it back on.

What To Clean After Each Use

1) It is necessary to wash the funnel and decanter after each use. It is safe to put the brew funnel and decanter in the dishwasher on the top rack. Whenever necessary, wipe a damp cloth over the funnel area of the coffee maker

2) Once you have brewed a few cups of coffee, add a full mug of freshwater to the coffee maker and run it through again. This will allow leftover particles from the filter area to be washed away before their next use.

3) When you have hard water and because of that you need to clean your coffee maker more frequently than recommended, try using filtered water instead of tap water.

What You Need To Do To Maintain Water Purity

Always try to use unsoftened tap water to brew the perfect cup of coffee with Bunn coffee makers. To achieve better results from decaffeinated coffee and/or softened water, contact the Bunn company and ask about a spray head and coarser coffee grinds. In addition, if your water has a bad taste, odour, or too much sediment, you should install a water conditioner.

Descaling Process For Bunn Coffee Makers

The Bunn coffee maker can accumulate minerals from the water you use and oils from the coffee you use over time. A build-up of bacteria or mold inside your coffee maker can prevent it from brewing properly. It is recommended to descale the coffee maker every three months. If you use hard water, you need to descale your coffee maker more often. The following steps can help you clean and maintain your coffee maker

Step 1. Make sure your coffee maker is not plugged in before descaling.

Step 2. Under the warmer switch, place an empty brew funnel and place a jug on the warmer.

Step 3. Pour one quart of vinegar into the coffee maker.

Step 4. You should empty the jug after all liquid has stopped flowing.

Step 5. Plug it in and let it rest for two hours.

Step 6. Now you need to fill up the coffee maker with three pitchers of freshwater. Between each pitcher, keep emptying the jug.

Step 7. If the water coming from the coffee maker still tastes like vinegar. You should continue adding fresh water to your coffee maker as needed until absolutely no vinegar flavor remains.

Step 8. Turn your coffee maker on and let the water heat up for 15 minutes before you use it.


Your Bunn coffee maker deserves the same care, attention, and love that you give to your home. Keep your Bunn coffee maker in top working order so that you will be able to enjoy your coffee cup to the fullest. You start the day right with it, and that’s what matters most.