How Do You Clean A Bunn Pour Omatic Coffee Maker

Are you noticing that your coffee machine takes longer than before to make a cup of coffee? Have you spotted any mold or mildew? Does it seem like the coffee you brew only fills your cup halfway instead of to the brim? Can you see a calcium deposit on your coffee machine? These indicators suggest that it might be time to give your Bunn Pour Omatic coffee maker a thorough cleaning.

Is It Necessary To Clean The Bunn Pour Omatic Coffee Maker

Bunn Pour Omatic coffee makers are easy to use but do not last as long if they are not properly maintained. Your Bunn Pour Omatic coffee maker can accumulate minerals from your water and oils from the coffee as you use it. In the interior of your coffee maker, bacteria or mold can grow, preventing it from brewing effectively. Having hard water may cause you to need to descale your appliances more frequently.

What To Clean After Every Use

1)The only cleaning required is to rinse the funnel and decanter after use each time. You can place the brew funnel and decanter in the dishwasher on the top rack. When necessary, clean the outside of the coffee maker, wipe a damp cloth over the funnel area. 

2) After making a few cups of coffee, pour some plain water into a mug and run the coffee maker through. This will allow leftover contaminants from the filter area to be rinsed off before their next use.

3) Use filtered water instead of tap water if you have hard water or if your coffee maker needs more frequent cleaning than recommended.

Bunn Pour Omatic – Descaling Process

Every three months, you should descale the coffee maker to remove any deposits that have built up due to impurities in your water. There may be a concern regarding how to execute it effectively. We have listed below is a guide to cleaning and descaling a Bunn Pour Omatic coffee maker. With a few quick steps, you can have a clean and efficient coffee maker. Check out our quick cleaning guide below:

Step 1. Before descaling, unplug the coffee maker.

Step 2. Install an empty brew funnel below the warmer switch and a jug on the warmer.

Step 3. The top of the coffee maker should be filled with one quart of vinegar.

Step 4. The jug should be emptied once all the liquid has stopped flowing.

Step 5. Plug it in and let the coffee maker sit for two hours.

Step 6. You should now pour three pitchers of fresh, cold water into the coffee maker. The jug should be emptied between the pitchers.

Step 7. Try tasting the water coming from the coffee maker to see if the vinegar flavor is still there. Continue to add fresh, cold water to the coffee maker as needed until no vinegar flavor remains.

Step 8. Turn your coffee maker on and allow the water to reach brewing temperature for approximately 15 minutes before using.

How To Maintain The Water Quality

The Bunn Pour Omatic coffee maker will brew a perfect cup of coffee when using unsoftened tap water. If you notice a difference when using decaffeinated coffee and/or softened water, contact the Bunn company to inquire about a special spray head and coarser coffee grinds. Moreover, if your water has excessive sediment, taste, or odor, you should install a water conditioner.

How To Drain The Bunn Pour Omatic Coffee Maker

If you plan on taking your Bunn coffee maker on a trip, shipping it, or storing it in an unheated location with the possibility of freezing, you will need to empty the water. Here are the steps you need to always follow when draining a coffee maker.

Step 1. You must unplug the coffee maker.

Step 2. Place an empty brew funnel under the warmer switch on the coffee maker and place an empty decanter on the warmer to cool the water. Fill the coffee maker with cold water. When the water stops coming out of the funnel, empty the decanter. Repeat the procedure with another pitcher of water.

Step 3. Take the spray head off by turning it counter clockwise with your fingertips, then set it aside.

Step 4. Hold the back of the coffee maker, and quickly turn it upside down over a sink. Water will flow mostly from the spray head opening but some may flow around the top of the tank. Turn the coffee maker until there is no more flowing water.

Step 5. When the coffee maker has drained completely, reinstall the spray head. Secure the plug and tighten it by turning it clockwise.


The same care, attention, and love that you put into your hardwood floors are equally valuable for your beloved Bunn Pour Omatic coffee maker. Maintain your Bunn Pour Omatic coffee maker so that it runs smoothly, which will enhance your enjoyment of each cup of coffee. Ultimately, it is what helps you start your day off right.