Why Is My Ninja Coffee Maker Beeping

Find Out Why Your Ninja Coffee Maker Is Beeping


Ninja coffee makers are indeed quite popular, among users. That’s because, it has made a reputation for itself, and it lives up to it. Though, it does have a reputation for beeping continuously for unknown reasons. This leaves users confused and with an expectation that their coffee maker can get damaged at any point. Even early on. And in some cases, they might misunderstand a little troubleshooting for damage.  This includes some beeping sounds that the coffee maker makes when something is out of place. Trust me, it is not a sound that any user likes to hear. This has gotten many people  worried with questions like “why is my Ninja coffee maker beeping?” For one, I’d like to say, the beeping is not a sign that the coffee maker is damaged. Rather, it is telling you that there’s something out of place that you need to fix. And in most cases, they are things that involve setting the coffee maker up for a brew, and these issues can be easily resolved. Follow me in this post to find out how. 


What Should Run Through Your Mind When Your Coffee Maker Is Beeping


There are so many things that could run through your mind when your coffee maker starts beeping, but you shouldn’t be worried. First, you have to listen to it do the five beeps, as this will help you confirm the status. If it completes the five beeps and stops brewing, then you can do these;


Have The Drip Stop Checked 

The drip stop is what allows the coffee to flow, and it is meant to be open during a brew cycle. The coffee maker is also designed to beep five times if the drip stop is closed during a brew cycle. Because, in that case, there wouldn’t be a way for the coffee to flow out, and if the coffee is not flowing, there won’t be any point brewing. So if your Ninja coffee maker starts beeping, one of your first checks should be to see if the drip stop is open. If it’s not, go ahead and open it. 


Check The Water Level 

Another thing that could make your Ninja coffee maker start beeping is if it doesn’t have enough water to brew with. Check the water reservoir to see if it is completely or partially filled. Or if it has gone beyond the line. If it is partially filled, go ahead and fill it up, just to be sure the coffee maker has enough water to brew with. Take care to not overfill the reservoir. In that case, it will begin to spill, and the coffee maker might have to beep.


Check The Water Reservoir Valve 

The reservoir has a water reservoir valve that controls the flow of water to the coffee maker. This valve is plastic and can easily get broken. Check to see that the valve is still intact. If it’s broken, you will have to get it replaced, because your coffee maker won’t work without it. You can get a replacement from Ninja directly, and if you’re handy, you can get it fixed yourself. If not, you can get someone who can. 


Check The Brew Basket 

When a Ninja coffee maker starts beeping, in some cases, it could be that the brew basket is not properly positioned. Check to see the position of the brew basket. If it’s not properly fixed, push it in, until it’s in its appropriate position and your Ninja coffee maker will likely stop beeping 


Check The Brew Size

Make sure that you picked the correct brew size. This could also make your coffee maker start beeping. 


Clean The Coffee Maker

There are so many things that could go wrong with a coffee maker if it needs to be cleaned, and it could let you know through any dramatic means. If your coffee maker is beeping, you might want to get it clean, even if it doesn’t indicate that it needs to be cleaned. Running a clean cycle is a solution to a lot of coffee maker problems, so try it out, to see if it will work. 


While trying these options, you should reset your coffee maker before trying to brew again. That is the only way that you’re sure it’s truly not working. 


What If None Of These Work

If none of the above work for you, then your guess is as good as mine, the next step will be to call the Ninja customer support for help. No one will give you a better answer as they would. It is possible that the coffee maker is damaged and needs to be fixed or replaced. Whichever the case, The help and support team will have an answer. Make sure you check the warranty of your coffee maker before you place the call. 


How To Maintain Your Ninja Coffee Maker

The key to maintaining a Ninja coffee maker, or any coffee maker out there is to clean it as often as possible. The cleaning ranges from day-to-day cleaning of removable parts to deep cleaning, which involves descaling. The coffee maker has a clean feature, so it will indicate when it needs to be cleaned. You can descale using vinegar and water. Follow the guide in your user manual to clean the coffee maker. For the removable parts, you can wash them in the dishwasher, including the carafe. Wipe down the body with warm soapy water, and you’d be surprised at how these regular cleaning will keep your coffee maker for as long as possible. 



Your Ninja coffee maker has the beeping sound to get you alert to something that is out of place. As earlier described, it could be the amount of water, the drip stop, the reservoir valve, or the brew basket. Whatever the reason for the beep is, it can be easily resolved. Just make sure to check for what is out of place, and you’re good to go.