How to Use DeLonghi Coffee Maker

What are the Guidelines for Using DeLonghi Coffee Maker?

DeLonghi the Italian brand is one of the world’s best manufacturers of kitchen appliances. This company is renowned all around the world for its market-leading espresso machines. They have a great line of coffee makers and espresso machines that gives you fresh and instant coffee. These machines manufactured by the company have been delivering shops like latte, cappuccino, and espresso. Many of these coffee makers provide you with the option of using coffee pods instead of coffee beans.

Having one of these coffee machines at home makes us less dependent on coffee shops. That will save us a lot of time and money. So, learning to use one of these multifunctional machines properly is a great advantage of having great coffee instantly at home.

Safety Measures

Coffee makers are very basic in terms of using and so are the DeLonghi espresso and coffee machines. Coffee makers tend to get hot while brewing and making coffee. So, maintaining distance and not touching the machine when it’s hot are some of the safety measures you’ll have to keep in mind. There’s a list of safety measures for the users’ safety that needs to be followed when using DeLonghi Coffee Maker.

  • Do not plug in the appliance with wet hands.
  • Set the appliance on a flat countertop.
  • Set the appliance on a spacious countertop.
  • Make sure there’s no water on the surface which may lead to damage.
  • Make sure the appliance has come with all the parts included.
  • Keep away from children and maintain safety around medically unable persons.

Making Espresso Using DeLonghi Espresso/Coffee Maker

Follow the below procedures to make yourself the best coffee using the DeLonghi espresso or Coffee Maker.

Water Reservoir

In the process of making coffee, the first thing you’ll need is Water. So, you will have to open the lid of the water reservoir and take it out. Fill up the reservoir with clean water and do not go above the max indication. Place the reservoir back in the machine and open the valve. The reservoir can be filled up using a jug without taking the whole thing out.

The machine Needs Preheating

After filling up the reservoir you will have to give the machine some time to preheat itself and to clean out the pipes with hot water. Close the lid of the water reservoir and wipe down all the spills around the appliance unit. Turn on your DeLonghi Coffee Maker by plugging it in and switch it on using the knob. After starting the preheating process, it will take about 10-15min for heating the coils for delivering the perfect espresso. After the coffee maker gives you the green light you are good to go.

The Coffee Beans or Grounds

Your machine may come with a coffee bean grinder itself depending on the model you have. If you want you can grind your coffee that is fine as well. Choose your preferred coffee or grind it as you wish the DeLonghi machines can use any type of coffee starting from beans to superfine grind.

Adding The Coffee Beans or Grounds

Open the lid to add the pre-ground coffee or if your machine can grind coffee beans on its own then choose the type of grind you want. If you’re using pre-ground coffee then pour your coffee to the certain limit your model suggests and it should be mentioned close by in the machine if you look for it. If your machine has a portafilter fill it with your pre-ground coffee and dust off any excess. If you want you can tamper the coffee with a handheld tamper then put the portafilter back in its right place.

Shot of Espresso

Place an espresso cup under the sprout in the tray area and select by pressing the right button to choose what you want. You can get a single shot of espresso or a double shot of espresso. After pressing the button, the machine should start brewing the coffee and deliver your preferred choice of steaming espresso.

Using DeLonghi to Make Cappuccino

If you like your drink with milk then you are in luck. Because the DeLonghi Espresso machines have a separate thermostat that brews froth milk for making you a delicious cup of cappuccino.

Fill a pitcher with milk and place the pitcher underneath the steamer nozzle and dip the nozzle just below the surface of the milk. Turn on the steamer to begin the process of making froth milk. After it reaches the right temperature of your linking turns the steamer off. Tap the bottom of the pitcher to get rid of the bubbles and pour you espresso that you made earlier. Pour your cappuccino into a latte mug and enjoy.

Your DeLonghi Espresso/Coffee Maker Needs Cleaning

Coffee makers need frequent cleaning to avoid unnecessary bacteria build-up. To get the best service from your machine in the long term you need to take care of it. Even if you haven’t been using it for a couple of days. After using it take the portafilter out and clean off any residue that’s been left behind. You have to do this before and after both times. Make sure your drip tray doesn’t overflow and clean the water and coffee ground residue. Clean of the spills after using the machine. Clean the steamer nozzle after making froth milk using it. A little bit of milk can easily get stuck in there and become unhealthy in no time. Place a cup underneath the steamer and turn it on to clean out the nozzle.


The procedures mentioned above are basic and necessary instructions for you to get steamy, great, and tasty coffee every day. Also, following the instructions, it will surely increase the life span of your appliance.

It is necessary to mention that DeLonghi provides various types of machines for coffee making. The above-mentioned steps apply to almost all of them.