Why Is My Delonghi Coffee Maker Blinking

How To Know Why Is My Delonghi Coffee Maker Blinking

Coffee machines are incredibly useful, especially for those of us who can’t start our day without a cup of coffee in the morning. Despite their ability to deliver that much-needed hot coffee on demand, there are moments when they exhibit behaviors that seem a bit odd. This applies to all coffee machines, including the delonghi brand. Why is my delonghi coffee maker blinking? This is a frequently asked question that needs addressing.

While there might be a variety of reasons why your delonghi coffee maker is blinking, there are some reasons that are most certainly the cause of the blinks.


Reasons Why Your Coffee Maker Is Blinking 

If a delonghi coffee maker is blinking, it is telling you that something is out of place and needs to be put back in order. Don’t worry, it’s most likely something simple, but the blinks are definitely a warning. I will go ahead to discuss a few reasons why your coffee maker might be blinking.

  • It could be that the water tank is empty. There is no way a coffee maker will brew without water. So if the tank is empty the coffee maker will start blinking to let you know that something is wrong.
  • Your delonghi coffee maker could also be blinking because it is clogged. A clog in your coffee maker won’t let it work the way it should, so the only way that the coffee maker can let you know this is by blinking.
  • Another reason why your coffee maker is blinking could be that the filter holder is not properly placed.


How To Make The Blinks Stop

If your coffee maker suddenly starts blinking then as the owner, you will want to know why it’s doing that, and you would look for ways to make it stops. Especially since it’s unusual. How you make your coffee maker stop blinking depends on what is causing the blinks to begin with. We will discuss each cause and what to do in each case, to make sure it stops blinking.

  • You first check should be the water reservoir. Check to see if it’s filled all the way up or not. If your coffee maker is blinking because the tank is empty, then you already know what to do. You will have to fill the tank, and it’s best if you fill the tank all the way up, to avoid further issues. 
  • Check to see if the coffee maker is clogged. If it’s blinking because of the clogs then you have to run a clean cycle to remove the clogs. You can do this by brewing 10 cups of water with 2 cups of vinegar. Delonghi also has a descaling solution that you can use for this purpose. In case you’re using a descaling solution, then read on, we will get to the part that will help you to clean the coffee maker using a descaling solution. 

How To Clean A Delonghi Coffee Maker Using A Descaling Solution

If you found out that the your delonghi coffee maker is blinking because it’s clogged and you want to clean using a descaling agent, then you can do this with these easy steps.

  • First pour out the water in the reservoir and open the descaling agent. Careful, you shouldn’t have any of that on your body, or spilling around.
  • Pour the descaling solution in the reservoir and fill the it all the way up with water. Put the reservoir back in place.
  • Hold the orange flashing button for 10 seconds, and you will see the buttons start flashing.
  • Put a large bowl right under the steam valve and press the steam button. Place a cup under the boiler too to receive the contents that will come out of there.
  • Put the coffee maker in descaling mode. Alternate between putting the coffee maker in boiler or steam. This will help clean both units of the coffee maker. Repeat this until the water reservoir is completely empty.
  • Run 2-3 water-only cycles to ensure that you rinse out every drop of the descaling solution from your coffee maker. It should stop blinking after this.

Other Reasons To Consider If Your Coffee Maker Is Blinking. 

As earlier stated, there are a variety of reasons why your delonghi coffee maker could be blinking, while the most prominent of these reasons have been discussed, there are other reasons that might cause the blinks.

  • In some cases, the water reservoir might be improperly inserted. Check to see if that’s the case, then replace the reservoir and make sure it snaps into place.
  • If your delonghi coffee maker is blinking, it might be that the coffee grinding is too fine. You can fix this by setting the coffee maker to a coarse grinding
  • Your coffee maker could also be blinking if you have selected pre-ground coffee without putting any pre-ground coffee in the funnel. You only need to add your coffee to fix this.
  • Another reason could be that the filter holder has been detached. See that the filter holder is properly fixed.

If you do all these, then your coffee maker will most likely stop blinking, and if at this point, it is still blinking, then it might be time to contact delonghi customer support for help. They will be able to better solve the problem.



If your delonghi coffee maker is blinking, it can be associated with a lot of reasons, but there really isn’t a way to know if you don’t run checks on the coffee maker. Find out exactly why it’s blinking, and make all the necessary adjustments. It most likely will resolve, and in case it doesn’t, you can always call delonghi for assistance. For whatever reason why you delonghi coffee maker is blinking, you should keep calm and do what you can to before you conclude that it’s damaged. Although, that’s a possibility.