Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker How Many Tea Bags?

The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker is a compact and slender machine designed for easy iced tea preparation. Priced affordably, this Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker is an ideal gadget for those who love to savor iced tea daily. So, when using the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker to brew tea, how many tea bags should be used?

How many tea bags you need to add to the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker will depend on how much of the tea you are preparing. Based on the amount of water, the quantity of the tea bags will also change. Below, we will discuss a bit more on this topic. In addition, we will let you know how to use a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker to make the iced tea.

Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker: How Many Tea Bags?

If you have just bought a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker and want to use it, the first thing you need to know is how to use the device. Well, using the tea maker is pretty easy. But another confusion that you may encounter is how many of the tea bags to use. As we said earlier, that will mostly depend on the amount of water.

If you are making cold-brewed tea, you will require adding around one tea bag for 16 oz of water/tea. That means you will require adding 3 teabags for making 44 oz tea. If you are using the BVMC-TM33 tea maker from the manufacturer, you will require using 5 to 7 tea bags for the pitcher full of water. If you are using loose tea, the amount should be around 5 to 7 tea bags.

So, how much tea is in a tea bag? Well, it may vary based on the manufacture but most of the tea bags usually contain around 1.5 to 2 grams of the tea. While making the usual tea, you can make around 8 oz of hot tea. However, things are a bit different while cooking the cold tea. You should use the recommended amount of water which is 5 to 7 bags for a filler reservoir.

Note that based on the machine you are using, water reservoir size will also change. So, you will require adjusting the amount of the tea bag based on this. Such as, if you are using TM-1 unit from Mr. Coffee, you will require adding 6 to 10 tea bags for the filled reservoir.

How to Make Tea in the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker?

Well, it is pretty easy to make tea in the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker. Even if you have no prior experience on making tea, you can easily do this using the user manual. If you don’t have the user manual, don’t worry. Let’s see the guide on how to make tea in the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to fill the pitcher with water. When you give a closer look to the water pitcher that comes with the device, you will find lines on it. The lines let you know the measure of the water. By following the lines, you can fill 1, 2, or 3 QT. Add 3 QT to make the maximum amount of iced tea.

Step 2

The next thing you need to do is to open the lid of the coffee maker device. There you will find a tea basket that needs to be removed. Simply lift out the tea basket and fill the reservoir with water. Make sure that you are following the line to add enough amount of water. Make sure that you are not overfilling and going past the 3-quart line.

Step 3

Now you can put back the tea basket in its place and simply add the required amount of tea bags to it. Or, you can also use loose tea. To use the loose tea, you will require adding a coffee filter first and then you can add the tea. The amount of the tea or tea bags will vary based on the amount of the water. If you want to prepare 3 QT, you need 4 to 6 bags of tea bags. Feel free to adjust the quantity based on your preferred strength.

Step 4

Now close the lid of the device and select the strength of the tea from strong or mild. You will find the dial in front of the machine that allows you to do this. If you are using fewer tea bags, simply choose strong. Or, if you prefer the tea to be mild, put the dial on it.

Step 5

Now take the pitcher and put the ice on it. Like the coffee maker, you will find the measures of quarts in line with the pitcher. Now add the preferred amount of ice and put back the lid. Typically, you will require 5 trays of the ice if you want to fill it with ice. Make sure that the larger opening is facing the pouring spot.

Step 6

Now push the pitcher snugly again the coffee maker. Do this carefully as you can end up leaking the iced tea on the counter. Also, make sure that the coffee maker is plugged in a wall socket. Now find the button in the machine. Typically, it is placed in the bottom part. Pressing the button will start an orange light. It will stay on until the tea is finished brewing.

One interesting thing about the coffee maker is there is no stop button. So, you need to unplug the machine when brewing is finished. Typically, it takes around 10 minutes to prepare the iced tea.


Iced is not that popular like hot tea or coffee. However, a lot of people love this beverage. If you just bought a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker, make use of the above information to get the best out of your device. Especially, make sure you are adding the right amount of tea bags to get the best flavor.