How Many Tea Bags For Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker

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How To Know How Many Tea Bags For Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker 

Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker is an excellent product that comes in handy when you need a cold drink on a hot day. Turns out drip coffee makers are not the only great Mr Coffee product to look out for. It works perfectly well for both tea and coffee and brews in just minutes. If you own one, then that’s an amazing product you’ve got right there. It is suitable for both tea and coffee and it brews in no time. Pretty easy to use too. But, if you don’t know how much tea to use in brewing, then that’s definitely an issue because your tea might not taste as good as it should. If you’re wondering how many tea bags for Mr Coffee iced tea maker, then your search is over. In this post, you will find out just how many you need.


How Does Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker Work

First, you have to know that Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker does not just have a simple design, it works quite simply too. It is easy to use and you will not likely be confused when trying to use it, even if it’s your first time. It has two parts to it. There is a plug in part where you connect it to the power outlet, and it is also made up of the water reservoir with a single button, and the cord. There is no indication to what the single button does. The other part is made up of a 2 quartz plastic pitcher which has a steeping basket on top of it. The mr coffee Iced tea maker works by heating water in the reservoir and pushing it through the steeping basket into the pitcher where the ready to drink Iced tea will be collected. When you’re about to brew, please see that you put Ice cubes at the bottom of the pitcher to help regulate the temperature. 


How Many Tea Bags To Use 

It is very okay if you’re inquisitive about how many tea bags you should use when making your Iced tea. This is a secret to making a great cup of tea even though it’s not much of a secret, and you need to know just how much to use if you always desire a great cup. The thing is, how many tea bags you will use will depend on how much tea you’re making and how you want your tea to be. If you’re making a full pitcher of tea, then you will need anywhere around 5 to 7 regular size  tea bags to get the best result. If your tea bags are family size, you will need 2-4 tea bags This measurement is just a guideline, so it is totally up to you to decide how much tea you want to use. As long as you love how it tastes. In case your tea does not come in bags, then the amount you will need will be 2-3 tablespoons of loose tea. It is also fine if you want to experiment with different measurements and pick the one you love best . 


What If I’m Brewing Coffee 

Yeah, that’s another one right there. Since the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker brews both tea and coffee, then you have to know how much coffee to use in your Iced tea maker. You never can tell when you will crave Iced coffee and it wouldn’t be nice if you didn’t know how much coffee to use. If you’re using coffee grounds, you can expect to use anywhere between 10 to 14 tablespoons of coffee. This will give great results and you most likely will love it. But then again, it is all up to you to decide. How much coffee ground you use depends on how you want your Iced coffee to be and the quantity you want to brew, though this range will guide you. Especially, if you’re just brewing for the first time and still need a little bit of handholding. 


How To Brew With Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker 

Brewing either Iced tea or coffee in a mr coffee Iced tea maker is very easy. It will take you only a few minutes to get it done, with minimal efforts. Read on to find out how. 

  1. Fill a jug with cold water and pour into the water reservoir. It is best if you fill the reservoir all the way up to avoid any issues during brewing. 
  2. Place ice cubes at the bottom of the pitcher to help balance the temperature. There is a point marked ice at the bottom of the pitcher, so make sure the ice does not go beyond that point. You should not brew without the ice cubes in place. Brewing without it could even damage the pitcher, and I’m sure you don’t want that. 
  3. Put the steeping basket in place in the pitcher. Make sure it’s perfectly fixed, then, measure out the desired amount of coffee or tea and pour into the steeping basket. 
  4. Close the lid of the steeping basket and the water reservoir. 
  5. Plug in the Iced tea maker and turn it on. Give it a few minutes to complete the brewing cycle. 
  6. You can now enjoy your Iced tea or coffee the way you want to. 



A Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker is a perfect appliance for coffee and tea lovers and it comes in handy on hot days. The amount of tea or coffee you will use is totally dependent on you. That is, how much tea or coffee you want to make, and how you love it. The goal is to make something you will enjoy. And to enjoy this experience for longer period, you should always care for your Iced tea maker. Clean it as regularly as possible, and always keep it in a good shape. The manufacturer recommends that you clean after forty uses if you have soft water, and after eighty uses if you have hard water. Either way, make sure you properly maintain it. Store well when it’s not in use and be sure to enjoy your Iced tea and coffee whenever you want to.