How To Use Cuisinart Extreme Brew Coffee Maker

Learn How To Use Cuisinart Extreme Brew Coffee Maker 

We all cherish our coffee and desire it on our own terms. No one appreciates the long wait for a fresh cup of coffee, which is likely the reason behind your choice of the Cuisinart Extreme Brew Coffee Maker – it speeds up the process. Boasting a capacity for 12 cups and programmable features, its reputation for quick brewing is well-earned. This coffee maker is an excellent choice for those unwilling to wait an extended period for their morning brew. The Cuisinart Extreme Brew Coffee Maker is engineered to brew 25% faster than the typical coffee machines, offering not only speed but also simplicity in its use and cleanliness. If you’re setting it up for the first time, or need assistance for any other reason, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you will discover how to operate the Cuisinart Extreme Brew Coffee Maker.


Features Of Cuisinart Extreme Brew Coffee Maker 

  • It Brews 25% faster than other Cuisinart coffee makers
  • It offers a 12 cup serving. 
  • It has a removable permanent gold-tone filter. 
  • It Comes with a few supply of paper filters that you can use if you don’t want to use the permanent filter. 
  • It is programmable 
  • Has a pause brew feature. 
  • It comes with a charcoal water filter to help remove bad odor and sediments from brewing water.
  • It also has a water window where you can see how much water you have in the reservoir. 

Steps To Brew With Cuisinart Extreme Brew Coffee Maker 

As earlier stated, Cuisinart extreme brew coffee maker is easy to use, and even if you never brewed in a coffee maker before, you’d still find it easy to use. Let’s go ahead and consider the steps that will lead you to a successful brew. 

  1. Fill the reservoir with water. It is okay if you decide to measure out the amount of water you want to use, but it’s good if you just fill the reservoir. The coffee maker has a charcoal water filter so you don’t need to worry about filtering the water if you’re using regular tap water. Just make sure you put enough water in the reservoir. 
  2. Measure the desired amount of coffee. Keep in mind that one of the major determinants of how well your coffee turns out is the amount of coffee used. Make sure you measure out an adequate amount of coffee grounds. If you don’t know how much coffee to use, a great measurement will be to use coffee grounds that weigh 16 times lesser than the water to be used. 
  3. Dump the coffee grounds into the brew basket. The coffee maker comes with a gold-tone filter, which might allow some coffee grounds to escape through it. If you want your coffee smooth, then you should consider using a paper filter instead. 
  4. Close the lid. If you would want your coffee strong, press the bold button. Go ahead and press the brew and start button. 
  5. Your coffee maker will immediately start to brew. You just have to wait a little bit till your cup of coffee is ready. Keep in mind that the coffee maker has a pause feature that allows you to have a cup of coffee even while the coffee maker is not done brewing. If during brewing you seem to not be able to wait for the coffee maker to complete brewing, you just have to take out the carafe and the coffee maker will pause brewing until when you put the carafe back in place. 
  6. Clean out the brew basket to remove any coffee grounds from it. 
  7. Enjoy your cup of coffee with or without milk. 


How To Maintain Your Coffee Maker 

It is one thing to own a Cuisinart extreme brew coffee maker, and an entirely different issue to keep it in working condition. Just like every other coffee maker, or generally, electronics, a Cuisinart extreme brew coffee maker is prone to damage and this largely depends on how well you maintain your coffee maker. We will go ahead and consider a few tips on how to properly maintain your coffee maker

  • Keep your coffee maker clean at all times. It is a coffee maker, not a coffee storage unit. You should make sure there are no coffee grounds left in it after each brew. Clean the brew basket and the carafe. 
  • Never immerse your coffee maker in water. If you need to clean the body, you can do that with a soft damp material. You don’t have to dip it in water. 
  • Deep clean your coffee maker with vinegar as often as possible. You should do this at least once in two months. This will remove any limescale in your coffee maker and keep the coffee maker efficiency in check. 
  • Wipe the body in case of spills. It is not your fault if coffee spills on your coffee maker, but it will be your fault if you leave it uncleaned because this has the potential to damage your coffee maker. 
  • You shouldn’t use milk in your coffee maker. If you need to have your coffee with milk, please make sure you add the milk to the already brewed cup of coffee and not into the coffee maker itself.



Cuisinart is known for its great models of coffee maker, and this extreme brew thing is one of them. It helps users to have their cup of coffee within the shortest time possible, and the brewed coffee still maintains a good quality. It can also be programmed to start brewing even while you’re still in bed, and this is great especially if you have an early morning. Proper maintenance is the key to making sure you have your extreme brew coffee maker around for as long as possible. It has a solid build, but, you shouldn’t ignore it when it needs attention. Because if you do, then the extreme brew coffee maker might no longer be so extreme in going about its business.