How to Set Time on Bella Coffee Maker

While Bella coffee makers may not enjoy widespread popularity, they are still used by a considerable number of people. These coffee machines are offered at an economical price point. Despite their affordability, Bella coffee makers come with high-quality features and deliver dependable performance, ensuring delicious coffee. The market offers a variety of coffee maker models. If you’ve recently purchased a programmable Bella Coffee Maker, it’s important for you to learn how to set the timer on your Bella coffee maker.

The Bella Coffee maker equips a cloth in it. You will require setting the clock to the right time to make it’s an auto-start feature. It is very easy to set up the cloth in this coffee machine. You will find the process of setting the time in the user manual. You can also follow the below guide where we will break down the steps of setting time in Bella Coffee Maker.

Before Using the Device for the First Time

As you want to know the process of setting the time on Bella Coffee Maker, chances are high that you have just bought the device. If so, you need to do some works before trying to brew coffee in the machine. Here is what you need to do:

  • The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all the packaging materials and labels from both interior and exterior of the machine. Then position the device on a flat, clean, and dry surface.
  • Now detach the removable parts of the coffee maker and clean them. These parts include the carafe, lid, removable filter holder, and permanent coffee filter. Use warm and soapy water to clean them and then rinse in tap water. Make sure to dry properly after cleaning.
  • Put back the parts on their compartment. Now the coffee maker is ready to brew coffee. However, there is one more thing you need to do which is cleaning the interior.
  • Fill the coffee maker with two carafe of tap water and then run a brew cycle. Make sure that you are not adding the coffee maker filter and the ground coffees during this step. Consider repeating this step twice for a better cleanse.

How to Set Time in Your Bella Coffee Maker

Setting up the clock is required to make use of the interesting features of your Bella Coffee Maker. Make sure to pick the right time of your location to get the coffee ready in the right hour. Below, we will discuss the exact steps you need to follow for setting the time on the Bella Coffee Maker.

  1.   Plug in the coffee maker to turn it on. Once it’s turned on, the coffee maker display should flash “AM 12:00”.
  2. Now press the Hour button in the machine to set the hour. Tap and hold the hour button to toggle quickly. Release the button when your preferred hour arrives.
  3. You will need to do the same thing for setting the minute. At press, press the Minute button on the control panel. Tap and hold the button and release when your preferred minute occurs.
  4. Once you have selected both the hours and the minutes, you can now press the Program button to save time.
  5. That’s it; you have successfully saved the time on your Bella Coffee Maker.

1.     You should be able to set time on Bella Coffee Maker successfully by following the above steps. Here is what you do if you want to re-set the time of the clock: tap and hold the Program button of the coffee maker until the time starts flashing. Then repeat the above steps to update the time. Make sure to press the Program button to save time after entering it.

How to Set Timer Of Auto Start in Your Bella Coffee Maker

Imagine the coffee maker is automatically preparing the coffee for you without any effort from your end. The exact thing is possible in the programmable coffee maker. All you need to set the time for an auto brew, and the machine will do the rest. The best way to enjoy the morning coffee, isn’t it?

Once you have updated the clock of the Bella Coffee Maker, now you can set the auto brew features. Follow the below steps to set the function of Bella Programmable Coffee Maker:

  • Press the program button on the coffee maker. This will flash the display with “12:00 AM”.
  • Now press the Hour button the set the hour. Tap and hold until the preferred hour occurs.
  • Do the exact same thing to set the minute after pressing the Minute button.
  • Once you have selected the hours and minutes for the auto brew, press the Program button to save.
  • After doing this, you should hear a beep and see PROGRAM text in the display with the current time.

If you see this, then the machine has perfectly set for brewing coffee at your preferred time. It will start brewing the coffee automatically at the exact time. Note that the machine must be on for the auto brew.

Tips for the Bella Coffee Maker

Here are some tips that can help you to get more from the coffee maker.

  • If you want to enjoy the coffee before the brew cycle is complete, simply remove the carafe from the hot plate. This will stop brewing coffee automatically. You can simply resume the brew by putting back the machine on the hot plate.
  • The Bella Coffee Maker also allows you to keep the coffee warm. All you need to do is to press the KEEP WARM button on the control panel. By default, it will keep the coffee hot for 2 hours. You can also increase the duration by pressing the button again. Save the preferred settings by pressing PROGRAM.
  • You will see a text in the coffee maker which says “Time Since Brew” with a countdown clock. This actually tells you time since the last brew, letting you know how fresh is the coffee.


The Bella Coffee Maker offers you some interesting functions at an affordable cost. If you are a new owner of the coffee maker, you should follow the above steps to set the clock and auto brew function of the device. We hope you will be able to successfully set the time following the above steps.