🥇☕Best Coffee Espresso Maker in 2024

If you’re a true aficionado of coffee, you’re likely aware that espresso stands as the pinnacle of coffee experiences. Falling for espresso is effortless. Its dense texture, robust flavor, and complex brewing process affirm it as the superior form of coffee. Rather than parting with your cash for an espresso shot each morning, why not take on the role of barista and prepare your daily dose at home? The only surefire method to savor your espresso shot day in and day out involves investing in the top coffee espresso maker available on the market.

Essential components of the best coffee espresso maker 

When it comes to brewing expresso, unlike other pour-over coffee makers, you are in complete control of the brewing process. The machine needs to be able to maintain stable temperatures and pressure for sufficient coffee extraction. You can choose an espresso machine with a steam wand and a big boiler for heating your coffee or milk.

Whichever machine you choose to go for, here is what to look for in an espresso maker.

The filter 

All expresso machines come with a portafilter. This is the location in the machine where pressurized coffee and water initially meet. The portafilter comprises of a handle and metal filter basket with little holes. This is where the expresso flows into your cup. The filter is removable, making it easy to clean and allows you to place your ground coffee. When choosing a portafilter, consider the holes and ensure they are all of the same sizes. Uneven holes lead to over-extraction and under extraction, which affects the quality of your coffee.

The tamper 

The tamper is a part of an espresso machine responsible for evenly flattening and compacting the coffee bed in the filter. It would be best if the machine has a tamper that is the perfect fit. You can ensure this by checking that the tamper does not leave spaces on either side once inserted in the filter. Also, ensure that it can create a level tamp for the perfect extraction.

The perfect tamper should also have a flat bottom for coffee bed leveling and uniformity. A flat tamper allows water to run through the coffee bed at the same rate.

The grinder 

This is one of the most essential parts of an espresso machine. The grinder in an espresso machine determined how fine the coffee is ground, which affects extraction and the quality of the coffee. Ensure you go for a grinder with the ability to grind the coffee into a fine finish.

Types of expresso machines 

Single boiler 

This is an espresso machine with one boiler, which is the primary source of hot water. This water is used for all hot water needs of the machine, including steaming milk and brewing an espresso shot. A single boiler espresso machine is an ideal place to begin if you are a beginner in brewing your espresso.

A dual boiler 

A double boiler or dual boiler espresso machine comes with two boilers, which makes it a two hot water source model. This means that water can be steamed while a brew takes place at the same time. This type of espresso machine is most common in commercial places as it provides control and consistency.

Pump type 

All electric espresso machines with no levers require a pump to allow the flow of water through the machine. Pump machines can come with either a vibration pump or a rotary pump. The latter comprises a motor and the pump while the former comes as an all in one system because of its small size. Rotary pumps are common in commercial espresso machines, while home espresso machines come with a rotary pump system.

The heat exchanger 

A heat exchanger espresso machine has a small pipe that runs through a boiler. When water is supplied through the pipe, it is heated to the required brew temperature before it is pumped through the portafilter. The heating of water as it flows through the pipe provides temperature variations throughout the brew cycle. Th water starts as very hot and cools down as it passes through the various brewing steps. The most significant benefit of a heat exchanger machine is that it always uses fresh water to brew.

Espresso machine models 

Espresso machines come in four categories:

  • Capsule
  • Manual lever
  • Automatic
  • Semi-automatic

Any of these machine models can produce quality espresso brews even though the experience you get when using them completely varies.

Best coffee espresso maker Recommendations 

Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino System

The Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino System uses a 15-pump brewing system that utilizes pressure to brew a blend of dark, rich espresso. It comes with a frothing arm for those times when you want to turn your espresso shot into a cappuccino or latte. The double shot brewing capability makes it possible for you to make two espresso shots at one go. It also comes with a thermal block heating system. The drip tray is removable and washable, thus ensuring your coffee display is always clean. The extended 26-inch cord ensures you can place the coffee machine anywhere in your kitchen while still managing to access the power source.

Breville BES840XL/A the Infuser Espresso Machine

The Breville Infuser Espresso Machine is made with a pre-infusion function for low water pressure application when extraction begins. This guarantees even extraction. The 1600 watts thermo-coil heater comes with a stainless steel coil for accurate temperature control. This espresso maker also has an auto-purge function for automatic adjustment of water temperature to ensure optimal espresso extraction. Other features include single and double-wall filter baskets, stainless steel jug, coffee scoop, cleaning tools, and a water filter. The best part of this machine is the PID temperature control system that ensures water is delivered at the best temperature.

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

This is a fully-automatic, small footprint machine from the Gaggia brand. This super-automatic machine features an LED screen as well as knob dials to provide an easy to use interface for complete control of the brewing process. This automatic machine only needs you to key in your perfect brew settings once. The machine stores the data and remembers every time you want to brew. It also comprises an in-built ceramic burr grinder for fresh bean grinds, or you can use pre-ground coffee. The removable brew group is the best feature of this machine as it allows easy cleaning.


With any of the three recommended espresso machines, you can be sure that the espresso you make goes above and beyond what you would get with other brewers. Owning an espresso machine is the first step towards exploring the world of specialty espresso to find the perfect shot for you or you can also consider the nitrogen cold brew machine as another option for your brewing needs.