What Kind of Coffee Maker Does Starbucks Use?

Regarding the top coffee shop chains, there’s a unanimous understanding of Starbucks’ supremacy in this field. Many find it challenging to imagine starting their day without a delicious cup of coffee from this espresso giant. Starbucks is renowned for creating the most fragrant and richly flavored coffee available. Have you ever pondered the type of coffee maker Starbucks utilizes to achieve such excellent coffee quality?

Usually, the chain coffee shops use a specific machine, bean, and grind to assure you a smooth and efficient taste every time. Starbucks is no wonder. They manufacture use an exclusive coffee maker that you will not find somewhere else. In today’s writeup, we will discuss in detail the Starbucks coffee machine.

About The Starbucks Coffee Chain

Starbucks was established in 1971. It was a partnership business of three friends during that time. Their first coffee shop was at Pike Place Marker in Seattle. You might not know that the first name of Starbuck was Pequod. The later changed the name to the Starbuck. Interestingly, both name is taken from the famous book titled “Moby-Dick”. At the first decades after establishment, Starbuck didn’t expand much.

However, once Howard Schultz joined Starbucks, he realized the potential of the coffee chains after a visit to Milan, Italy. Since then, the business is grown in large scale. As of now, there are more than 31,256 stores of Starbucks in different countries around the globe (at 2019). It is one of the biggest global brands and they still expanding the business to more countries.

The main behind the success of the brand is their top-notch service, exclusive coffee machine, and quality beans. The coffee chain uses Sumatra Dark Roast Whole Bean. They grow the bean in an Indonesian island which is a suitable environment for the beans with rich soils. This assures a smooth and pleasant flavor of the coffee with herbal flavor. The coffee is so good that you can enjoy it even without any milk, sugar, or cream.

They also use some other variations of beans which include the Caffe Verona Dark Roast Whole Bean, House Blend Coffee Beans, French Roast Whole Beans, etc. Their coffee machine is the Mastrena High-Performance and Super-Automatic Coffee Machines. We will discuss a bit more about the coffee machine in the next part of the article.

So, What Kind of Coffee Maker Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks used the La Marzocco Linea Coffee Machine during the 90s. It is a high-performance and commercial coffee maker with a lot of features. The machines are still available in the market but Starbucks doesn’t use the machine anymore. Currently, Starbuck is using the Mastrena Super-Automatic Coffee Machines. The coffee machines are exclusively made for Starbucks and they are not available on retail.

The Mastrena Coffee machines are manufactured by a Switzerland-based company called Thermoplan AG. Starbucks and Thermoplan AG signed a deal to produce the coffee machines exclusively for Starbucks. Currently, all the stores of Starbucks use coffee machines. The quality coffee maker is like a benchmark for the automatic coffee machines out there. It equips top-notch and computerized features.

This allows the barista to make the coffee within a minimal time with a very small effort.  The machines include everything starting from the Grinder to all the other features. Everything is super-efficient in the machine as the process are completed through the computerized system. The machine can also prepare ground and coffee at a faster rate compared to the other commercial coffee machines.

Starbucks Mastrena Coffee Machines Features

The Mastrena Coffee Machines equip the best possible features and materials. They are also designed by the top engineers of the world. An usual Mastrena Coffee Machines coffee maker can prepare around 50,000 cycles without any sort of maintenance. Furthermore, the coffee maker are designed to assure a long lifespan even when they are used for the whole day non-stop.

Below, we will let you know some interesting features of the Mastrena Coffee Machines.

Fully Computerized and Automatic

One of the impressive things about the Mastrena Coffee Machines are they are 100% automatic. You need to understand the button of the machine rather than having the real barista skills. This makes the machine super-fast and highly efficient. These machines are the reason why you find the taste and flavor of the coffee consistent in the Starbucks.

Computerized Menu

What is more interesting is the machine has a computerized menu. That means the baristas simply require selecting what variation of the coffee they want to prepare and press some other buttons for the preparation. The same machine can do various types of coffee preparation.

Built-in Grinder and Hopper

There is a built-in grinder and hopper in the Mastrena Coffee Machines. They are high in capacity and they can store and grind the coffee at a large order. What’s more interesting is even these parts of the coffee maker are automatic and computer operated.

Can You Buy a Mastrena Coffee Machine?

The answer is both yes and no. The Mastrena Coffee Machines are typically not available in the market for sale. Even if they were available, most of the individual will not be able to purchase the machines. That is because of the massive purchase cost. They can cost you up to 40,000 USD while a usual drip coffee maker is available at two to three digits.

Although the coffee machine is not available at retail market, you might find a few models. These are actually the old coffee machines which are replaced by the new models. Besides, they can be the rejected model by Starbucks. Although the available models are old and refurbished, they still cost you a huge amount, around $15,000 or more. You will find them mostly available online.


The Starbucks coffee chains use the Mastrena Coffee maker. As we discuss earlier, it is a super-automatic coffee machine with versatile features and efficient performance. The machine is manufactured by Thermoplan AG, a Swiss company. They are usually not available in the market but if you can dig and if you have the budget, you find a few.