How Do You Start A Keurig Coffee Maker

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It looks like someone is slowly and gradually becoming a coffee addict and is in dire need of a cup of coffee and just bought a Keurig coffee maker but is getting no clue how to start it. We got you. You are just at the right spot. We will let you go through how you are going to begin your Keurig coffee maker effortlessly. Keurig coffee maker brews coffee using a single cup of coffee provided by a specially designed pod called “K-Cup.”

These coffee makers are handy and swift to use with some preparations.

1- Let The Plug Into A Grounded Socket

Let us say it is a Golden rule, without which you are not getting your cup in the first place.

 2- Remove And Cleanse The Water Reservoir 

Remove the water reservoir on the side or back that depends on the model of the Keurig coffee maker you have and set the lid aside. After you have lifted the water reservoir, let it stand above without touching the Keurig machine. Make sure to rinse with clean, cool water. Few of the Keurig reservoirs are undetachable. There is no need to worry about it. Some of these coffee makers are built-in like this. All you need to do is to cleanse the reservoir by running the clean water through it.

3- Fill The Reservoir With The Clean Water

Once you have cleaned the water reservoir, you now need to fill the water reservoir with the clean water up to the maximum fill line marked on the water reservoir. Put the water reservoir back into its place. Lock it and put the lid on. If the water reservoir of your Keurig coffee maker is inseparable, you would need to get a separate container to fill the water reservoir with water.

4- Use The Power Button To Let The Water Start Heating

Hit the power button once the water reservoir got filled with water. The water should automatically begin heating up once you press the power button. A red or a green heating light may be display on your Keurig coffee maker while it is warming up. This light will go out once the coffee maker has finished heating. But if your Keurig coffee maker has no heating light at all, wait until the heating sound stops itself.

5- Process The Brew Cycle Using the water without K-cup

Since you are using your Keurig coffee maker for the first time. All you need to do is, run a brew cycle to clean your coffee maker. Place any mug on the surface of the drip tray. Now open and close the k-cup holder as if you are brewing a coffee.

Meanwhile, the brewing buttons on the control panel will make you aware as soon as the coffee maker is ready. Push the small cup button to start the brewing process. Let the process happen. Then pour the water out in the mug.

  • For the cleansing-brewing process, use a coffee mug that holds at least ten fluid ounces (300 mL) until or unless your user manual instructs otherwise.
  • Press the Hot Water button first before the Brewing button can be selected on some models, including the K-Elite. It may also vary in what size cup you need to use in the cleansing brew cycle, so check your instructions.

Final Verdict

Now that you have got all the required information on how to start your Keurig coffee maker, you must be at ease and probably in an exquisite state to feed your coffee cravings. Now is the time to brew fresh aromatic coffee to pamper yourself and maybe your partner as well.

But wait, the most important thing to remember is to observe all the necessary precautions while processing the Keurig coffee maker. Since you are to handle the hot water, do not end up hurting yourself before you even brew your very first cup of coffee

If, by any chance, even after all this information, you are unable to turn on your Keurig coffee maker, then you will need to go through the Keurig support or help center. They will definitely show you a way to start it on your own.