How Many Tablespoons In a 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Coffee machines are now considered essential. It’s hard to envision a day devoid of a cup of coffee. While each brand provides varying capacities, the technique to brew coffee remains largely the same.

Brew Ratio And Golden Ratio

By definition, brew ratios are the ratios of water and coffee used in making coffee. The brew ratio used to prepare your brew plays a role in the final flavor, as well as coffee and grind size. 

By using the Golden Ratio, which is 16:1, you can determine how much water and coffee you need. For every part of coffee, 16 parts of water must be added. Knowing how to measure the right amount of coffee for your coffee maker isn’t as challenging as you might think. 

Methods To Set The Brew Ratio

Many techniques exist for controlling the quality of your coffee brew. The scoop method, which is the simplest method, estimates the amount of ground coffee based on the number of scoops. Scales eliminate all the guesswork associated with measuring coffee and water, so they are the most accurate method. You can also eyeball it, but that is the least accurate method. 

A 12 Cup Coffee Maker Holds How Many Ounces

A 12-cup pot holds 60 ounces of liquid. When you want to make a great-tasting cup of coffee, always use 7 or 8 grams per cup of water.

Most cups of liquid contain 6 ounces, so adjust accordingly. The amount of ground coffee needed to make 12 cups is 20 tablespoons. A standard scoop of coffee is two tablespoons.

The Best Amount Of Coffee To Use For A 12 Cup Coffee Maker

It takes about 12 tablespoons of coffee for a 12 cup pot to make 6 cups. It is easier to take ¾ of coffee in a cup instead of measuring out 12 tablespoons.

The Scoop Method For 12 Cups Of Coffee

The weight of one scoop of ground coffee is approximately 10 grams, depending on the grind size. A heavier scoop is obtained with finer grinding. It is packed tighter in the scoop because fine grinders have smaller particles. Moreover, there are variations in the sizes and weights of the scoops.

However, the answer becomes much simpler if we assume one scoop equals 10 grams of coffee. One scoop of coffee should be placed in each cup. You will need 12 scoops of coffee for 12 cups of coffee.

The Scale Method For Measuring 12 Cups Of Coffee

We will make 12 cups in this example. The liquid content of a cup of coffee is usually 6 ounces in most coffee makers. In ounces of coffee fluid, 12 cups of coffee equal 72 ounces. You now need to convert 72 ounces of liquid coffee into milliliters. In liquid measurement, 72 liquid ounces are equivalent to 2131 ml or just over 2 liters of coffee (29.6 ml = oz).

We can calculate how much coffee we need using the calculated amount of water. To achieve this, we use a 16:1 Golden ratio between coffee and water. To get the water weight in milliliters, simply divide the total by 16. If we divide 2131 ml of water by 16, we get 133 g (1 ml = 1 g). You can brew 12 cups of coffee using this amount of ground coffee.

How Come A Coffee Cup Has 6 Ounces

The capacity of drip coffee makers is 6 fluid ounces, but this cup is a teacup, not a coffee cup. This is because manufacturers of coffee makers advertise that they serve ’12 cups’ rather than ‘9 cups’ which sounds more impressive.

Final Verdict

Whatever approach is used to achieve a balanced cup of coffee will work. When scooping coffee, remember that the amount you scoop is proportional to the amount of coffee you brew. Making coffee at home with a scale ensures you are using the correct amount of coffee. It will be more consistent in taste so you will have better coffee.