Where to Recycle Coffee Maker?

Can You Recycle a Coffee Maker?

Coffee machines are quickly becoming a must-have item in homes, and the same holds true for workplaces. They simplify the process of brewing a cup of coffee significantly. Moreover, one of the added benefits is that the coffee brewed tastes fantastic!

Definitely, when we use an appliance every day, we likely need to replace it more often than any other electronic machine. Coffee makers are electrical appliances, and like every other machine, they are not build to be with you forever. Eventually, it would be best if you replaced them.

Now the question is what to do with an old coffee maker?

Throwing away is not at all an option. It will only increase e-waste, and we never want to contribute to increasing global warming.

The only solution is to recycle them. Now, there are a lot of companies who offer to recycle your old coffee maker. Even there is no need to go there in this pandemic. Just give them a call, and they will pick your coffee machine from your doorstep.

Is Coffee Maker E-waste?

Most people are not sure that coffee makers are e-waste or not. The answer is simple, any electronic appliance that can plugin and includes a circuit board is considered e-waste.

So, coffee makers are also e-waste, and they can’t be disposed of in the trash bin.

Why Should We Recycle Small Appliances?

Do you know that about 75 percent of the weight of the average appliance comes from steel which is the most recycled material? Our home appliances contribute 10 percent of steel recycled each year.

Also, recycling helps us to reduce global warming as well. All those appliances that can plugin are e-waste. So, it is better to recycle them rather than throw them out in the bin, which will eventually contribute to increasing e-waste.

Is Coffee Maker Recyclable?

Coffee makers save a lot of money and time. Indeed, they have a lot of benefits. But the problem comes when your coffee maker is old, or you decide to buy a new model.

Nobody wants to throw away an electronic appliance as they are expensive. You can throw it away as any machine that has an electric circuit in it is considered e-waste.

Now, what to do with an old coffee maker?

Recycle them.

Yes! Coffee makers are recyclable. There are many options to do it. Your local goodwill store, the manufacturer, or any recycling company would love to take it.

They just simply take out steel which can be used to make other things. Glass coffee pots can be recycled as well.

How to Prepare a Coffee Maker for Recycling

Step 1-Unplug the coffee maker for several days before recycling it to let it cool down.

Step 2-Tie up the power cord using either a twist tie or the cable itself. You can use tape as well. Definitely, you don’t want to trip while carrying a coffee machine.

Step 3-Consider donating the coffee maker to a thrift store if it is working well. It is not essential to clean the coffee maker before denoting, and it is certainly appreciated.

Step 4-Removable parts like carafe and filter; if they are not made of metal, then there probably isn’t a recycling market for those. You can remove these parts before giving a coffee maker for recycling.

How are Coffee Makers Recycled?

The first step of recycling is to test that either the coffee maker can be repaired or refurbished. An electronics recycler does this test. They will shred it or dismantle it manually to harvest parts or components for reuse. When electronics are shredded, plastic, glass, and metal are separated and sent to manufacturers for new products.

Where to Recycle Coffee Maker?

Recycling coffee makers is a good step towards reducing e-waste. If you are looking for options to recycle your old coffee maker, then here are three of them.

Your local goodwill store

The first place you should look for recycling coffee makers is the goodwill store in your city. These stores offer e-waste services. So, call them and see if they are ready to do it.

Return to the store

If you have bought a coffee maker from a local store, then they might be interested in taking it back for recycling. They can use some components in other machines.

Return to the manufacturer

Most coffee maker manufacturers offer a recycling program. So, one of the options is to return the machine to its manufacturer. Just mail them if they don’t have any local store in town.

Bottom Line

Don’t throw away a coffee maker if it is still good to use. Maybe you can give it to someone you know or many charity places or salvos would love to take your coffee maker.

Before giving your coffee maker for recycling, make sure to clean. Now there are many e-waste companies that are almost in every city around the world. These companies can take your coffee maker and will recycle it to reduce e-waste. You can email them in this global pandemic or drop off your coffee maker.

Even some of these companies offer pick-up services as well. Simply give them a call, and they will pick your coffee maker from the doorstep. So, play your part in reducing e-waste and recycle your old coffee maker.