Are Coffee Makers Recyclable?

The typical lifespan of a high-quality coffee maker from a reputable brand is approximately 5 years. Certain coffee makers may endure up to 10 years if they are properly maintained and regularly descaled. Nonetheless, the fact that some coffee makers have the potential to last nearly ten years does not guarantee that yours will. There’s a chance it could break down or start having issues sooner rather than later. Is it possible to recycle coffee makers?

When the coffee maker stops working, the first thing you should try to repair is it. If it doesn’t work, you can consider other ways of recycling. Note that disposing of a coffee maker can be a hard job as it is e-waste. You shouldn’t simply through away the old coffee maker in the trash can. And, in some places, it is illegal to do so. So, what are the available options for you? Well, keep reading, you will find your answers.

Are Coffee Makers Recyclable?

The answer is yes, your coffee makers are recyclable. There is a good number of options when it comes to recycling an electric appliance like a coffee maker. Especially, if your coffee maker is running, you will have plenty of options. It is important to pick the right way to recycle the coffee maker as you might not want your old coffee maker to pollute the environment.

5 Ways to Recycle Coffee Makers

Below, we will let you know about some of the best ways to recycle a coffee maker.

Donate It

One of the best ways to recycle your coffee maker is by donating it. There are a lot of people near us who don’t afford things as we do. Even your old coffee maker can be a great gift for them. Search in your neighbors, friends, and colleagues. You should easily find someone who will be interested and thankful to get the old coffee maker. This will be the best option if the device is still running.

Repair It

Do you want to recycle the coffee maker just because it is broken? Why don’t try repairing it? Check whether it has a warranty or not. If yes, then you can repair it for free from the manufacturer. Contact the customer support of the coffee maker brand and they will let you know what to do. If it is out of the warranty, you can go to nearby local shops that repair electronics. You may find these services online too now.

Staple Stores

The staples store near you can be a great way to recycle the coffee maker. You can give the broken coffee maker to them for recycling. They typically recycle computer and office electronic appliances. The good news is they also accept the coffee maker. Note that the coffee maker is the only kitchen appliance they take.

Goodwill Stores

The Goodwill stores are one of the best ways to recycle your old things. They typically accept wearables like clothes, shoes, etc. Some of the Goodwill stores also accept old appliances. Some of the places where Goodwill stores accept broken appliances include Columbus, Chicago, and Memphis. Consider this option as they typically fix the items and offer these to poor families.

Small Appliance Recyclers

There is a lot of small appliance recycling organizations all over the USA. You can contact them and send the coffee maker to them for recycling. Not that the broken coffee makers are typically listed as e-waste. So, try contacting the e-waste organizations. How to find them? Well, that is easy to go to Google and search for “e-waste companies near me”. You should find their contact information or mailing address from there.

When to Recycle the Coffee Maker?

Some coffee makers may show some signs that it has served enough and it’s time to retire. As a regular user, it might be difficult to decide when you should stop using the coffee maker. Below, we will let you know about some conditions when it is advisable to stop using the machine.

Not Heating Water Sufficiently

Is your coffee maker is failing to heat the water properly? If yes, then it’s time to replace the coffee maker. Typically, when the heating element inside the machine wear out or get damaged, the device will become incapable to heat the water. When this happens, there is no option for you except to replace it. Typically, the buildup of minerals from the water affects the capability of the heating element.

The buildup will gradually decrease the efficiency of the part. Sometimes the age and wear of the machine can also be an issue. When this happens, your coffee will less flavorful and weak. Typically, the recommended temperature of the coffee should be 195 to 205 F. If your coffee maker is producing less temperature, then you should replace it.

Broken Machine

Typically, the coffee maker shouldn’t be broken quickly. If you get damaged parts like a water reservoir, carafe, etc., you should get a replacement available in the market. However, the issue is not all coffee makers produce and offer the replacement. If your coffee maker’s irreplaceable part is broken, then you have no option but to change the machine.

However, if the machine is still under warranty coverage, you should contact customer support. Based on the warranty policy, they might help you. In some cases, you may get a replacement for the entire unit.

Other Reasons

Apart from this, there can be plenty of other reasons to change the coffee maker. Such as, if you think your coffee maker is outdated, and you want a more robust unit with advanced programmable features, you will need to recycle the device. Besides, some machine requires a specific variation of k-cups or filters. If the manufacturer stops manufacturing them, you will have no option but to replace them.


The coffee maker is like a companion for a lot of us and letting it go can be a hard job. And, throwing it away on the trash box can be upsetting. The good thing is the coffee makers are recyclable and you should consider recycling them in your preferred way. If the coffee maker is working, offering or donating it will be the best idea.