How to Use a Cuban Coffee Maker

Cuban coffee maker brews spectacularly amazing coffee for people and facilitates with accurate taste of the flavor. There are many latest models of Cuban coffee makers which brews Cuban coffee with an amazing taste. Electric Cuban coffee makers like OXO on nine cup coffee maker, Breville precision brewer thermal, Technivorm Mocamaster, Nina specialty coffee maker, bonavita connoisseur 8-cup one-touch coffee maker and Cuisinart DC-3200 are most famous for brewinf the Cuban coffee in every flavor. However, their prices are very high. All of these electric coffee makers can be used in large office based setups.

If you want to buy any coffee maker then it mostly depends on your needs and the price range. If you want to buy a coffee maker for your office based setup where you have to provide refreshment to your employees then Cuban electric coffee makers are best for you. However, if you have low budget and want to buy a coffee maker for home usage then bialetti moka pot is best choice for that purpose.

Cubans mostly brew their coffees via stovetop espresso pot in which coffee can be made without any effort. It is the old way to brew coffee with the accurate taste of flavor. The Bialetti moka express espresso maker can brew 6 cups of coffee at a time. Cuban coffee is served after the meal in a small cups equally and everybody drinks it together. It’s the culture of the Cuba and the way to drink coffee in many Italian countries. When you brew coffee by using home method with moka pot, you get a rich flavored coffee with foam on top which provides highly immense of pleasant taste.

Let’s see the steps to use a Cuban coffee maker

The Cuban coffee maker we are going to talk about is the ideal Bialetti moka Express espresso maker which is also known as moka pot. Most of the people use moka pot to brew various kinds of Cuban coffees with different flavors, like colada, cortadito and café con leche etc. Everyone has their own choice to choose the flavor and to make spectacular brews through moka pot.

Including the solid coffee maker, you also need the coffee beans of your favorite flavor, required water and sugar to brew a perfectly tasty coffee. Also few Cuban pastries or dessert with Cuban coffee would be cherry on the top.

Here are some simple steps to brew café cubano by using Cuban coffee maker

  1. Dissemble the Cuban moka pot and remove the metal filter cup over the water tank.
  2. Put ice cold water in the water tank up to the bolt fixed from inside.
  3. Attach the metal filter cup back on top of the water tank and fill it with your desired coffee beans.
  4. Attach the whole moka pot together and put it on high heat while keeping an eye the moka pot so that you know when coffee is brewed. It usually takes 2-3 minutes to brew a coffee perfectly..
  5. When the coffee starts to come on the top, take out a slightly little coffee to mix about 1 to 2 tablespoons in it.
  6. After that add it back in the moka pot on the top of it where coffee starts to brew.
  7. When whole coffee is brewed and the top of moka pot is filled about more than half then remove moka pot from burner, slowly pour out the coffee in a cup and enjoy!

You can also make different cuban coffee flavor from moka pot. Café con leche can also be brewed from moka pot. It is the most famous and world known Cuban coffee which is made from the Cuban coffee beans and pure milk without any addition of the water.

Let’s see steps of how to brew café con leche by using Cuban coffee maker

  1. Heat the milk in a mug and through it in the bottom of the Cuban coffee maker like moka pot.
  2. Fill the metal filter with Cuban coffee beans.
  3. Attach the whole moka pot completely without leaving any space.
  4. Put it in the high heat and let it brew for 3 to 4 minutes.
  5. Pour the café con leche when it is fully brewed and enjoy!

Café con leche is meant to be enjoyed during the breakfast with hot buttered Cuban bread. It freshens your mood and boost your brain.


The methods mentioned above can be applied to many of the Cuban coffee makers like Bialetti Moka Express. Espresso 6-cup Maker, Stovetop Espresso Brewer, Dosacaffe Espresso Dispenser by Meliconi, Moka Pot Stove and Bialetti Moka Express. You can also apply these methods on the electric Cuban coffee maker. However, electric coffee makers come with the latest features which makes so much easy to brew coffee. Some of the latest features are timer option, metal coffee bean grinder, brew strength. And multiple carafe availability facilitates you to brew coffee effortlessly.

Many of the Cuban coffee flavors can be brewed through simple methods. Pour the ice cold water into the lowest bottom of the Cuban coffee maker known as water tank then put the coffee grinds in the coffee maker filter. Then put together the Cuban coffee maker and put it on the high heat. Wait for 3-to-4 minutes until coffee starts to brew on the top and it’s filled almost more than half. After that remove the coffee maker from heat and pour out the coffee in a cup to enjoy favorite coffee.